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I assist Small and Medium businesses improve the effectiveness of marketing programs to increase profits, reduce costs, grow market share and establish profitable long term customer relationships leveraging the competitive advantage of Predictive Analytics.

  • Over 20 years experience in the design, deployment and management of Marketing, e-Commerce, CRM and Credit Risk Management systems in the Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation and Technology sectors.
  • Experienced leadership that understands the criticality of the alignment of People, Strategy, Organizational Capabilities and Information Technology.
  • Pragmatic implementation of Information-Based strategies, Marketing Analytics, Web Marketing and Predictive Analytic technologies.

Work experience

Database Marketing Manager

Designed and deployed the Customer Database System consisting of over 100 million households supporting over 150 nationwide Target Marketing and Credit Card Marketing promotions a year.

Vice President - CRM Analytics

GE Capital

Manages the design and deployment of Credit Marketing strategies for the industry leading provider of Private Label Card financing with a portfolio exceeding $ 25 billion in receivables for over 25 of the largest retailers in North America.

Senior Director - Customer Analytics

Manages the design and deployment of Customer Value Management pilot projects: customer acquisition, customer retention, loyalty management, cross-selling and pricing strategies. Works with client teams in highly collaborative settings to ensure maximal knowledge transfer of Best Practices in Database Marketing, Credit Marketing, Customer Analytics, Online Marketing, Multi-channel Marketing and the design, launching and measurement of marketing campaign test pilots.


President & CEO

Strategic Analytic Solutions

Develops and deploys Predictive Analytics and Marketing Solutions to assist Small and Medium businesses drive profitable market growth:

  • Database Marketing Solutions
  • Web Marketing & e-Commerce Solutions
  • Marketing Spend Optimization
  • Hispanic Marketing
  • Predictive Modeling & Customer Segmentation
  • Business Diagnostics
  • Business Planning & Strategy Formulation

Head - Global Risk and Marketing Analytics

Defines the strategy and manages the design, development and deployment of the industry leading Business Scoring Solutions (Commercial Credit Scores, Financial Stress Scores, Country Scores, Fraud and Custom Analytic solutions) incorporating performance data of over 100 million business worldwide (North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America) and over 2,000 predictive attributes


Management Consultant

Develops and directs the deployment of profitable and pragmatic Customer Analytic and Database Management strategies for customers in the Financial Services, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications and Transportation industries. • CRM and e-CRM Analytic Strategies• Market and Customer Segmentation• Database Management Strategies• Statistical Modeling, Predictive Analytics and Process Optimization


Senior Marketing Consultant


Develops Test Optimization algorithms that lead to maximal performance (profit optimization, marketing response rates) through the execution of minimal ‘optimal’ subsets of factor combinations. Results have contributed to multi-million dollar savings through a 90% reduction in costs. Leads Technical Teams in the education and deployment of Quality Management Best Practices. Directs the Quality Certification of large-scale, high transaction volume Business Intelligence and Communication systems


Systems Capacity Planning Manager


Established and managed the Systems Capacity Planning function in a large-scale, multi-client Private Label Credit Marketing System (Retail, Electronics, Apparel, and Auto) supporting over 20 clients nationwide.



Ph.D (abd) International Studies

M.A. International Studies