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My experience with indoor controlled agriculture started in the early 90's with a good friend that just returned from Amsterdam. He explained to me that the Netherlands are a center of innovative food research & technology and is a global leader in controlled environment agricultural production of horticultural products using hydroponic methods. Hydroponic technology is a way to grow plants using the same minerals found in soil but WITHOUT THE SOIL AND LESS WATER, FERTILIZER AND LAND. After many decades of research and commercial production I am still developing new and more efficient hydroponic systems that increase yields while reducing production costs and environmental impacts. I have helped many folks over the years become more profitable and sustainable using the techniques I have recommended. As technology advances so do the production methods of indoor vertical farming and greenhouse agriculture. From Led lighting to advanced organic hydroponic nutrients this industry is growing rapidly and competition increases every year. Let me help you stay ahead of the costly learning curve.The folks I consult for grow the highest quality hydroponic produce year round for companies like Wegmans, Whole Foods, Wies, Sysco, US Food Service and many more.

Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Owner, Founder and COO

Living Farms llc
Living Farms offers high quality hydroponic crops to many Mid Atlantic grocery stores like Wholefoods, Wegmans, Harris Teeter, Sysco and more.
Feb 2012Present

Owner,  Founder and Director of Research and Development

Hydroponic Consultancy llc.

Hydroponic Crop Production, International Consulting, Research and Development, Plasma Water Hydroponics, Complete Nutrient Absorption Systems =More Efficient on Water and Nutrients than all Traditional Hydroponics Systems. Indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture using Dutch and American Technology. 


Owner,  Founder and Director of Research and Development


Indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture using  Advanced Dutch and American Technology 

Feb 2016Present

Consulting and Design Firm for CannaPods and PonicPods

Hydroponic Consultancy llc.

Consult, Advise, Design and recommend for CannaPods and PonicPods customers who are interested in Vertical Farming , Hydroponic Systems, CEA, Clean Room, Advanced Facility Design and Layouts, Energy and Electrical Consumption, Water  and Land Conservation.


Owner, Founder and COO

Tara's Hydroponics

Responsible for Hydroponic Production, Harvests, and Packaging  


Owner  and Founder and CEO

Mountain Lake Hydroponics 

CEO and Director of Greenhouse Operations


High School Diploma

Walkersville High School

Graduated with Honors and 4.0 SAT's


Harmonized Gap Certification 

Virginia Tech 

Advanced Food Handling and Tractability 

GAP Certification 

Virginia Tech

Good Agricultural Practices