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More than 20 years of accumulated background in the applied engineering project management for Oil, Gas, Energy and Telecommunications segments, in the multinationals such as Pirelli, Prysmian and Oceaneering. During this period I highlight the participation in the planning, specification and pre-operational activities of the product line and machinery of a new umbilical plant in Vila Velha City (Espírito Santo State, Brazil), and the development of innovative breakthrough projects as high lightning-resistant optical fiber composite overhead ground wires and dynamic steel tubed umbilical systems for ultradeep waterdepths. Aiming for continuous improvement, enterprises and leads in a way to estimulate innovative solutions adding value for the company and team members, identifying and empowering potential opportunities even in adverse scenarios. International experience, fluent in English and Italian, domain of MSProject, PertMaster, UPM/PMI, BoM, QFD, with good knowledge in SAP and PeopleSoft, and availability to work outside Brazil.

Work experience

Apr 2006Mar 2009

Chief Engineer

Oceaneering Multiflex (Marine Production Systems) Brazil
  • Accountability, as per PMI project management rules, for the development cycle of subsea umbilical systems for oilfield control, electrical power, monitoring and injection, since the technical-commercial proposal phase, detailing, specification and qualification, up to field commissioning, with 35 direct collaborators, managing around 30 projects (Frade, Roncador P-54, Jubarte, Mexilhão, Albacora, Macaé Global, RJS-409, Albacora, Polvo, Plangas, Whales Park).
  • Elaboration of continuous improvement plans and management cost reduction project teams in the umbilicals & hardware specifications.
  • Coordination of studies and experimental analyses for umbilical systems development as well as structural, electrical and thermal computational analyses.
  • Support the technical-commercial area along missions in Brazil, USA and Egypt, attending customers as Petrobras, Chevron, Shell, Devon, ExxonMobil, TOTAL, BP, Framo, Weatherford and FMC.


  • Performance Metrics Workshop: Tools for Process Management and Discipline - Rummler-Brache Group; Risk Management with PertMaster – Acumen Performance-Based Management; Bills of Material (BoM) for a Lean Enterprise – R.D. Garwood Inc.; Target Costing in Sales and Engineering;TapRooT® root cause trees and SnapCharT analysis; Human Resource Management for Leaders; Matrix10 Document Control; Uniform Project Management (UPM) based on PMI; Leading High Performance Teams (LHPT); Tools for Process Improvement and Management (FOCUS) - Rummler-Brache Group; Stop for Supervision (DuPont Method).


  • Balena, Rosianita & Mendes, E.C. Thermal Analysis of Umbilical Cables. In: 19th International Congress of Mechanical Engineering, 2007, Brasília. COBEM2007, 2007.
Aug 2000Mar 2006

Engineering Manager

Prysmian Cables & Systems
  • Accountability for the development cycle management of subsea umbilical systems, down-well electrical pump cables, and submarine optical/electric cables for power utilities.
  • Participatiion during 3 years in the planning, specification and pre-operational activities of the product line and machinery of the new umbilical plant in Vila Velha / Espírito Santo State.
  • Support the technical-commercial area along missions in Brazil, USA, Singapore, Venezuela and Argentina for Petrobras, Shell, Devon, Saipem, ExxonMobil, PEMEX, ConocoPhilips, ChampionWest, Halliburton, R.T.Casey, APL, ESP/WoodGroup, Intec, Weatherford, Green Country, Schlumberger, Centrilift and Caltex.
  • Leadership of multifunctional cost reduction project teams, interfacing the areas of Material Development, Engineering Labs, Supply Chain, Production and Field Installation.
  • Coordination of structural, electrical and thermal experimental and computational analyses for product development.
  • Training courses and technical presentations for customers and suppliers in Brazil, USA, Venezuela and Singapore.


  • Mendes, E.C. & Godinho, C.A.F. New approaches and premises towards ultra-deepwater umbilical riser developments up to 3,000 meters water depth. MCE 2006 Deepwater Development, The Hague / Netherlands, 2006.
  • Mendes, E.C., Overview of Umbilical Systems. IV Teijin Twaron Rubber Symposium, Comandatuba Island, 2005.
  • Mendes, E.C., Pires, V. & Lima, A.J.O.L. Course of Low and Medium Voltage Electrical Umbilical Cables. Petrobras Training Center, Macaé/RJ, 2005. (in portuguese)
  • Mendes, E.C., Godinho, C.A.F. & Garcia, V. Design and Application for Electrical Submersible Pump Cables for Extremely Harsh Environments. 2004 SPE-GCS Electric Submersible Pump Workshop, 2004.
  • Mendes, E.C., Godinho, C.A.F. & Veronesi, P.R., Next Challenges For Ultradeepwater Power Transmission and Distribution Systems. Offshore Technology Conference, 2003.
Oct 1995Jul 2000

