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    Architecture and Implementation of Symantec Ghost Enterprise including server installation, desktop client installation and Windows 2000 and Windows XP image creation during the Citigroup Ghost rollout in 2003.    Upgrade from Ghost to Altiris including formal onsite training, architecture and implementation of Altiris Server and desktop products during the Citigroup Altiris rollout in 2007.    Use of Altiris Suite of Enterprise Products at Capital group.    Architecture and Implementation of Acronis True Image Enterprise Suite including server installation, desktop client installation and Windows XP image creation during the Whataburger Hardware refresh in 2009.    Researched, tested and included drivers needed for custom images used at Citigroup and Whataburger.    Integrated custom as well as off the shelf applications into the images used at Citigroup and Whataburger.    Repackaged software for deployment to desktops as new installs and upgrades using Ghost, Altiris, and Macrovison Admin Studio at Citigroup and Capital Group.    Worked with wireless device drivers and utilities that were included in the images used at Citigroup, Capital Group and Whataburger.    Worked with leading encryption programs including Bitlocker, Potinsec, and Utimaco SafeGuard Easy. Packaged for post-image installation at Citigroup and Capital Group.    Created and maintained install instructions, best practice documents, and online knowledge base articles for first level techs at Citigroup, Capital Group, and Whataburger.    Use of SMS and SCCM in Enterprise Environments.    Formal classroom training in Computer Forensics and data recovery.    Formal classroom training in Network Security and Ethical Hacking.    Used sysprep when creating custom images.  Including manually modifying the .inf files for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.    Negotiated contracts and training sessions with vendors while with Citigroup.    Creation of reports and presentations to be viewed by management teams and other non-technical audiences.    Familiarity with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes and converting documents to ITIL standards at Capital Group.

Work experience

Aug 1996Dec 2009

Automation and Server Support

Citigroup; N.A.

Ø    Packaged software into an Ghost and HP Open View deployable package. Ø    Deployed these packages nationwide using Ghost and HP Open View.Ø    Troubleshoot various server and desktop issues that arise. Ø    Tier Three support for the field technicians. Ø    Co-ordinates planed and emergency outages as well as communicates when there are Altiris infrastructure issues.Ø    Computer Forensics and data recovery using EnCase, SMART, Process Explorer, Regshot, hex editors, and various other specialized tools and hardware.Ø    Performed data recovery of lost files and performed computer forensic investigations at the request of Human Resources.Ø    Maintained several web pages using Microsoft IIS and Apache on Red Hat LinuxØ    Coded a custom VB6 inventory program that updated desktop inventory to a RedHat Server via ftp.Ø    Maintained Network Security using eEye Retina, Nmap, and Nessus, Wireshark, Snort, Netcat, Kismet, John the Ripper, Netstumbler, Aircrack, L0phtCrack, SolarWinds, SARA, Brutus, SAINT, PHLAK, Knopix, etc.Ø    Maintained desktop security using WSUS, lanGuard Network Security Scanner, and McAfee Enterprise Administration Console.Ø    Trained in Exchange server, worked closely with Citi's Exchange Administrators in New York and New Jersey to fix issues with our site.  I am also familiar with customizing Outlook with specific settings during the install (via transforms) to facilitate smooth transitions to newer Exchange servers as well as to enable or disable features as dictated by the corporate offices.Ø    Used DFS to consolidate servers and to provide disaster recovery service to our end users by changing the user’s login scripts to point towards a DFS alias as opposed to physical network shares.Ø    Improved process automation through creation and implementation of batch files and visual basic scripts that modified desktop settings, merged registry keys, and installed software.Ø    Created custom VB Scripts to perform inventory reconciliation.Ø    Created custom VB Scripts to perform patch management on non-networked machines from a CD.Ø    Created base hardware and departmental images, maintained, patched and updated as needed. Using Sysprep, created a Universal Image.Ø    Repackaged off the shelf software and custom built applications using Ghost Auto Install, SFX Maker, Power Archiver, WinRAR, and Admin Studio.Ø    Developed procedures and processes for remote software deployment using Ghost Enterprise, LanGuard Network Security Scanner, Altiris, and RemoteExec,.Ø    Installed motherboards, memory, hard drives, power supplies, etc on desktop machines as well as servers.Ø    Experience with NAS and SAN environments.Ø    Performed maintenance on Dell, Hewlett Packard and Lexmark printers.Ø    Researched and evaluated various network tools and testing utilities.Ø    Developed procedures for testing and deployment of Microsoft Security patches, hot fixes, and virus definitions as well as scanning local sub-nets.Ø    Managed the implementation teams responsible for conversions and large scale software rollouts.  Created detailed reports for the work my teams completedØ    Managed approximately 150 Windows Servers NationwideØ    Managed approximately 10 VMware ESX Servers NationwideØ    Managed approximately 50 Linux/BSD Servers NationwideØ    Managed 2 Business Objects ServersØ    Managed 5,000+ desktops and laptops Nationwide.Ø    Managed 45 virtual devices worldwide.

