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I seem, like so many others these days, to also be in need of locating work that will suffice me in continued graphic design endeavors.

It really does not matter to me what particular level or capacity I am able to locate adequate work  -

for I am open minded to optional employment offers / freelance / contract, sub-contract work on any level.

Please review my CV and consider my past efforts and accomplishments as a possible asset to fufilling a job you may have for me to seriously consider.

Institutions and Industries


Tom Steele

Sara Connor

Miles Benson

Don Oberweiser

Museum Graphics

Work experience

Aug 1981Present

Sole-Proprietorship - Wearing All the Hats that are Needed!

Northwoods Graphics Display - A Graphic Art Design & Silk Screen Production Studio

I'm quite thankful that it's now been over 27 years that I've continually been able to operate my graphic design & production studio.

May 1978Sep 1981

Art Director of Staff & Production / Graphic Designer

Oak Brook Graphics - An Advertising Agency

I resigned my position with this ad agency in the planning of relocating my family and small business to Oshkosh, WI in late 1981.

Jun 1970May 1978

B&W Photographer / Typesetter / Graphic Designer / Silk Screen Printer

Edenk Studios, Inc. - A Silk Screen Production Studio for the Convention Exhibit Industry

This corporation dissolved shortly after the owner became deceased in 1978.

I went on to work as the art director for Oak Brook Graphics, an ad agency just getting started in the area (shown above).

Portable Exhibitry

My Resume in PDF

Display/Exhibit Design

AdobeCS2 Artworks


Exhibit Designer/Fabricator
I've designed and fabricated numerous displays and exhibits using a wide array of various materials for many years.   My building skills include a knowledge of the proper selection of available material choices to optomize the best results for various applications that require attention to specific restrictive uses of potentially harmful materials that can ill-effect artifacts.   My building skills include a profound knowledge of the proper application of various power tools and their capability.
Silkscreen Printer
The basis upon which I built my studio; which has primarily been geared to the exhibit and display industry in providing signage systems (and occasionally) some very unique and specific products needed via the silk screen process of printing being incorporated into the overall scheme of things.   Nowdays, with the availability of large format digital printing on just about any substrate imaginable, the silk screen printing process has become something of resembling the dinosaur in specialized printing techniques. Therefore, with some reservation regarding my love for the rewarding challenges that the silk screen process printing offers, I now am more devoted into designing with digital graphics and allowing large format digital printers to supply me with a quicker, better and more cost effective product than I once was able to produce on my own.
Computer Generated Graphic Art Design
I've been designing graphics for the exhibitry industry using an array of Adobe CS2 tools since they became available. I  also work in other programs, (ie. Quark, PowerPoint), however, my main strength are attributed to my knowledge of use within the AdobeCS2 Toolbox - focusing primarily with working in PhotoShop.