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Why you should pick me for China 2.0

First, I want to thank you for the chance to attend China 2.0.  I am a religious follower of As soon as I read  "Win a Trip to China" and saw what it was about, I knew it was something that I could not pass up.  The chance to learn from and network with others in the social media and tech industries would be a promising and invaluable opportunity.

I have recently started the Social Media department at Procirc LLC, a magazine marketing and circulation management company. I work with over 40 national magazines such as Vibe, Weight Watchers, Foreign Affairs, Scientific American, Game Pro, and Computer Shopper 

It's no secret; the magazines industry is really hurting.  Newsstand and subscription rates keep falling.  Postage keeps going up.  Materials keep getting more expensive and advertisers are looking for more cost effective and better targeted methods.  If magazines want to survive, they are either going to have to adapt and overcome the current market trends or go the way of the beta tapes and CD's. 

I have been researching and developing new strategies so magazines can remain relevant in a web 2.0 world. To be able to rub elbows with tech gurus and the social media elite would be invaluable with what I have been working on for the past six months. 

The idea of entering a new market in China is very enticing.  I know Vogue and Rolling Stone already have versions in India.  I would also be interested to see if there were any magazines in China that would like to be represented in the United States.

Having the opportunity to attend China 2.0 is a blessing that I will hopefully be able to share with and its readers.   


To show the fine folks at why picking me to for the China 2.0 Conference would be the best decision they could make. 


Holistic medicine

  • Certified Body Talk Access Practicioner
  • Certified Reiki 1 & 2
  • Yoga Practitioner for over 3 years.

Submission Wrestling

  • 8 years of Freestyle wrestling
  • 2 years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training
  • Currently Training under Master Rilion Gracie, son of Carlos Gracie
  • SC State Finalist
  • NAGA International Bantam Weight Semifinalist

Work experience


Social Media Director

Procirc LLC

Social Media Director

·Initiated and spearheaded the development of the social media department

·In charge of developing social media strategies as a way for current old media companies to stay relevant in a web 2.0 economy.

·Developing web analytics procedures

Circulation Analyst

·Research and analyzed marketing trends in a magazine’s circulation to streamline and improve marketing strategies for over thirty major national magazines i.e. Vibe, GamePro, Scientific American, Computer Shopper, Foreign Affairs.

·Created innovative and useful reporting packages.

·Developed comprehensive reports and presentations used to develop marketing strategies. 


Loan Officer

First Equity Mortgage

·Functioned as the intermediary between the borrower and lender

·Matched loan programs according to the needs of the client

·Coordinated deals with real estate agents, appraisers, banks, and clients


Nuclear Technician/Recruiter

United States Navy

·Graduated from the most academically challenging school in the military

·Received intensive level of Quantum and Nuclear Physics, Mathematics, and Nuclearn engineering training.

·Recruiter for the Navy.

·Performed public presentations to thousands of potential candidates.

·Tutored potential candidates in math and reading to pass the ASVAB test


Microsoft Access
Adobe Photoshop


Carlos Garcia

Cary Zel