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Edwin Lichtig, who has an MBA, can arrange for individuals to exchange monthly pension payments for a lump-sum payout. Those seeking regular income can purchase such pensions, which former government and private-sector workers, as well as lottery winners, hold. Another source of these monthly payments is annuities, from which the original purchasers wish to remove their principal. Edwin Lichtig maintains an inventory of available pensions, which he updates every day, from beneficiaries who desire to cash them out. He connects investors who want to receive a reliable monthly income stream with these pension opportunities, with the payments generally lasting eight years. Unlike many fixed-income sources, Edwin Lichtig’s arrangement can provide a 6 percent return. 

Buyers often use this income for mortgage payments, college funds, IRA contributions, and supplements to Social Security. They can even use the income to assist with daily expenses. Edwin Lichtig ensures the payouts by taking 8 percent of each pension and placing the funds in a reserve fund. This provides a safety net, even when the pension payment may be at risk due to the original recipient’s passing. Most investors can expect at least 90 percent of their initial investment to be returned through monthly payments, Edwin Lichtig says. 

Edwin Lichtig relies on a third-party servicing company to facilitate the buying and selling of pensions to create income. Both seller and buyer sign documents agreeing to the transaction, and the buyer then submits payment to the servicer. The seller assigns the monthly payments to the servicer, who then sends them to the buyer. With the servicer acting as an intermediary, both parties can feel confident in their transaction.