Edward Scott

Corporate Strategy, business development

  • Melbourne, Australia
  • ed.t.scott@gmail.com
  • +61424277640

Proven strategic specialist seeking a challenging, fast paced role with variety.

Work experience
Work experience
Oct 2014 - Jun 2015
Strategy Manager
Johns Lyng Group

Created and filled strategic growth pipeline for the Group. Successfully incubated two start-up businesses and acquired a financial advisory firm. Day-to-day management of new and strategic businesses including market advisory, resourcing and governance responsibilities. Group board member communicating on investment criteria, market opportunities and strategic portfolio updates, reporting directly to the Group CEO.

Jan 2014 - Oct 2014
Transformation Lead

Led the analysis on shutting down the refinery and conversion to an import model, considering effects on working capital, cash management, and supply security. Delivered the public announcement of the shutdown of the refinery and developed project KPIs and hurdle rates as part of the project management reporting. Project delegate for monthly reporting to the BP Global Leadership Team.

Jan 2013 - Jan 2014
Strategy Analyst

Completed in-depth analysis across a number of projects and initiatives bound under confidentiality. First graduate to be transitioned off the program and the only selected for Corporate Strategy team. Delivered various streams of analysis from acquisition proposals to regional profitability analysis, divestments, internal supply chain optimisation, and two major asset reviews. Led the 2013/14 BP New Zealand strategy refresh process and pitch to the BP Global Leadership Team that was ultimately sanctioned.

Jan 2013 - Dec 2013
B2B Sales: Offer Development Analyst
BP Australia

Completed tender responses for new business. Led and assisted other business development initiatives, including service delivery initiative deploying self-refuelling stations. Daily role including customer reports and predictive sales analysis on large mining and on-road customers. 

Jun 2012 - Dec 2012
Terminals Safety and Compliance Adviser
BP Australia

Developed risk and maintenance KPIs for fuel terminals. Subsequently responsible for the ongoing reporting of site compliance for BP's national asset base (in accordance with Australian Standards).

Jul 2010 - Mar 2011
University Exchange Program (Supply Chain Management)
Arizona State University (ASU)

International exchange program (ASU/UQ) 

Awarded an academic award grant for exchange program

Jan 2007 - Jun 2010
Bachelor of Business Management
University of Queensland (UQ)

50% academic scholarship

Jan 2007 - Jun 2010
Bachelor of Arts (International Relations)
University of Queensland (UQ)

50% academic scholarship


Passionate for delivering measurable improvements for the medium-to-long term betterment of an organisation.

Enjoy fast paced environments with challenge and variety; and possess an entrepreneurial bias with recent personal history of active investments.

career goals

Strong desire to enter management consulting for the pace, variety and remit for meaningful change. Looking to commence an MBA within five years.

Away from the office

Thoroughly enjoy the mentor and tutor I have held the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) for the past three years. 

Recent convert to Kite Surfing.