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Experienced senior executive with significant international experience and entrepreneurial vigor.  Adept at opening geographical, channel and segmented markets and accustomed to both nurturing fledgling efforts and managing ongoing operations.  Simultaneously proficient in operational and financial management with recognized expertise in creative marketing and sales development.

Can be contacted by telephone at +1 (978) 238-9898 and by email at [email protected]


International Business Development & Management

  • Founded, staffed and built a capital equipment distribution company in India. Identified opportunity and worked with US Commercial Consulate to refine operational concept. Assumed broad range of responsibilities including regulatory and cultural, commercial, HR and operational
  • Through extensive modeling, coaching, operational reorganization and marketing redesign, led successful effort to enter non-traditional market segments. Identified cultural and commercial impediments for German manufacturers seeking to expand their foothold in North America, and executed plan to overcome them through collaborative consulting
  • Extensive experience with international finance, travel, logistics, cultural and commercial challenges
  • Developed Distribution and Support Channels in emerging, developing and developed markets including India, Brazil, Mexico, Canada & US

Marketing & Sales

  • Experienced in oversight, management, troubleshooting and redesign of multiple sales channels including direct, OEM, sales representative and distribution. Developed innovative hybrid model for challenging/remote market development. Successful architect of powerful and successful sales teams
  • Able to dissect and analyze product/market/channel challenges and redesign the marketing and sales approach to effectively reach the proper targets economically, effectively and efficiently
  • Implement "Blue Ocean" analysis and strategies to create and capitalize on new market opportunities
  • Develop successful culture of technical sales differentiation among channel partners

Finance & Operations

  • Experienced and comfortable with corporate accounting and analysis
  • Capable personnel manager and team builder who sets clear goals, provides regular feedback and delegates appropriately to support subordinate development and increase group effectiveness
  • Early adopter and aggressive implementer of technology solutions to improve employee efficiency, customer experience and organizational effectiveness. (Examples include CRM, SFA, service ticket management, historical service information & customer web access)

Industry Adaptation / Market Bridging / International Continuity

  • Successfuland rapid engagement in Homeland Defense market with ETD (explosive trace detection) equipment
  • Demonstrated capability to rapidly identify target opportunities and build channel quickly to engage those opportunities - in defense just as in packaging
  • Rapid business development throughout the Americas, including high growth security threat areas including emerging market in Brazil.
  • Adapted Indian market expertise to security & defense markets with Homeland Defence market penetration there as well
  • Developed successful approaches across market verticals tailored to National and State/Municipal government organizations, military, paramilitary and commercial markets


To work with the owners of a large privately owned, or executive management of a small publicly traded company to create and lead a Global Business Development program which leverages my diverse strengths and strategically supports corporate objectives.

Combining my technical, operational and analytical skills with my artistic, creative and innovative ones create a unique combination of attributes well suited to positions such as divisional president or international business development leader.  The effort which I will lead will be one of identified strategic import to the company.

Many American companies are "accidental" exporters.  They have some international business, but mostly that which they have stumbled into.  And despite all self satisfied proclamations of their comfort, they haven't really embraced broad global markets.....indeed they typically haven't had to.  But for many American companies and industries, domestic markets are stagnating.  Despite current FX unpredictability, general USD weakness and huge untapped market opportunities translate into opportunity; international expansion represents substantial potential for growth and profit in challenging circumstances.  Strategic alignment and identification of target markets and product offerings is critically important for companies awakening to the need to proactively develop an approach which reconciles the collection of "ad hoc" approaches which have developed and folds them into a broad "Global Development" plan.  

My skills and background position me perfectly for the role to lead this effort.  With appropriate compensation and incentive equity opportunities my ideal position would be with a company with realistic expectations for timeline to results (approx 3-5 years for robust program development) and would include:

  • analysis of existing efforts
  • developing an overall strategic plan for markets (geographical and vertical) for prioritized development
  • codifying strategic plan into a series of goals and action steps over various terms
  • hiring, leading and managing required staff
  • developing the optimal "channel" model for each priority market
  • identifying and building that channel
  • developing the channel
  • executing the strategy with appropriate ongoing modification and revision

And I seek this position in which industry?  My criteria are simple - one which is growing and dynamic.  I believe that the traditional "industry experience" requirement is one which compromises many hiring decisions.  I have demonstrated myself to be nimble and adaptable and look forward to rewarding challenges regardless of traditional industry "silos."  Read my thoughts on Industry Experience here.

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Work experience

Mar 2002Present


Fusion Concepts, Inc.

Distribution business which is the sole importer and master distributor for capital equipment and consumable products manufactured by the Pfankuch companies (Hamburg, Germany.)Additionally, Fusion engineers solutions for improvement and replacement of sophisticated processing and packaging lines incorporating equipment from additional German suppliers.Products are sold through multiple channels (direct, OEM, sales rep and secondary distribution) and Fusion provides a broad range of sales, technical and operational support for customers.


