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Hi, I'm applying here to get experience for my future life. That I want to be an veterinarian assistant  How I'm gonna get there is that to get a job first to help pay for college and veterinarian intern to see what to do. In the field

Address:1095 Hot Spring Road

Area code: 89521

Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Lawn Mower 

Russo Handy Man and son

waking up early and getting it done tell it is over or night time

Jun 2015Aug 2016

cafeteria worker

Damonte Ranch High School

I worked in the morning to get the fruit 


Aug 2014Jun 2018

High School diploma

Damonte Ranch High School



Tell what one person that speaks another one speaks another 


trying to put down the price of the materials we need form the seller from home.


I'm an orange belt and continuing  on to black belt and on


Unclogging anything in the pipe that connects to the main sewage pipe