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Work experience

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:  October 1981 to May 1991  Sergeant, Intelligence Analyst, U.S. Army, honorable discharge.

Assignments:  Space/missile and warning analyst, U.S. Space Command; Supervisor                                        Intelligence section, 3rd Inf Div; Senior Intelligence Analyst, 5th Infantry Division                  

Duties:  Initial analysis of soviet, Chinese, and third world space/missile launches.  Operated and maintained associated computer systems.  Instructed, planned, evaluated and supervised in a variety of areas.  Organized administrative systems and ensured compliance of established procedures.

Technical Training:  On the job training as a pipefitter, foreman and general foreman.  Countless hours of safety training.  Tulsa welding school master comprehensive course.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Skilled in the following aspects;  Expert in communications with both employees and clients.  Able to convey complex ideas and interpret all types of blue prints.  Skilled in organizing work, ensuring material and personnel are used efficiently.  Knowledgeable of different piping systems.  Competent in all phases of pipefitting to include; pipefitting, welding/ welding procedures and rigging.  Familiar with safety practices and procedures.  Earnest in my approach to any task, with emphasis on production, safety and quality.

EXPERIENCE:  Over 21 years experience in the piping trades.  Experienced as a foreman to general foreman.  Personal involvement in demolition, rigging, fit-up and welding for a wide range of projects to include maintenance, outages, rebuilds and new construction.  Types of facilities that I have worked on include off-shore platforms, chemical, petro-chemical, food processing, coal fired and congeneration power plants, steel mills,  commercial and automotive facilities.  Listed below are a few of the companies worked for from 1991 to present:  Fluor, Bechtel, Shaw group, Mccabe Construction, BMW, Pioneer Power and Mckinstry engineering.

He is inclined in pipe fitting wherein twenty one years in the industry sustained the peak in his expertise ininstalling or repairing piping or tubing systems that convey liquid, gas, and occasionally solid materials. His work involves selecting and preparing pipe or tubing, joining it together by various means, and repair of leaks. His familiarity with a variety of pipe and tubing materials, including several types of steel, copper, iron, aluminum, and plastic, have drawn a manageable conduit between his earned skills and in mastering HVAC,TIG (now known as Heli-arc welding), GMAW, and SMAW.

He is work-oriented making sure that his compliance and the quality of his service would be beneficial to his company as well as to his reputation in his craft.

His ability to convey and interpret blue-prints set him to be more efficient and competent.

Multi-tasking is a plus for he has an array of capabilities such as rigging, brazing, soldering, mitering, tube bending, valve installation and other types of metal welding denomination engaging in off-shore platform facilities, chemical and petro-chemical, coal-fired generation in power plants, as well as other commercial and automotive facilities.

Tungsten Arc Welding