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Highly talented and accomplished IT Architect with proven expertise in facilitating corporate success through the design, development, and implementation of enterprise-level, complex, large-scale software systems. Adept at managing complete software and systems development life cycles (SDLCs). Special expertise in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), and Agile / SCRUM methodologies. Multiple certifications, including TOGAF 8 Certified Enterprise Architect and Certified SCRUM Master. Extensive experience in delivering scalable, secure, enterprise applications and systems for government, financial, investment, and foreign sectors. Served as Lead Designer for applications as large as $18M.

Work experience

Additional Experince

Project Leader, EPNCR, Malaysia    1999 - 2000Senior Programmer, BANQUE PARIBAS INVESTMENT BANK, Singapore    1998Senior Analyst Programmer, REUTERS ASIA PTE LTD., Singapore    1997 - 1998Analyst Programmer, NATIONAL COMPUTING BOARD, Singapore    1996 -1997Programmer, SINGAPORE NETWORK SERVICES, Singapore    1995Programmer, BDPS PVT., India    1993 - 1994Systems Programmer, DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORP. (DEC), India    1990 - 1993

Sr Java Developer

Fleet Bank

Carried out development of wrapper objects for internet banking messaging system.

Designed and developed integration components using CORBA Portable Object Adapter for messaging system

Sr Java Technical Lead

John Hancock Financial Services

Developed batch interfaces for E-Term online application. Created role bases, messaging wrapper components, and more to facilitate automation of batch processing, saving $850K per year.

Technical Lead

Diversified Investment Advisors

Rewrote legacy business logic to eliminate redundancies in web-based application. Led legacy application migration. Performed technical analysis, design, coding, testing, documenting, and implementation.

J2EE Architect

Export Import Bank

Aligned Business requirements with IT technology

Defined business work flow and components using GoF design patterns

Developed  BAP work flow system for processing of product insurance applications

Lead Architect

MetLife Inc

Key member of centralized architecture team that supported Auto and Home insurance products. Coordinated activities of 27 technical specialists. Designed all technical aspects. Oversaw legacy migration of policy writing system from mainframe to web-based technology platform, ensuring compliance with ACORD standards.* Architect'd legacy migration to web-based Java/MARS JDK framework system.* Introduced Object Oriented Design concepts, GoF design patterns, and MVC2 framework to development process.* Enhanced efficiency by introducing principles to maximize component reuse and extendability.* Initial 3-month contract extended to 3 years, with several additional projects added on.* Personally designed ACORD code translator web application, which reduced development time.* One of 2 people charged with reviewing architectural design prior to final CTO sign off.* Supervised 10-person team and mentored personnel in best practices, SDLC processes, issue resolution, and clarification of business requirements.

Solution Architect

American Insurance Group - AIG

Developed solutions to resolve issues relating to addition of new products for web-based underwriting system. Utilized ATAM and SAAM-based evaluation processes and conducted feasibility studies. Conducted gap analysis. Identified and recommended solutions.* Saved $2M in annual maintenance costs by recommending COVERALL system.* Architecte'd new scalable, extend-able Rating engine for underwriting system.* Recommended ACORD standards for P&C and implemented guidelines.

Solution Architect

AXA Equitable

Planned, led, and carried out SOA development and architecture projects for major financial firm. Identified technical, functional, and business needs, and provided recommendations. Compiled requirements and prepared specifications. Trained clients on best practices and design patterns.* Presented CIO and CTO with Enterprise Architecture (EA) ‘Annuity 2012’ that captured high level description, current state, pain points, target state and current investments initiatives of the service domain. Created ‘Transformational Initiatives’ document to capture future IT and business strategies.* Coordinated with CTO Team, prepare and present Building Permits (Architecture Review Board).  Secured funding for various distribution domain projects by representing teams in building permit approval meetings.* Create artifacts in line with Reference Architecture (TOGAF 8.x).  Develop solutions in accordance with Enterprise Reference Architecture  and  create High Level Design Documents and other design artifacts * Evaluated and aligned System Design Specification of  email Marketing & Annuity 2012 work stream with AXA’s Reference Architecture (TOGAF 8.x) and target goals* Improved capabilities and quality by introducing Agile, iterative, and SCRUM methodologies, best practices, GoF design patterns, code review, libraries, and new development tools.* Increased efficiency and maintenance by implementing code reuse.* Streamlined workloads by recommending robust, simplified technical solutions.* Led $3M, 7-person project to reduce email marketing subscription costs by developing and implementing system with standard content selection and automatic delivery.* Managed $5M, 16-person Annuity 2012 project, involving new business accelerator, eApp, and xPression development, customization, and implementation. Project expected to double revenue by 2012.* Secured millions of dollars in funding for distribution domain projects.* Enhanced TOGAF, enterprise architecture, application architecture, data architecture, security, governance, and SOA principles, road mapping, migration planning, and other improvements.* Managed $5M, 16-person Annuity 2012 project, involving new business accelerator, eApp, and xPression development, customization, and implementation. Project expected to double revenue by 2012.* Secured millions of dollars in funding for distribution domain projects.* Led development of portals, workflow automation tools, and other solutions to reduce processing times.* Introduced TOGAF, enterprise architecture, application architecture, data architecture, security, governance, and SOA principles, road mapping, migration planning, and other improvements.* Established ACORD group for Life and Annuities, to ensure ACORD compliance.