Jun 2009Sep 2009

Back Office Server/Point of Sale (BOS/POS) Administrator

TEKsystems Consultant at Whataburger Restaurants, LP

    Maintain database health on the BOS and the Super POS.    Rebuild Back Office Servers remotely.     Rebuild SuperPOS Units remotely.    Rebuild registers remotely.    Troubleshoot Xpient Software issues.    Troubleshoot connectivity issues.    Troubleshoot functional issues    Troubleshoot and repair database synchronization issues.    Maintain and troubleshoot SQL servers. (over 500)    Responsible for packaging software into an SCCM deployable package.  Such as Adobe Acrobat, MS Office, TrendMicro Antivirus, WinZip, SnagIt, and many in house applications.    Work in concert with other teams to troubleshoot complex connectivity issues.    Create documents and procedure for internal record keeping and training.    Facilitated with tear down and setup of the Image, QA and EDM labs.    Used VMWare Desktop to test the applications prior to deployment.    Maintain TrendMicro Antivirus Server    Manage anti-virus definition and engine updates.    Manage and maintain DeepFreeze server.     Manage and maintain Active Batch databases    Create, modify, and troubleshoot VB Scripts used for site automation.    Manage approximately 550 BOS and SuperPOS Server teams across multiple states.    Manage approximately 550 Restaurant Units with multiple POS machines across multiple states.    Manage Learning Center Machines.     Manage Field Training Laptops. (150)

Dec 2007Mar 2009

Systems Administrator (Altiris)

TEKsystems Consultant at Capital Group

Ø    Packaged software into an Altiris deployable package.Such as Adobe Acrobat, MS Office, Symantec Antivirus, WinZip, SnagIt, Utimaco Disk Encryption, Remedy, and many in house applications.Ø    Used VMWare Desktop and ESX Server to test the applications.Ø    Deployed these packages worldwide using Altiris.Ø    Created reports based on success or failure of installationsØ    Created new report templates that provided customers information at a glance, as well as details on every aspect of deployments.Ø    Refined and streamlined process and procedures to ensure customer received a consistent level of service from all team members.Ø    Created VB Scripts and batch files to automate tasks and fix issues.Ø    Created and maintained documentation of process and procedures.Ø    Created and maintained several custom tools to fix issues remotely.Ø    Created and maintained user guides for these tools.Ø    Created and maintained documentation for other developers to be able to easily update my tools as well as integrate them into their own projects.Ø    Installed Altiris Recovery Solution on Desktops and LaptopsØ    Managed Recovery Solution images and data.Ø    Troubleshoot Altiris Server and desktop issues as they arise. Ø    Troubleshoot SQL and IIS server issues as they arise.Ø    Tier Three support for the field technicians.  Ø    Co-ordinate planed and emergency outages as well as communicates when there are Altiris infrastructure issues.Ø    Beta tested software for possible purchase and use by the employee base.Ø    Managed trouble tickets and change records in Remedy.Ø    Created Remedy Macros to automate ticket opening procedures.Ø    Managed procedural documentation through Mercury Quality Center.Ø    Created and tracked incidents in Mercury Quality Center.Ø    Managed 25 Altiris Software Delivery Servers WorldwideØ    Managed 25 Altiris Notification Servers worldwideØ    Managed 25 Altiris Recovery Servers worldwideØ    Managed 25 Altiris Data (SQL) Servers worldwideØ    Managed 15,000+ desktops and laptops worldwide.Ø    Managed 170 virtual devices worldwide.


Ø    Currently attending Palo-Alto College and Texas A&M Kingsville in San Antonio working toward a Bachelors of Business Administration Degree in Information Systems. 

Ø    Anticipated graduation is in 2011.



Southern Methodist University