Edwin Cooper

Edwin Cooper


I have a history of entrepreneurship, and a deep technical knowledge of NLP, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, and the mobile space. I have continuously innovated a variety of information access and data science technologies, and understand business and market needs quickly and deeply.

Innovation in Data Science

  • Able to combine data science techniques such as machine learning and NLP to solve seemingly intractable business and technical problems. 
  • Solutions that I have implemented have resulted highly-valuable patented IP, and immediate and substantial business gain.
  • History of pro-actively solving business problems with data science solutions, leading to substantial gains before they were imagined or expected

History of entrepreneurship and innovation in information access technology:

Founded and led highly successful Knowledge Management company to sustained profitability

  • Started in basement, raised > $20M in venture money from great VC firms (Sutter Hill, Walden, Partech)
  • Won key customers like Apple and Fidelity
  • Defined and developed the Information Retrieval / Natural Language / Knowledge management blend of technology which constitutes the company's core IP
  • Acquisition by Oracle announced July 2011

Understanding of mobile space, deep technical ability in mobile development

Designed and implemented multiple apps currently in Apple's app store

  • Five Feature-complete apps currently in store
  • Of apps created: multiple listings in top 25, 50, 200 in multiple categories
  • App technologies implemented include: cloud-based server-side programming, animations, accelerometer, more.

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2010 - Present

Independent App Development

Conceived of, designed, and fully implemented a series of successful apps, now in Apple's app store.

  • Performed required market research and assessment
  • Designed and user-tested user-interface possibilities
  • Created or licensed required graphical and audio assets
  • Designed and implemented using preferred development methods and APIs
  • Designed and implemented server-side requirements, using cloud-based server strategy
  • Handled submission to, and ongoing presence in, Apple's app store.
Jun 2012 - Present

Founder, CEO


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Jan 2011 - Jun 2012

Independent Consultant, Data Science
Designed and implemented a variety of Data Science solutions, solving seemingly intractable problems quickly and effectively.
  • Combined machine learning with text analysis and information retrieval to solve business needs
  • Delivered quality product within aggressive deadlines
  • Managed team of highly-skilled developers and data science specialists
  • Produced patent-pending IP
  • Solved problems that led to immediate financial return 
Jan 2011 - Jun 2012

Director of Research / Chief Scientist

JustAnswer (now Pearl.com)
  • Combined Information Retrieval, NLP, Machine Learning and other Data Science techniques to create great products from existing company data.
  • Created state-of-the-art text classifier, topic extractor, SEO products, insightful data analysis tools, and more.
  • Recruited and built a high-value data science and research team, positioning company for its next level of growth.
Apr 2002 - Mar 2010

Founder and Chief Scientist

InQuira (now Oracle)

InQuira is a Knowledge Management Company with a focus on Natural Language Analysis and Information Retrieval.  For example, Apple uses InQuira's software to find the right answer to search queries submitted on the apple.com support site.  The same software helps Apple identify gaps in the content that they provide, to organize documents intelligently, and to make the process of creating new documents more productive.  Apple is one customer; others include Verizon, McAfee, and Sprint.  

Prior to VC investment, InQuira was known as Electric Knowledge.

At InQuira, I have:

  • Managed science and innovation teams, delivering high-quality projects on schedule
    • Managed high-innovation teams of 3-7 FTEs
    • Delivered industry-leading natural-language intent recognition capabilities, across multiple industries
    • Delivered truly multilingual natural language capability, with core semantic engine language-independent
    • Delivered first-in-kind semantic analytics tool, evaluating search user experience, recommending and implementing changes
  • Led patent application process 
    • ~20 patents issued/applied for, with over 300 claims
    • Familiarity with US, European, Japanese patent systems
  • Worked within enterprise software release cycle to incorporate research and innovation within a GA'd product
    • Successfully embedded research and innovation efforts within the context of an enterprise software release cycle
    • Adopted measurable research standards, with calculable return on research investment
  • Discovered, lured, hired and nurtured extraordinary research team
    • Team has comprised series of industry leading researchers, with a variety of backgrounds (including seven PhDs)
  • Managed ongoing relationship with industry analysts, relating company progress to industry trends
  • Worked with marketing leads to translate complex technology into easily-understood stories
    • Developed digestible marketing collateral, focused company messaging
  • Evangelized technological leadership with public talks at conferences, interest groups, research forums.

