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Work experience

Jan 2007Jan 2009



Shared responsibility for the P&L result with the General Director as well as defining and implementing the Company Strategy. Reports to this position: Plant Director, Customer Service Manager, Quality Manager, Engineering Manager, and Purchasing Manager. A lot of work has been done creating and implementing a very innovative strategystarting to have Operations as a very reliable partner of sales trough excellent service to the customers implementing short lead times response (28, 15 and 8 days) with guarantee for delay orders (10% and 20% per day delay). This permits Sales to capitalize / get a sales price differentiation for different lead times. A plan was implemented focused on Market Target Prospects.

This offer is called “On Time”, it represents 25% of the Sales and 38% of the profits.

When On Time offer was implemented helped to grow all business by 30% during 2006, 2007 and 2008.

These achievements have contributed to the Company to be out of cash problems faced on previous years.

Oct 2004Dec 2006



As Operations Director, I implemented the strategy of Operations to build the competitive edge defined as a great DDP . Service exceeds the 99% of Due Date Performance (perfect order). Two additional efforts were implemented, one called VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) getting important accounts with 100% DDP and R3 (Repetitive Rapid Response); R3 has grow 300% during this year; it’s just a small part of the business but with high potential.

Sep 2001Oct 2004


Responsible for all Company Operations since Supplying, Product Demand Management (SOP), Planning, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Engineering, Distribution, Customer Service, Production, Imports/Exports, Credit and Collection, Human Value. There are two plants in México located in Cuernavaca, Morelos and Atlacomulco, Estado de México, as web as 9 Distribution Warehouses. The team has close to 2000 persons.

During this time several changes have been implemented in the organization structure as well as in the processes based on the process redesign philosophy (reengineering) achieving big improvements in key indicators like inventory turns, customer service, 100% Plant utilization, product cost reduction and supply chain cost reduction through many initiatives like Supplier negotiations and new suppliers development, Union Contract negotiation, new organizational structure, Value Improvement Program toward cost reduction efforts, products redesign, outsourcing projects for warehousing and transportation.

Achievements gotten during this period:

-10.0 MMUSD in product cost reduction

-12.2 MMUSD in working capital reduction (inventory)

-3 MMUSD in Supply Chain cost reduction

-1.4 MM USD in redesigning a new organization focused on reengineering.

-Several activities were taken to support “Best Citizen” initiative to help people in the community; I play a Sponsor of the effort. It was recognized as the best Program in the world due to the level of involvement and commitment of the people.

Highlight events: 2001 National Quality Circles and Teamwork Award; 2002 National Logistics Award; Best 2002 VIP and Supply Chain for Intercontinental Region

Nov 1998Aug 2001


Jugos del Valle

Responsible for the Supply Chain Management which includes, Purchasing, Planning, Engineering, 8 Manufacturing Plants (fruits and bottling process), Physical Distribution, Logistics, Traffic, Customer Service.

Direct report: 15 person and more than 1600 persons in total. 

I was involved in the purchasing of Barrilitos and Florida 7 as well as the operations synergy efforts between the businesses. 

Achievements gotten during this period:

-Customer Service increased from 75% to 95% in complete orders

-Annualsavingsfor 1MM USD

-Inventory reduction (Working capital): 6 MM USD in two years

-SOP (sales-operating process) was implemented to help the service and inventory results)

-7.5 MM USD in price reduction was gotten mainly through suppliers negotiations or replacement in one year.

Highlight events: 2000 National Export Award and 1999 National Suppliers Development Program

Oct 1996Oct 1998


Eveready de Mexico (Union Carbide)

The main responsibilities were related to assure a proper Planning process through getting the forecasts for different channels and international customers, applying the inventory policies, as well as coordinating Production to get market needs based on plant capacity.

Also, I was in charge of all Distribution through 5 Distribution Centers located in main cities of México having more than 400 SKUs. This included one third party distribution in Tijuana.

Some of the main successes were related to housekeeping and best distribution practices; assure first in first out, implementation of Customer Service Measurement System, improving the service level from 72% to 95% for lines ordered and from 57% to 90% for on time delivery. During this time I was forced to do some organizational changes due to bad businesses practices found with some persons; big improvements were achieved besides these decisions. A transportation certification program was implemented. In the exports area main responsibilities were in coordinating land and ocean freight, customs, escorts and inspections.