Founding Principal

Consilium Global Business Advisors

Consilium Global Business Development Advisors develops, implements and assists in executing strategically conceived global business development programs for mid-size B2B companies. Clients benefit significantly through increased revenues and profits, diversified business revenue streams, and increased value.

Often clients will have some legacy international business, but limited success and accumulated frustration with the challenges. They are often not sure that the export opportunity is all it is "cracked up to be."

The Consilium Method is our unique system developed from our extensive experience. It is designed to accommodate concurrent business requirements, while simultaneously positioning the engagement to enhance success. Using a phased method we can tailor approaches to satisfy short-term goals (e.g. buzz and publicity, sales pipeline, etc.) with long term goals. Phasing also allows clients with fiscal constraints to initiate this important work rather than await approvals and budgeting cycles.

May 2010May 2011

Managing Director - Americas & India

Implant Sciences Corporation

Micro-cap publicly traded company in the Homeland Defense sector, Implant Sciences offers a unique range of capabilities in the niche area of Explosives Trace Detection (ETD.)  Challenged with limited penetration in the markets in the Americas and negligible name recognition, the task was to build the channel base for distribution throughout the Americas.  Indian Homeland Defence and commercial markets were added as well.  Beginning from a negligible base rapid development required prioritizing markets, establishing channel, managing identification and development of market segments and opportunities and comprehensive growth in this export intensive initiative.

Also initiated and almost solely executed initial outward focused and targeted marketing where none had existed including twitter feed, microsite (, Channel Partner update emails and Channel Partner support website.

Jan 2006Jun 2010

Managing Director

Invenio Source Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd

Invenio Source, Inc. and its Indian subsidiary form the network through which Invenio sources high quality used packaging equipment for growing Indian manufacturers.Target markets include pharmaceutical, processed food and converting.Sales meet Indian needs and also provide an outlet for used equipment from US companies upgrading.Additionally, Invenio offers American manufacturers an innovative hybrid rep/distribution model to allow them feasibly tackle the challenging Indian market without assuming local challenges and responsibility.

Apr 2004Dec 2007


yep, LLC

yep, LLC was the developer and publisher of the innovative CHAOTAS (chaos - aetas) Family Calendar.  Conceived as an alternative to the typical school fundraising products (candy bars, magazines and various items which people buy without expectation of real utility) the CHAOTAS calendar was a real help to frantically busy families.

The innovative sales and distribution model addressed many of the complications with typical school fundraisers (e.g. dangerous door-to-door selling) and yielded high returns for sponsoring organizations.

Buyers received an attractive and user friendly tool to help them manage crazy schedules with a carefully designed "all on one page" family view.

Company was sold in December, 2007

Mar 2000May 2002

Manager of US Operations

Pfankuch Machinery Corporation

Privately held manufacturer of specialized machinery and consumables for the print finishing and packaging markets.Customers included public and private manufacturers in a variety of industries, including demanding Fortune 100 and pharma/neutraceutical companies.

  • Doubled revenue in first year while diversifying target markets from a primarily direct sales effort focused narrowly on the print finishing market to a redesigned multi-channel, multi-segment sales approach balancing challenges of capital equipment and consumables sales
  • Built and managed customer focused, results oriented staff and quickly overcame legacy reputation problems within the market
  • Overcame numerous international cultural barriers through coaching and modeling, resulting in a successful “reengineering” of market approach
May 1995Mar 2000

Manager of Marketing & Sales

Industrial Packaging Supply, Inc.

Privately held $20MM distribution company which sells packaging related capital equipment, consumables and contract packaging service.Customers range from start-ups through Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries.

  • Rebuilt sales force of 7 and developed “activities based” metrics for performance evaluation and territory development resulting in substantial sales increase and revenue growth consistency
  • Early implementer of web based marketing tools and sales force automation in a “traditional” industrial sector
  • Realigned business strategy from poaching competitors’ accounts to developing needs based automation solutions for manufacturers seeking efficiencies
  • Envisioned, championed and managed industry altering supplier shift which positioned IPS for long term success and initiated substantial sympathetic change nationally
Sep 1991Jul 1992

Sales Representative

Cintas Corporation
  • Closed largest contract in history of the Boston branch
  • Received local and regional recognition for outstanding sales accomplishment in less than one year
May 1988Sep 1991

Captain, Infantry Officer, Airborne Ranger

82nd Airborne Division / US Army
  • Rifle platoon, 82nd Airbone Division leader during operation Just Cause, Panama.Led 50 man platoon in combat jungle operations and secured exterior of Papal Nuncio during Noriega extraction
  • As Family Support Division Military Liaison, supervised the development of the XVIII Airborne Corps/Fort Bragg Family Support Manual during Operation Desert Storm
  • Decorated leader and manager – proficient in high stress and administrative environments


