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Work experience

Model Server/ Assistant Event Planner

Food For Thought Catering

I helped sell, then execute events for Chicago's premiere catering company. I worked hand in hand with the sale of up $500,000.00 contracts. I was the face of the service level that the company expected, and offered. Our events were featured in the Chicago Theater, The Adler Planatarium, Union Station, and the New Millennium Park on the Lake Front of Chicago, as well as a long list of other fine locations.

Program Director

Phantom Lake YMCA Camp

Many hats needed to be worn in order to excel in this position. Managing a staff of 50 plus making sure all 250 campers are safe and where they are supposed to be with out the use of clocks, and only a large brass bell to orchestrate it all. It was event planning and execution from sunrise to sunset.


Natasha's Bistro

A fine restaurant which fuses art, music, and food and a stage.


Sep 1995Jun 1999

International Relations- Economics

University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Guitarist/ Singer/ Song Writer
I can sing a sweet tune as I strum the guitar. I can go it alone, or keep time with a five piece band.
My Parents grew up speaking both Spanish and English because they grew up in Texas. My Father moved the family North to Wisconsin for the opportunity of a better life for the rest of us, seeking the promise of an American Dream. He felt that it was best for us to speak only English, so that we would have the best chance of fitting in. I didn't learn Spanish until my college years, but have found it so very useful in opening doors, and bridging the gap between those who can't communicate due to the language barrier.    
I have had a great opportunity to cement my French abilties with two enriching foriegn exchange experiences that totalled 1 1/2 years of cultural immersion in Grenoble France, and Lyon, the gastronomique capitol of the world.




An entrepreneur is a person who has possession of an enterprise, or venture, and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome. It is an ambitious leader who combines land, labour, and capital to create and market new goods or services


I want to live and breathe the arts. I wish to witness all the beauty unfolding. I want to have all the good and the bad, all the lemons so that I can make lemonade. I hope to create a forum for this all to happen. I will work my days surrounded the immensity of it all and learn so as to pass it on the best I can, for whomever it is that follows.


In English, Spanish, French, I can be of service to you. If your position has not been filled, or you were hoping for someone different, I am the one.  I can walk all day and then be ready to walk more when duty calls! Posive attittudes can take us to higher altitudes. I have the ability to make whomever I work for, better because I am an excellent, compitent and loyal right hand man. My resume is online and interactive. And I am a proffesional driver. I once drove from Utah to West Virginia non-stop in 36 hours.


I wish to make art in every form. To live it, breath it, and create space for more to spring forth from others. To finish a musical.