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With 20+ years of achieving incredible results in both Operations and Production Excellence, I am known for ‘doing what I say I am going to do’ and creating teams that powerfully produce bottom line results. I’ve routinely managed the implementation of leading-edge technologies to catapult results, increasing workflow output by over 300% in one division alone and creating processes that were still producing results 10 years later. I’m at my best when responsible for budget performance, staff engagement, project results, and workflow efficiency. During my tenure with a well-established Forbes 100 privately held company, I regularly built relationships with Senior Leadership and key accounts such as Walmart.

I am exceptional at recruiting and retaining top talent while developing the tools and protocols to spur exceptional performance. Ask me about being a published author and my use of humor to build relationships that last. Not just an “Ops” guy, I’m renowned for successfully leading through ambiguous times. Process control, superior training, dynamic communication, and team rapport have been the cornerstones of my success. If you have a top quality product or service and you’re ready to rise above your competition, let’s have a conversation about how my talents can jumpstart your success.

► Uncommon Servant Leadership/Integrity
► Technology Evangelist
► Known Expert at Cost Savings

Key Skills:  

Charismatic and strategic visionary ◆ Dedicated to cultivating positive work environments and morale ◆ Instructor at Villanova and Drexel ◆ Committed to quality execution and meaningful products ◆ Mentor for interns and up-and-coming staff ◆ Comfortable interacting with C-suite executives ◆ Veteran at crisis management and enhancing corporate image

Work experience


Manager of Product Integrity Analysts - Greetings

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

■ Led teams to consistently score in the top 15% out of 3000 employees on engagement surveys four different times while in three different roles, impacting productivity by 22%.
■ Known to go above and beyond – once leading a team thru a company critical 11-week period of seven day-a-week shifts and taking off only four days.
■ Recreated team dynamic to successfully meet a 25% increase in production demands during a layoff cycle.
■ Developed buy-in from staff and executives thru strategic migration maps to vividly create clear vision for projects.
■ Always discovering ways to improve productivity as a collective, not just across individual functions.
■ Increased workflow by 25% via LEAN and pod work team practices.
■ Reduced labor costs by over $300K.
■ Allocated and applied the resources required to maintain Quality Support for the creation of over 20K unique greeting card SKUs per year.
■ Left no savings stone unturned.
■ Assimilated staff requirements for division, developing entirely new flow solutions to accomplish 25% more throughput and 50% fewer hand-off errors.


Product Integrity Manager - Non-Greetings

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

■ Chosen because of communication skills to foster relationships with suppliers from Asia, South America, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.
■ A zealot for optimization and stewardship
■ Expanded scope of accountability while Director was militarily deployed for 14 months.


Manager of Graphic Arts Engineering

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

■ Expert at creating continuity and high-performance teams thru six leadership changes in just eight years.
■ Champion for excellence; expertly oversaw the Process Control for over 2B greeting cards annually.
■ Known expert in identifying horizon trends in disruptive technology in production.


Manager of Prepress Operations

Litho-Krome Company LLC

■ Outstanding at managing cultural conflict with peers, senior leadership, and teams.
■ Instituted an industry leading production system resulting in 40% less production time and 60% less cost, expanding product offerings to existing clients.


Manager of Digital Prepress

■ Trusted to be the face of the enterprise, represented the company during tradeshows, customer meetings, speaking engagements and campus recruiting.
■ Career long reputation for using and implementing technology to create internal paradigm shifts.
■ Decreased job turn time by 50%.
■ Trusted to build the business case for new technology that led to a massive rebranding and market shift that attracted previously inaccessible clientele and new market standing for one employer.


Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.)

Rochester Institute of Technology


Workflow & Process Development
Cost Containment
Strategic Alliances
Brand Champion
Methodology Design & Redesign
Cross-Functional Team Building