Eveready exported around 85% of the total production, considered as Altex company, exporting to 17 countries and 23 different locations in America and Europe.

One important result was the elimination of stolen trucks and replace the logistics services through logistics analysis, included the use of escorts, “full” trucks and going as convoy to reduce costs.

Mar 1994Oct 1996


Eveready de Mexico (Union Carbide)

This job was conceived as a result of restructuring the organization as a consequence of company wide efforts in the areas of TQM (initiated in 1989), Strategic Business Units, Team work and Manufacturing Cells, oriented towards implementation of improvements in Quality, Productivity and Product Cost.

My key responsibilities in this area included from accomplishing new quality standards to participating in negotiations with union representatives, relation with government officers, etc.

My responsibilities included a wide variety of activities and company departments as such as Production, Quality, Engineering and Maintenance.

As you will notice, the above put me practically in control of all plant operations with the exception of Purchasing and Distribution departments.

With the new operating structure in the plant, each Strategic Business Unit is accountable for production, quality and maintenance. The new organization structure includes four SBU's managers, engineering manager, maintenance coordinator and production & planning department for a total of29 salaried employees (salary) and an average of 500 operative employees.

During this stage there have been agreements between the company and the union representatives towards improving productivity beyond governmental recommendations. Achievements in quality and cost reduction have allowed Eveready de Mexico to continue as a strong company not only before local competitors but also facing international competition including affiliates (in fact, Eveready de Mexico has exported products to both Central and South America since July, 1994).

During the last five years I’ve been involved in the negotiations with the Union top leaders as well as in the implementation of personnel performance evaluation system (Hay System).

Oct 1992Mar 1994


Eveready de Mexico (Union Carbide)

In charge of implementing investment projects covering technological upgrading and building expansions for 1.5 MMUSD/year. My staff included the Industrial Engineering, Plant Engineering and Maintenance departments, with a total of 36 salaried employees and 120 maintenance and engineering mechanics.


PRODUCTION MANAGERJanuary 89 - October 92


INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERApril 85 - September 87



Top Management Program

Nov 1997May 1998


Dec 1997Dec 1997


UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles)
Sep 1992Jul 1995

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

ITESM - Campus Estado de Mexico
Jan 1992Aug 1992


ITESM - Campus Estado de Mexico
Sep 1979Jun 1983

Industrial Engineering



Process Reengineering
Many processes have been reviewed / redesign looking to be more effective, taking less time from the beginning to the end. Many savings and customer service improvements have been gotten.
Sales - Operations Process (SOP)
I have implemented the SOP process based on Oliver White philosophy having more and better process between Sales and Operations getting better Customer Service with less inventory.
Distribution Network redesign
I have redesigned the Distribution Network getting important cost and location advantages looking to reinforce the competetive advantage of the companies.
Project Management
I have implemented many projects for new products as well as Plant Capacity due to maintenance, additional capacity, compliance or upgrading.
Theory of Constrains
I implemented a model in a company with very good results in Customer Service, Inventories, Cost and production flow. 
Manufacturing Cells Units
I converted a full traditional Plant to a Manufacturing Cell Units Plant reducing cost and inventories while the Quality and the Capacity was much better used.


I´m interested to be in a position where my experience and knowdledge might contribute in a strong way to make a big difference in the Company performance in the areas of Operations, Manufacturing, Engineering, Logistics, Distribution, etc


·Executive with high experience in Operations Area (Manufacturing and Supply Chain)

·11 years at Director level in Leader companies in their business.

·Special awards:

·2002 & 2003 National Quality Circles Award

·2001 National Logistics Award

·2000 National Exports Award

·1999 National Suppliers Development Award

·Vision oriented, with high skills to move the organization to a new performance level creating the bridge to move on

·Focus in the execution through high performance teams, discipline and key performance indicators

·Design, implement or improve distribution networks

·Many capital, automation and manufacturing cells projects have been handled and implemented

·Very strong in negotiation with suppliers as well as Union

·Experience implementing Theory of Constrains

·Skills to work in multicultural companies with matrix organization