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My interests include, helping people in any way I can. I am mostly stable in the serving industry because it is something that i enjoy and something that comes easily to me, but am willing to expand into different fields. I have a great intrest in the welfare of animals and try to use this intrest when possible. I also have an interest in psychology. I am a very deep thinker and analyze everything that is said to me to the fullest. I can easily understand the mentality of others as well as their wants and I use this to help me analyze their statements and their requests.


I am a very independant person however I can easily work in a team setting. I get along with people very easily, and have worked in and around customer services for the majority of my passed positions. I am very driven in whatever I do and carry out the duties of which to the fullest. Most of my experience is in the food industry including serving, hostessing, and customer service however I am willing to expand to new horizons. As far as going above and beyond what is expected I have done so on a few occasions; for example at my current work place (publix) I have gone to different departments to assure they get out on time with the rest of us when they are falling behind. In a job seting I am very talkative and willing to help in any way I can. I have a polite and comfortable manner about me and am confident in handling various issues I may face.



Work experience

Dec 2008Present

cashier / front service clerk


The duties at this job include cashiering and sometimes baging when necessary. This position requires a great knowlage of the store, its products and its layout. I often face customers with questions about locations of certain products, and how they can obtain products we dont currently carry.

Dec 2006Nov 2007


Joe Cracker

The duties that this job included are seating quests and taking their drink orders, while sometimes taking their food orders as well if their server was busy. Maintaining order in the front of the restaurant, and keeping up with the rotation of servers being sat.

Jun 2006Dec 2006

retail, sales clerk

Town Center Mall, Jewlery Too

The duties this position included are selling, cleaning jewlery, while maintaining appearances of the three kiosks from which I did my work.

Jul 2005May 2006

server/ office assist.


The duties that this position included are as follows; taking orders over the phone, handling credit cards, and making salads in the prep line for all orders.


Aug 2005Present


port charlotte high school


customer service/problem solving
Often encountering customers with questions about issuses dealing with the store I currently work in, reguarding locations of items, or how to acquire those items that we do not carry. In the past I have delt with questions reguarding mostly to do with the food industry, and am familiar with handling unsatisfied customers and can for the most part reasure them that the problem will be addressed and taken care of. As far as problem solving goes I have delt with inventory issues and I am also a quick thinker when it comes to improvising when needed.


Mar 2009Mar 2012

Food handling

Handling / serving