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Edwin Lichtig, GSL Advisory, Lafayette, Financial Services


Californian Edwin Lichtig founded GSL Advisory in 1987 and has since turned it into a lucrative business, providing beneficial tools for agents who sell annuities to retirees and those approaching retirement. At GSL Advisory, Edwin Lichtig assists agents in remaining successful in the modern investment climate via alternative investments, lead programs, a follow-up system that keeps prospects informed, and case work when necessary.In the present investing climate, many individual investors seek a safe alternative to the high risk that characterized the financial system in 2008. Edwin Lichtig and GSL Advisory provide financial professionals with training to clearly explain to clients the merits of investing in annuities. Moreover, he offers advisors thorough historical analysis and market performance data to increase interest from potential investors. At GSL Advisory, Edwin Lichtig also provides agents with alternative investment opportunities, such as Dental Plus, which GSL’s website states generates 50% yield.Edwin Lichtig invented and developed the indexed annuity radio show, a marketing initiative that gives annuity agents a chance for local promotion. By airing business presentations on local radio stations, agents can pad their reputations and establish local celebrity, while increasing their potential client bases. The GSL Radio Network, also developed by Edwin Lichtig, handles the technical details of each show. An agent simply needs to record a script for broadcast. The live show’s producers direct calls either directly to agents or to an answering service, which feeds into an agent’s e-mail. Via GSL Advisory, he offers marketing techniques to transform callers or potential investors into appointments.A 1978 graduate of Trinity College, with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Edwin Lichtig earned his Master of Business Administration at the University of Maryland in College Park in 1982. A tennis player, as well as baseball and soccer coach, he lives in Lafayette.

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