Note: InQuira was acquired by Oracle in July 2011

Apr 2000 - Apr 2002

Founder and Chief Scientist

  • Leading a small and highly focused team of five developers, developed the leading edge technology that allowed a small startup to capture market share and VC investment at a high valuation
    • Developed natural language search and display algorithm incorporating elements of machine learning, shallow parsing, semantic indexing
  • Working directly with decision makers, helped to win the early deals which allowed a small company to survive in a narrowing market
    • Presented to variety of Venture Capitalists, receiving multiple offers
  • Raised venture capital, merged with another startup to form InQuira, Inc.
Mar 1999 - Apr 2000

Founder and VP Engineering

Electric Knowledge, LLC
  • Managed release process for small (~10 employee) startup company.
  • Developed enterprise-grade software with a small, focused team.
    • Delivered releases on time and on budget.
  • Worked closely with sales to close key early deals.
    • As a small startup, closed multiple Fortune 100 customers for key enterprise applications
  • Created the vital technological components of an enterprise search solution: customizable search results page, natural language structured search, more.
Jan 1998 - Mar 1999

Founder and CEO

Electric Knowledge, LLC
  • With two partners, founded the "Electric Monk", an early Natural Language search engine company.
  • While self-funded wrote entire natural-language-analysis module, crawler, content preparation and processing systems, index creation, index querying, display algorithms, and more.
  • Raised $1M angel funding for product development


Jun 1994 - Oct 1997

PhD * 0.7 (left to start software company)

University of Chicago
  • Focus of dissertation: improving search engines through the addition of natural language analysis.
  • Significant additional research experience in machine learning, statistical methods for AI.
  • Active member of both University of Chicago's AI lab and Infolab. 
  • Organized speaker series, attracted faculty, took part in grant writing.
  • Recipient, University Fellowship.
Aug 1992 - Jun 1994



Worked with Doug Hofstadter (author: Goedel, Escher, Bach)

Graduate-level research in History of Science, Philosophy of Mind and Language, Artificial Intelligence and its philosophical implications

Sep 1988 - Jun 1992

B.S., B.A. (double major)

University of California, San Diego

Included extensive graduate-level coursework

Undergraduate project thesis project: Artificial Life simulation, thesis advisor: Jeff Elman

Completed 2.5 times full course load in order to complete two majors in four years, still made Dean's list.



Data Scientist

I am deeply familiar with all aspects of Data Science.  I have used and implemented an array of machine learning techniques, have designed and implemented leading information retrieval solutions, and have created market-leading text analytic capabilities.  My solutions have been incorporated into the core products offerings of Fortune 100 companies (Apple, Honda), have formed the core IP of hugely successful acquisitions, and are currently in use by over a million unique users every day. 

Software Design and Implementation

Over 30 years of programming experience.  Languages include java (10 years), Objective C/C++ (10 years), C (5 years), flex/flash/actionscript/mxml (3 years), perl, php, server-side scripting, more. Have written code that is exercised by over a million users every day.

Computation Linguistics

I have been actively involved in a wide variety of computational linguistic activity, through both research and implementation.  Areas of expertise include: entity extraction, synonym discovery, collaborative filtering, sentiment analysis, intent discovery, shallow parsing, part of speech tagging, concept discovery, phrase recognition, dynamic document summarization, and more.

Research Manager

Managed talented, brilliant people, steering them toward innovative and valuable work.  Extensive experience managing research toward core product value. Certified scrum master, experienced with Agile Development.