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Work experience

Business Manager

Bison Newspaper

As the Business Manager of the Bison, I get to interact with Searcy locals. I work with Searcy businesses who are interested in advertising in the Bison newspaper. We design an ad for the business, complete a contract and place the ad all for an affordable fee. I have been the Business Manager for 1 year now.


Aug 2007Present


Harding University
Aug 2007Present


Harding University

I have attended Harding University for 4 years. I am a student athlete. I played one year of women's basketball and have run on the Bison track & field team for 4 year. I was VP for HASA (Harding African Student Association) for 2 years. I am currently their spokes person. I work on campus in the Bison office as the Business Manager of the Bison Newspaper. I am also a board member of a newly founded group called Volunteer Harding. I currently live on campus.

Team Elite

Petit Jean Stories

Petit Jean Stories

4 page newspaper layout


layout design/ writing
Layout and design are both a passion. I am skilled at creating visuals that are appealing to the eye and that get the main point across. I work well with InDesign, Adobe, and Photoshop on the Mac as well as Publisher, Paint board, and Word on a PC.    Writing is a skill that is continuously improved. I have learned how to write feature stories, news stories, entertainments articles and more. Whether I am typing or am limited to pencil and paper, I always enjoy the art and skill of creating a story. 

Inside look-about me

Apart from writing news stories and designing, I dabble in creative writing. I keep a journal. I enjoy creating poems. On a different not, I also enjoy most outdoor activities. I am a sporty individual. Basketball, track, hiking, rock climbing and things of that nature. 


As a journalist, I plan to end up either exercising my skill or teaching others how to properly enjoy the art of reporting and writing. 

I want to work in a place where I can have the best of both worlds; advertising and journalism. Designing brochures, ads, layout, and similar things are what make me happy.  Having both fields in one office would be icing on the cake for me.


My Addictive Pleasure By: Rebekah BottaMy addictive pleasure Of paper and glue,Conjured into creationsFrom my point of view.It’s reflection of self,Of mood and fancies,All personally designedWith oodles of love in mind.Scrapbooking’s my ecstasy,The delight in my days,Where every new page,Embellishes with age.It’s my pictured journalOf occasions galore,Created by meFor the ones I adore.Lovely cluttered table,Finished albums on shelf,I love to craft too, for Other than myself.It entices me with joy, Viewing grateful facesSo pleased, embracing theirSpecial presents appeased.Scrapbooking augmentsMy love and lust for life.It reminds me of my gift, Giving a confidence lift.It is everydayWhere I get to portray,To a zealous degree,Who I am –ME!