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Computer User Support Specialist with a gift for understanding the needs of both business and home users. Versed in troubleshooting and desktop support on Windows, Linux and Mac systems. Looking to bring a passion for creative solutions to vibrant technical support team.


  • Customer service expert
  • Analytical and critical thinker
  • Skilled multi-tasker
  • Knowledgeable in Mac and Windows systems 
  • Proficient in swtiches and routers
  • Skilled in broadband, static, legacy Static ip
  • Understanding of merchant systems
  • Understanding of  POS systems
  • Capable of technical support in mostly all backgrounds

Work experience


Data integration Conversion Coordinator (Temporary)

Vestcom (60 day Contract)

The Data Conversion Coordinator works with client data and processes to manipulate, manage or convert data from one state to another through one or more Vestcom tools or processes. The objective of the Data Conversion Coordinator is to leverage and transform the client provided data to either a more user-friendly format for ingestion into internal systems or manipulation to enable client application outcomes.

The Data Conversion Coordinator should be comfortable in applying problem solving skills, as different clients will have different types of data files and formats as well as different types of conversion processes to bring solutions to realization. Function as client intermediary and coordinate the data processing for Clients. Ability to package, process and modify data through manual processes as well as system tools. Develop intermediate steps to package, process or modify data through macros or scripts with internal systems or commercial applications. Ability to assess and evaluate information gathered from multiple sources, manage details, understanding and execute processes once designed and developed by other resources.

Demonstrates ability to solve data and process problems impacting client applications including but not limited to identify missing data, data anomalies, data disparity, invalid information as well as error reporting from internal or commercial systems. Communicate status, trend and ad hoc information to client and Vestcom associates in a professional, timely and accurate manner. Participates in data related conversion discussions and solutions with client and internal stakeholders to quickly and efficiently solve client and Vestcom issues. Communicate with other functional areas in order to report a resolution or request information. Work closely with other functional groups within the organization to understand the customers and their supporting processes. Document findings in a concise, clear, professional manner in an effort to provide clear insight into issue causes and research basis.

Understand the timeliness of the requests and insures that communication is maintained with relevant parties. Utilize a ticket system for issue tracking and communication. Clearly communicate roadblocks and status to manager. 


Tech Support specialist/ Onsite Implementation Manager I/Travel Trainer

Abc financial

Troubleshoot client software and other computer problems dealing with windows OS

Running parallels to comply with Macs OS

Document technical troubleshooting steps and problem resolution

Resolve technical issues related to club software and hardware in a timelymanner

Assist other Help Desk personnel with problems/issues when needed

Write technical documents to be used by other technicians

Installs, configure and maintain Mac, PC, peripherals (local and network printers, scanners), and other end user equipment such as Blackberries, phones, cell phones, PDAs, iPhones and iPads

Experience with enterprise wide rollouts of new operating systems and software

Work with business owners/managers to develop understanding ofprocesses

Educate Owner/Manager in management functions

Educate front and back office staff on system and software functions

Perform Website/online education

Ensure that all personnel are comfortable with training and softwarefunction

Install and configure software and hardware according to business needs

Provide consultation and expert advice to club management on technical products that best fit business objectives


Senoir Techinal Support consultant


Tech support for hundreds of banks online, troubleshoots bill paymentissues, help with tax payments, and overall health care card replacementservices.

Answer user inquiries regarding computer software or hardware operationto resolve problems.Enter commands and observe system functioning to verify correctoperations and detect errors.

Read technical manuals, confer with users, or conduct computerdiagnostics to investigate and resolve problems or to provide technicalassistance and support.


Technical Support Rep/Supervisor/Team Lead


Configure and define parameters for installation or testing of local area

Macintosh and windows experience including mid to expert level support of Mac computers, iPhone, iPad. Windows xp - windows 10.

 A working knowledge of integrating Macintosh and windows systems into an Active Directory Domain environment.

Demonstrated knowledge and ability to remotely manage client systems

 Experience with security and anti-virus products for Macs and Windows

Understanding Active Directory and network accounts and relationships to effectively support end-users



High School Diploma

J.a. Fair High School

Some college courses

Pulaski Tech

Going back 2017

Text section

Booked for ccna and ccnp networking certifications next month

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