Head of the Telecommunication Laboratory

Pirelli Cables

  • Conduction of the structuration, building, certification and management of the first optical cables qualification Laboratory of the Pirelli’s Group in Brazil, with new test rigs, complying with ABNT, ISO, ITU-T, IEC and IEEE standards.
  • Coordination of structural, optical and electrical computational analyses for product development.
  • Coordination of studies and experimental analyses for aerial telecommunication cables.


  • Quality Function Deployment (QFD); Refined Negotiation Habilities and 2000 Management - Amana Desenvolvimento & Educação; Team Development and MBTI - Arete Consultoria em RH.
Oct 1995Jul 2000

Senior Technician and Researcher

Pirelli Cables

  • Development of the high lightning-resistant optical groud wire project with world pioneer technology, having manufactured in large scale and supply exclusivity for the main Brazilian power utilities.
  • Follow up of field installation and commissioning of overhead optical cables, having evaluated and proposed process improvement solutions in the structural and fuctional point of view.
  • Mendes, E.C., Scocco, M.A., Alvim, M.G., Gomes, M.A., Nigri, A.I., Silva, A.O. & Oliveira, C.F., Development of a High Lightning-Resistant Optical Ground Wire (OPGW). 49th International Wire and Cable Symposium, 2000.
  • Aguiar, J.G.D., Curado, P.J.P., Salla, C.E., Mendes, E.C. & Scocco, M.A., Shot Resistance Analysis of Self-Supported Metallic Armored Aerial Optical Cable. 49th International Wire and Cable Symposium, 2000.
  • Mendes, E.C., Scocco, M.A., Giacaglia, Fulop, D.A., Naur, M. & Mota, J.R., OPMA – A High Mechanical and Heat Performance Alternative Optical Cable for Aerial Application. 48th International Wire and Cable Symposium, 1999.
Feb 1993Sep 1995

Research & Development Assistant

Pirelli Cables

  • Coordination of the first scientific and technological agreement for applied research of umbilical systems for the oil industry (USP-Pirelli) with public financial support (MCT/FINEP), having developed new technologies and design & analysis tools, as well research for materials selection and characterization.
  • Follow up of field installation and commissioning of umbilical systems, having evaluated and proposed process improvement solutions in the structural and fuctional point of view.


  • Quality Systems Accreditation of Laboratories (ISO/IEC Guide 25) – Instituto Brasileiro do Petróleo / Inmetro.
  • Pesce, C.P., Martins, C.A. & Mendes, E.C., Mechanical Design of Umbilical Cables for Offshore Operation. 14o Congresso Nacional de Transportes Marítimos e Construção Naval, 1993. (in portuguese)
  • Mendes, E.C. & Veronesi, P.R., Umbilical Systems for Marlin Field. Revista Brasil Energia, 1993. (in portuguese).
Mar 1991Jan 1993

R&D Laboratories Coordinator

Pirelli Cables
  • Conduction of the first type approval certification process of a deep-water umbilical system in Campos Basin, including the development of new methodologies of dynamic structural analysis and reliability, being verified by a third party certification body (DnV Norway).


  • Metrological Reliability, Qualification and Certification of Measurement Instruments - Fundação CERTI/UFSC.
Sep 1986Feb 1991

Head of the Physical Test Laboratory

Pirelli Cables

  • Implementation and management of the first Pirelli’s Group Laboratory for real size qualification testing of electrical cables and umbilical systems, complying with ISO/IEC Guide 25, NBR 17025, UL and IEC standards.
  • Colle, S. & Mendes, E.C., Analytical Solution for the Heat Conduction in an Axially Moving Cylinder. 1986 AIAA/ASME Thermophysics and Heat Transfer Conference, 1986.




Fundacao Getulio Vargas, FGV/Management

“Student of the Year” award. 



Universidade de Sao Paulo, Polythecnic Scholl

Credits concluded, Dissertation pending, titled "Fatigue Analysis of Dynamic Umbilical Systems".



Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Dissertation titled "An Experimental Analysis of the Heat Transfer at the Annular Region between two Concentric Horizontal Cylinders with combined Radiation, Convection and Conduction".

Bachelor of Science

Universidade Paulista