Ed Scarborough

Ed Scarborough

senior broadcast manager responsible for product development, talent management, online branding, audience and market research and creative promotion.



Research Development

Utilizing outsourced vendors, developed research goals, screener criteria and questionnaires.  Proficient at research interpretation to determine opportunities and develop strategic and tactical plans to address strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Client/Vendor Relationships

Skills include assisting the development of design concepts, key messages and search optimization strategies. Excellent ability to listen, absorb and grasp concepts in order to develop a strategy to seize opportunity. Background concentrates on understanding targeted demographic and product usage to develop a “need” to the consumer and a “call to action” marketing plan.


Experienced Senior Level Manager in communication, marketing creativity, branding, and consumer loyalty. Ability to complete short and long-term projects on time and on budget. Adaptable, flexible, and capable of analyzing changes in scope to provide appropriate and diplomatic responses. Superior ability to simplify/translate core business to common language.  More than twenty years in the business of communicating.  Excellent verbal and written skills. Adaptable to different styles to best utilize specific media..  

Crisis Management

Served on advisory boards for emergency contigency planning. Participated in emergency handbooks to address: Bomb Threats, Business Interruption, Hurricane Safety and Terrorism.   

Team Management

Experienced with multi-department collaboration and team management. Excellent leadership skills, with team inclusion at all levels as the process for fact-finding, brainstorming, idea generation and concept development.  Hiring manager, responsible for staff training, compliance to policy and scheduling. Superior ability to relate with individuals and retain employees.  

Relationship/Team Building

Exceptional ability to forge bonds and build rapport to quickly build relationships with both internal and external customers

Presentation Skills

Able to think quickly, speak fluently, and write succinctly.


Skilled at identifying business opportunities and developing strategies to effectively exploit them.

Internal/External Communications

More than 15 years in broadcast management with responsibilities and supervision of internal and external communications, marketing and public relations.

Problem Solving

Expert at creative solutions that address client needs as well as best practices.  

Work experience

Work experience

Program Director

CBS Radio

Increasing levels of management responsibility for Company Owned CBS Radio stations in St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Houston.  Responsibilities included turnaround management and product launches by rebranding existing company properties.

Program Director

Lincoln Financial Broadcasting

Responsible for Program Management, Marketing and Creative Services, Production, Internal and External Communications, and News and Public Affairs programming.Collaborated with Marketing and Sales to develop sales programs and create client marketing exposure while building market awareness and brand consistency

  • Streamlined and focused the promotional posture of the product by eliminating confusing imaging messages. Result:Increased consumer market share to 1st ranked in target demographic, driving better rates, resulting in increased revenue.
  • Opened new market channels for the Sales Department.Created, developed, and managed a marketing program in cooperation with a key client to develop a “free to the public” concert supported by presentation sponsorships. Result: Major exposure for new car product line and dealer network, major audience share increase.
  • Restructured the operation, eliminated the internal Marketing Research Department, and outsourced the marketing research to an independent firm. Result:  Reduced expenses. and received more dependable research data, benefiting both budget and product.
Jun 2009 - Present

Chief of Staff

Scarborough Marketing/Independent Contractor

Freelance Writing/Marketing

  • Project work for the Debra Ford Agency to write press release and newspaper articles to promote World Arthritis Day.
  • Commissioned by INeedMyCE.com, an online continuing education resource to write email copy to promote various online courses and services.

TABC Certified wine & beverage server

  • Team supervisor for Food & Vine Time Productions, hosting wine tastings for groups of 15 to 5,000 guests.

Sales Development/National Sales Manager for PKI Interactive

  • An Internet startup, PK Interactive managed digital assets for nationally renowned radio talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Responsible for establishing programs to monetize web, newsletter, podcasts, mobile media, and Sirius XM Broadcast.
Jun 2012 - Jun 2013

Account Manager

Salem Communications-Houston
  • Certified Radio Marketing Consultant – Radio Advertisers Bureau
  • Identified potential clients, set appointments and conducted consumer needs analysis to identify marketing opportunities
  • Created and executed marketing programs utilizing multiple distribution platforms.
  • Monitored marketing campaign providing consistent access to client for appropriate feedback
2007 - 2009

Program Director

Cox Communications

Responsible for Program Management, Marketing and Creative Services, Production, Internal and External Communications, and News and Public Affairs program content.Collaborated with Marketing and Sales to ensure market awareness and brand consistency.

  • Increased market share. Evaluated/Analyzedprogramming policies, procedures, personnel, product and marketing/promotions.Conducted weekly review sessions with staff to build team investment and develop plans to create actionable programs to reach and motivate targeted demographics. Result:Increased market share of consumer target demographic from 12th ranked to 5th ranked, resulting in increased revenue.
  • Established an identity and brand for the product.Established a clear lifestyle preferences policy and standardized all marketing procedures to engage target consumers.Result: Standardizedpolicy provided Sales with clear direction to develop new business opportunities and tools to market promotions and create avenues of non-traditional revenue.
2001 - 2006

Director of FM Operations

Clear Channel Communications

Responsible for Program Management, Marketing and Creative Services, Production, Internal and External Communications, and News and Public Affairs program content. Collaborated with Marketing and Sales to ensure market awareness and brand consistency.

  • Re-branded and contemporized product.Engaged in a consistent campaign to top of mind awareness for the brand identity, utilized market research to contemporize the product, created a consumer loyalty program, and drove for consistency in all branding.Result: Increased market share from 18th ranked to 1st in target demo, converted ratings to highest grossing sales for three consecutive years.
  • Increased brand awareness.Created a unique audio positioning statement and sound effect to provide band identity, utilizing conscious and subliminal strategies.Result:Follow-up research verified name identification moved from 35% market awareness to 94%.
  • Established a standardized database-oriented promotional scheme to grow consumer database and provide participant benefits.Result:Expanded database from zero to more than 30,000 members in less than one year.
1999 - 2000

Project Managment/eMarketing Director


Project Management with direct supervision of the Graphics Arts Department and Web Copy Development.Worked with clients to assist in the development of design concepts and search optimization strategies.

  • Redesigned and energized an established website to improve web visitors’ experience and develop member interest and awareness in various Credit Union Services.Focused on key client services, created online tools encourage deeper site involvement.Created online forms strategy to develop additional commerce.Designed tracking system to monitor page hits. Result: Increased electronic commerce and reduced call center volume, creating better efficiency in the loan application process.Member web page views increased by 50%.
  • Developed the first online panoramic seating chart for a major sports/concert venue in Ft. Lauderdale.The client wanted a visual, interactive seating chart to enhance the ticket purchasing experience.Result: Originated a visual 360 degree panorama of the venue, with direct seat to center of stage/field view.