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Ed St John, who is an experienced professional in the musical industry, has worked for such international companies as Warner Music and Sony Music in Australia. He has been successful at promoting the careers of many popular entertainers, including Neil Diamond, Harry Connick Jnr and Mariah Carey and he currently provides consulting services to the major TV Production companies and Networks as a freelance contractor.

Five Years at Warner Music Australia

While he was President and CEO of Warner Music Australia, Ed St John, answered directly to the President of Asia-Pacific as he took responsibility for the operations of Warner's New Zealand and  Australian offices. When he took the position in 2005, the music market in general was going through an extremely rough period of decreased profits along with a global downturn. He brought the company through those difficult times as he managed sales of well over $100 million. Ed St John also developed and managed distribution contracts that were ongoing when he took over his position with ABC, FMR and Liberation Music. During those years he became well versed at change management, strategic restructuring, digital sales and marketing and downsizing. Some of the superstar artists that he worked with at Warner Music were Kylie Minogue, Michael Buble, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Madonna.

Pre-Warner Years and Experience

Before being hired by Warner Music Ed St John was a writer and he produced television shows. He worked on the production of Tonight Live, Have a Go!, Take 40, and Saturday Morning Live. He did on-air interviews with Rock Around the World and he wrote for the ARIA Awards 10 Network. He was also a music journalist and a contributing editor to the Rolling Stone Magazine, a weekly music column for The Sunday Telegraph and he contributed to The Sydney Morning Herald  and The National Times. In 1993 he took a job at Sony Music Australia as the manager of their advertising department and special products division and was later given a promotion to be the Marketing Director for the Columbia label. . Reporting to the Sony General Manager, he took over responsibility for TV advertising accounts that amounted to  $10 million and he worked in production, scheduling,  promotions, purchasing media and  Sony's special products unit.

Professional Memberships and Positions

For ten years Ed St John was a member of the board at ARIA and at PPCA, where he represented the recorded music coming out of Australia. He was the Chairman of the awards committee at ARIA for some ten years and he spent two years as an elected chairman at ARIA. In that capacity, he was a keynote speaker at many professional events and also gave industry-related interviews and briefings. He helped organise Australia's two largest musical events and he was responsible for negotiating contracts with the various broadcasters, company stakeholders, event sponsors and production outfits. 

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TV Production and Management, Direct Consumer Selling, E-Commerce, Team Leadership

Entertainment & Youth, Social Marketing, New Media, Digital Technology & Platforms, Business Mergers & Acquisitions, Presentation & Communication

Work experience

Software As Service

Non-Executive Director, Ordior

Television Production

Star Casting Consultant, Fremantle Media
  • Responsible for all Star Casting negotiations

Innovative Outdoor Digital Advertising Solution

Non-Executive Director, Live Board

Freelance Roles

TV Producer & Writer / Music Journalist & Editor

TV Producer & Writer freelance roles; Music Journalist & Editor numerous publications.


Television Production

Star Casting Consultant, Shine Australia
  • Responsible for negotiating, securing and contracting the services of the superstar Coaches for mega-hit TV format The Voice.

ARIA, ARIA Awards & Hall of Fame

Chairman, Board Member

First elected to the ARIA and PPCA Boards in 2000 in capacity as BMG Managing Director; retained seats on both Boards after the shift to Warner Music in 2005. Chairman of the ARIA Awards Committee for a decade, elected Chairman of ARIA in 2008.


Warner Music Australia & New Zealand

President & Chief Executive Officer

Hired as the President & Chief Executive Officer to manage the Australia & New Zealand operations of a company at the beginning of a period of immense transformation.


BMG Australia & New Zealand

Director of Marketing, BMG Australia

Appointed Managing Director in 2001 after working for three years as Director of Marketing; reporting to President, Asia Pacific, remained in position until merger with Sony Music, late 2004.


Sony Music Australia

Marketing Director, Manager of Advertising & Special Products

Initially appointed to oversee Sony Music’s $10 million+ TV advertising account including TVC production, media buying, scheduling and promoting the company’s Special Products division; promoted to Director of Marketing for the Columbia label.