Dec 2007Present

Enterprise Architect

GCOM Software

Enterprise Architect

Member of technical team on $5M+ initiative to design current and future enterprise architecture, create roadmaps, develop and deploy software solutions, and implement improvements. Carry out requirements gathering, solution development, road mapping, timeline design, assessments, modernization, systems migration, technology selection, architecture configuration, and software/system development.

SOA Initiatives

·Aligned IT vision with business by defining SOA target architecture and creating roadmaps will be in next one, two and three years.

·Improved development processes by implementing Infrastructure Life Cycle Plan and Legacy Migration plan. Created AS-IS and target enterprise architectures

·Greatly improvedSOA migration process by designing SOA Reference Model

·Created Architectural artifacts such as Business Case, SOA Governance, SOA Road Map, SOA Test Plan, Service Model & Contract Templates, SOA Infrastructure Plan

·Leveraged SOA to abstract legacy assets as Services and composed legacy based services with other services

·Able to meet, implement and enforce new regulatory requirements enterprise-wide and gain instant visibility

·Reduced redundant information, processes and introduced consistent method for describing services across organization

·Successfully implemented SOA by bringing a cultural change in thinking process among developers and by creating a shared vision between business, architects and developers.

Architecture Impact

·Architected eight different Services. Value of the design was realized when the services were composed and reused as parts of various business processes that demanded varying degrees of granularity and greater performance metrics.

·Researched and implemented business processes orchestration and “Entity Aggregation” pattern to increase scalability, composability, loose coupling and abstraction.

·Created detailed Software Architecture Documents and provided requirements traceability matrix and conducted design handoff and code reviews with Developers.

·Architected $2M legacy system to be web based system

·Enhanced performance 47% by re-factoring legacy systems and deleting 100,000 lines of redundant code.

·Increased system availability 23% and cut development costs $1.5M per year by introducing centralized web services for approximately 45% of all NYPD applications.

·Designed retiring legacy systems to web based application using MVC framework (Spring-Hibernate)

·Successfully lead a cross functional team in defining and creating a Canonical Data/Domain Model. CDM helped to achieve better interoperability among disparate systems and reduced the need to create and maintain different versions of the same service.

·Defined integration policies for the 3rd party vendors, prepared statement of work documents

·Increased efficiency by introducing agile development methodology to program.

·Took on role of Project Manager and supervised 15-person development team. Led development of web-based workflow engine and integrated engine with legacy systems.

·Successfully upgraded DB2 databases and modernized legacy applications.

·Reduced costs by migrating systems to web-based applications and retiring legacy systems.

·Reduced maintenance and development costs $1.8M per year by introducing reuse into development process. Also increased performance metrics.

·Established Schema Committee to develop and document XML principles, standards, and best practices.

·Managed 11-person cross-functional team in identifying applications for modernization.

·Mentored 5 member development team to successfully deliver web based system on time

·Member of various studies including

oXML Binding Tools Evaluation – JAXB 2.0,XML Beans & Castor

oCaching Tools Evaluation – OS Cache

oESB Transformations and Assemblies

oService Orchestration on ESB using BPEL and Content Based Routing


Bachelor in Science

University of Madras


Additional Tools
Rational XDE, Rational Clear Case, PVCS, CVS, Share Point, Calligo, XML SPY, EDI systems,Web Sphere MQ Series,Web Sphere ESB, Visibroker,MS Office, Visio,Project, Web sphere RAD,  Eclipse IDE, MyEclipseIDE  
Operating System
Win2003/2000/XP/NT, UNIX (BSD), VAX, VMS, Mainframe, AIX, SuSE, RedHat , HP-UX, SunOS/Solaris, DOS
User Interface Programming
JSP, JSF, HTML, CSS, VB, X Motif, X Widget, WinForms, ASP.NET, Flex ( 1 year experience)
Integration Servers
BM WebSphere 5.1/6.0, Apache2, Tomcat,  IIS Enterprise Information Bus EIB ( B2B Gateway - Data power / Tumbleweed, Security - Oblix, Directory- LDAP,  IBM Message Broker with Ascential TX, IBM Data Stage, SOA Agent and SOA Controller)
ORACLE, SQL*Server 2005/2000, DB2, MySQL 5.x, Access, POET, Ingress
JAVA, J2EE (servlets, EJB, JMS, JDBC, JNDI, RMI), Ajax, Struts, C/C++, C#, PL/SQL, MS-SQL, XML, XSD, XPATH, XSLT, JAXP, JAXB, SAX, DOM, DHTML, JavaScript, ACORD XML, Shell scripting (C-shell, Perl, Regular Expression)
SOA, TOGAF 8 & 9, Zachman Framework, SDLC Full Life cycle, Agile, SCRUM, XP, RAD, RUP, OOP, OOAD, RIA, Web 2.0, UDDI, Web Service Standards, SEI ATAM, SAAM, EAI, Enterprise Legacy Modernization, CMMI Level 1-4


Certifications - Affliations

Certifications - Affliations
Apr 2009Present

Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance
Jun 2009Jun 2011

TOGAF 8 Certified

The Open Group