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Work experience

Jul 2009Present

Business Development Manager


-Rebuilding ad sales operation and adserver infra-structure.

-Building site measurement and audience research.

-Creating brand-oriented ad projects on TMD sites.

-Building SAP integration for TMD. 

Jan 2005Dec 2008

Strategy Planning Manager


-Created lots of interactive ad projects

-Performance based ad sales development(CPC, CPA etc.)

-Dogan&DoubleClick Meetings for possible Partnership

-Medyanet&AdEurope Business Relationship

-Behavioral Targeting Projectand ADnetproject Owner for over 30 sites and 30million unique/month.

-akare adserving system development.

Jan 2005Feb 2006

Project Management

Doğan Online

-Devised mobile versions of some channels

-Webtrends integration into Dogan sites

-Experiences about portal, content management, browser games, online classified.

-Experienced web design basics.

-A lot of code developed including,,,, etc.




Istanbul University



The birth of learning activities via internet dates back to the first web expriences. Consisted of the first wide webs, ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) was established by four American universities. Shortly after, some other computers connected to the network and thereby formed the first internet configuration. While, at the outset, internet was a new technology, today it serves as a platform. Thanks to the platform that internet offers, various technologies in various sectors has been developed. On the other hand, the rising generations frequently use communication technologies and internet. A new generation, who listen music via internet, chatting with their friends, searching for a subject related to their assignments and reading a long text just out of criosity, is rising.

The increase in the internet usage time and in the number of internet users has called forth a change in Web applications. While internet used to be employed as a one-way communication tool like a newspaper, later the existence of mutual interaction was realized. Internet interaction was mentioned while the future of internet was being discused in a conference and all the developments enclosed was titled as Web 2.0. In the first chapter of the thesis, necessary information regarding Web 2.0 and its standards is presented. The differences between the standards of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 are illustriated with examples. After representing the functions of the tools such as mashup, captcha, widget which have been newly created with the introduction of Web 2.01 standards, some information about AJAX, which forms the basis of Web2.0 technical infrastructue is presented..

The most important activity carried out in the social networks constructed by using Web 2.0 standards is sharing. Sharing brings about  voluntary learning and generation of collective reason. What is explained in the second part of the thesis is the applicability of the features which defines Web 2.0 to the e-learning models. You can also find some statements about the future of this e-learning model based on concrete examples in chapter two. In addition, you can find a part in this part reserved to the comments on the e-learning 2.0.

In the last part of the thesis, there is some information about the prototype application named as Academist. The aim of the application is to create an internet community designed in accordance with Web 2.0 standards and doing academic sharings. The impacts of Web 2.0 standards on the e-learning models are discussed on the last chapter depending on the features of the application and the examples presented before. 



Istanbul University

I especially worked on Quantum Mechanics and simulation methods of atomic particles.


Technical Skills
-          Best practices on generating ROI with performance, display and rich media campaigns. -          Excellent web measurement-research skills. Also IAB-Turkey Technical Committee member. -          Web and software development programming languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP, .NET, PHP, C++,SQL -          Web Design, information architecture and SEO skills -          Able to create business plan, project plan, timeline and UML referance.
Language Skills
Turkish – parent language English – intermediate
-          Able to reach over %90 of digital ad market players in Turkey including agencies, publisher and most of  top 500 companies. -          Excellent reporting and presentation. -          Teamwork, leadership, decision-maker, negotiator 

Tests for Experinece

Some of my test sites to understand advertisers and users...