Aug 1984May 1988


Johns Hopkins University

Studied primarily History & Economics

Member of Alpha Delta PhiFraternity

4 yr ROTC Scholarship recipient

Member of Pershing Rifles Military Fraternity


Evolutionary Marketing
Channel Development
Well honed ability to intuit the effective sales channel model for a given geographical/vertical market; and importantly then to execute by identifying the proper resources, bringing them on board, continuously developing and managing, and upgrading as required.  Combined with my leadership and management strengths I am able to execute this effectively both directly, as well as through subordinates.
Innovation & Intuition
Often called "gut feeling" I have an exceptional ability to identify trends which will require modification of strategic objectives; to conceive possible courses of action, and to boldly execute the one which is most likely to support strategic objectives.  I also do this within the context of existing resource constraints, for as fully as I commit to a well conceive and crafted plan, I am not a "bet the company" radical.  My financial approach to business is conservative and that conservatism, paradoxically drives the innovation through a philosophy of identifying the highest potential impact, lowest potential risk/cost combination of approaches to business development.
Skills molded in the crucible of US Army Ranger training, and as an Infantry Officer in the 82nd Airborne Division have been tailored over 15 years to be properly applied to civilian environments.  I combine uncompromising integrity, unwillingness to expect something of others which I will not do myself, belief that effort expended is immaterial and that success in established objectives is critical with a mentoring and empathetic approach to the HR aspects of business management and leadership.
Achieved substantial "school" proficiency in French language through a number of years of study.  Although unused for almost two decades, some modest refresher and a brief immersion would return my skills to at least an intermediate level fairly promptly.
In process of learning a completely different language.  For personal fulfillment.
Industrial Marketing Strategy
Identification and rationalization of markets (vertical industrial, geographic, demographic, sales channel) to reduce organizational burden and increase profitability, success and growth.  Preparing appropriate tactics for optimization of each identified strategically important segment.  More than simply re-purposing collateral or messaging this process is driven by an holistic business approach which requires that someone have run business and understand at a visceral level what is involved in making critical service and capital purchase decisions and allocations as a buyer; an intelligence and curiosity (and often technical enough approach) to understand the specific issues faced by potential targets; an outlook unencumbered by traditional industry self-limiting views to identify creative applications which can be leveraged; the ability to distill those elements into a message which is accessible to sales folks; and the flexibility to continually challenge assumptions and tweak as fast moving market conditions dictate.   Examples include the following:   Homeland Security - vertical market approach Geographic Market - specific approach for local conditions Packaging - vertical market approaches  
International Business
Experience in all facets of business including logistics, finance, FX, accounting and banking, legal and contracts, sales, marketing, HR and operations.  Skills refined both through import and export related businesses in South America, Western Europe, South Asia and Central America.   Intuitive capability to identify cultural stumbling blocks before they become substantial impediments (often before they even arise) and to allow all participants to focus on strategic and compelling business issues rather than distracting conflict.
Through study at the Goethe Institut and regular use in personal and business environments I have developed moderate conversational German language skills.


Arnold Lawner

Arnold and I have competed and collaborated for nearly 20 years.  We have jointly supported some international business development efforts.  Independently we each led efforts for western European capital equipment firms hoping to establish an American presence.  He has had global business development responsibility and understands what skills are required for success.

Richard Nelson

Rich's simultaneously broad and deep experience in all aspects of international business development position him well to comment on my capabilities in these areas.  He observed me as a peer, drawing on his superb educational pedigree and diverse background of roles (including GM, President, etc.), in formulating his impressions and opinions.

Dave Kaupp

Dave has assisted me in execution of several of my industrial marketing initiatives, across different industries and target markets.  He can comment on my ability to strategically identify and conceptualize efforts, and to tactically execute them.

Jeff Tehan

Jeff is a veteran of the various defense and Homeland Security related companies.  With general management and marketing expertise he has held positions of substantial responsibility in large publicly traded companies (L3 Communications) and small businesses including owning his own consulting firm.  He can speak to my international business acumen, general business aptitude, team approach and overall performance.

Klaus-Peter Naumann

Klaus-Peter has an exceptional grasp of international marketing, business and transactional nuance.  He acted as the primary conduit for the relationship between Pfankuch Machinery Corp, and later Fusion Concepts, Inc., and Pfankuch Maschinen GmbH.

He grew up in a family which had long traditions of international trade and "has it in his blood."

Bernard Wilcken

Mr. Wilcken has provided freight forwarding and customs brokerage services to my companies.  Through that professional relationship we have formed a friendship and he has gained insight into my style and capability in international trade.

Suryakant Tiwari

Suraj ran our office in Mumbai.  He operated with my direct supervision, and substantial autonomy.


US Army