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Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences Ain Shams University


Bachelor's degree - Computer Science

Career Summary

  • I have been working as a Mobile Developer for four years with a proven experience in the field.
  • I'm able to build Android and IOS apps natively or with cross platform, using cutting edge technologies such as Kotlin, Java, Swift, Flutter and React native.
  • Currently i have many apps published on Play and App stores, which are in use by very satisfied clients and customers.
  • Also i got an experience with Games, VR, Web and other software fields, cause i never stop learning.
  • On 2018, i got promoted as a Mobile Team Lead at Silverkey Technologies over my hard work and dedication for the past three years.


Silverkey Technologies


Mobile Lead

About: It's a multinational dynamic software house which is creating and working on large scale projects are being used by organizations and the public.

My Role: I was leading a team who is building large scale project in both platforms Android and IOS. as i also developed many projects individually in this role.

I was responsible of the Mobile hiring process and mentoring the new engineers.

This is my main full-time career job.



Mobile and Game Developer

About: It's R&D lab of Silverkey. our work is to research and innovate new technology ideas such as VR Games, Mobile Apps and Machine learning.

My Role: My role at Innolabs was developing very challenging apps and dedicate a lot of innovation into our work. also proving concepts of our products.

I've worked with this role on my weekends and on my free times.


  • Arabic
  • English

Technical Skills


Kotlin and  JAVA



Asynchronous Code

Kotlin Coroutines

Reactive Programming

RxJava, RxAndroid and RxBinding

Architectural Patterns


Android jetpack



Google Maps - Map Kit


React Native


SQLite, Realm, Room and PostgreSQL

Game Development

Unity Engine and UE4

Virtual Reality

Vive, Oculus And Mixed Reality




Object Oriented Programming

Design Patterns Core



Algorithms and Data Structures

Image Processing

Neural Networks 

Personal Skills

  • Have a passion for learning and trying new technologies
  • Flexible in work
  • Good documenting work
  • Clean code
  • Solid architectures
  • Ability to work in team and individually
  • Client communication and training skills
  • Making research and dealing with information
  • Reviewing code
  • I developed the most of the following projects from scratch


  • Android
    • Fer2etak Fantasy Football Game (Kotlin)
      • Fer2etak is a fantasy football game that you can challenge the football game lovers by creating  your team, joining Leagues, participating Cups and collecting points.
    • Madinaty (Kotlin)
      • This app is used by Madinaty to consistently control and improve the quality of their work at their properties via enabling the reporting of build site defects and assigning fix directly through smartphones.
    • El7a2 (Java & Kotlin)
      • The app helps users to keep track on all the recent events (positive/negative) around. they have the ability to create events related to some locations and other users can react on.
    • Emigration Ministry in Egypt (Java & Kotlin)
      • This App connects Egyptian Expatriates around the world, to each other and to Egypt. Via posts, events, videos, podcasts and forums.
    • Manpower Ministry in Egypt - Inspection app (Kotlin)
      • This app is computerizing and automating the complete process of Manpower's offices inspection. Which allows the inspectors to do their jobs using Tablets and their work to be tracked and managed by Manpower Ministry and offices.
    • El7a2ouna services (Kotlin)
      • Users can use this app for requesting house services like Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Carpentry, etc. 
    • Tayar (Kotlin)
      • Food delivery app in Egypt. this app processes the orders at delivery guys end. I've worked for a short term on this app.
    • Tayary (Kotlin)
      • Food delivery app in Egypt. this is the customer's app in which users can place orders and track them. I'm currently building the new generation of Tayary App.
    • Cards MagicTrick Game (Java)
      • It's a simple game with pure Java. Simulates cards magic trick using Mobile's sensors.
    • NBE (Kotlin)
      • Only dummy logic with UI and UX implemented.
  • IOS
  • React Native
    • AqarPress
  • Flutter
  • Unity 5
    • TeamUp VR <Steam>
    • The Last Gladiator VR <Demo>
    • Arena VR <Demo>
    • Bots AI system
      • Integrated to The Gladiator and TeamUp
  • Unreal Engine 4
    • Dragon Master VR <Demo>
  • College Projects:

    • Speaker Identification System and Directions Speech Recognition (integrated with Matlab)
    • Image Operations Package(Enhancement,Restoration,Morphological,Segmentation)
    • Image Recognition System(configured with head orientation recognition)
    • Compiler for Tiny Language (Scanner,Parser,Semantic Analysis)
    • Security Package of 16 Algorithms for Data Encryption & Decryption Working on a Network
    • OpenGL stuff