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  • Governance: Exposure and control of the deliverables in Redecard's Systems area, substantially minimizing the "ad hoc" negotiations, allowing for stipulation of measurable objectives and targets for productivity, assertiveness, availability and setting up effective management strategies. Implementation of the governance concepts in the area, according to processes and policies for the IT Governance and Information Security areas for using the technological resources and data and informational security in compliance with COBIT, ITIL and PCI. (2007-2008)
  • Outsourcing: Reduction of R$1.2 million per year in fixed costs in the Redecard Systems area, increasing the level of control of the external services (software manufacturers), and building the necessary foundations for expanding the maturity level and greater outsourcing of the area, through the leadership of the teams while restructuring the outsourcing model for developing and maintaining the company systems, in line with the operational excellence strategy, implementing mensuration, contracts and new services' agreements using processes and standards based on ITIL and CMMi. (2006/2007)
  • Systems and Processes:
    • Breaking of the paradigm of using only the mainframe for critical mission solutions in Credicard's IT area, obtaining a more flexible and reduced cost system solution, by downsizing the platform for authorizing the financial transactions with credit cards issued by the company, using a market software (IST/Switch) on a RISC platform. (Credicard - 1995/1996)
    • Reduction of operational losses and conflicts with Credicard card holders, by setting up the Brazilian market's first neural network fraud prevention solution, using the Falcon package, from HNC Software Inc, replacing the legacy in-house solution and consolidating the AIX/UNIX platform for high performance solutions in the company. (Credicard 1998)
    • Setting up a new channel for virtual merchants with a security standard unparalleled in the market for handling credit card transactions through the WEB, by developing a solution for the eCommerce channels (Komerci) for MasterCard and Diners transactions captured through Redecard. (Oasis - 2000/2001)
    • Expansion of the services portfolio available for ATM machines for the Banco Unión de Bolívia, which were limited to withdrawals and basic statements, by substituting the solution that was developed in-house for an open platform for managing the network, based on market standards, with greater capacity and flexibility for making available products and services. (Oasis - 2001)
    • Raising the performance and contingency standards for capturing and routing financial transactions with credit and debit cards, private labels and vouchers, achieving availability levels of over 99.97%, with volumes of 400 TPS at the peak, cost reduction for mainframe upgrades, by downsizing the system, setting up a new platform for the most critical process of the company, consolidating the new platform for releasing new products, services and capturing channels for the company, through the merge and development of the teams for the new solution setup, maintenance, operation and support. (Redecard - 2002/2004)
    • Setting up the New Redecard Portal, acquiring agility, versatility and dynamism while making information and services available to clients and partners, integrating a content management solution developed by TIVIT and incorporated with the company systems' portfolio and based on the Microsoft platform, with the company systems, using web services. (2007/2008)


  • Determined, focused on results and on meeting the needs of shareholders, internal and external clients, used to acting and promoting changes of functional and organizational processes and structure;
  • Great analytical capacity and skilled in allocating and managing internal and external resources (solution providers and software factories) for formulating, implementing and managing technological solutions, with methods and processes that represent an effective competitive differential for the organization;
  • Continuous updating in connection with the best IT market practices and references, well-versed as to architecture for transactional systems and real time operations, Web, Client-Server, Batch, application of virtualization concepts, SOA, BPM, modeling and control of processes, analysis, implementation, tests and support for IT solutions;
  • Fluent English. Conversational Spanish.


  • Solid national and international experience, working with companies in the electronic payments market (Redecard, Credicard and CSU CardSystem) and for software/services such as Oasis Technology Inc.
  • Integration of processes, personnel and information systems, business strategies and selecting, deciding, setting up and managing systems for: capturing, authorizing, processing, clearing and settlement of financial transactions; fraud prevention; managing the client database and services’ channels; operational and logistic support.
  • Extensive background in managing IT projects, adapting the best market practices (PMI / PMBOK) to the corporate context. Deciding, formulating, setting up and managing integrated IT environments, on various processing platforms, taking into consideration development, infrastructure, security policies and IT outsourcing, in line with the best market practices such as CMMi, COBIT, ITIL.

Work experience

Mar 2002Sep 2008

Systems Director

Redecard S/A
  • Main Responsibilities: systems development, maintenance and evolution, answering to the CIO, with a multidisciplinary team made up of five systems managers, overseeing two software factories (Resource and Accenture) and an annual budget of R$ 14.5 million (2008).
  • Management of systems’ portfolio, including support for occurrences, development of the functionalities required by the business areas, with the objective of guaranteeing availability, performance, reliability and flexibility levels.
  • Selection, hiring and distribution of internal and external resources for the systems management and maintenance processes, guaranteeing that the technical capacity and the costs of the area represent a competitive differential for the company.
  • Revision and execution of the corporate strategy, in the definition and formulation of new products and services.
  • Development and management of the critical mission and company systems as a whole, encompassing teams with 10 to 45 direct or indirect subordinates, and between 40 and 100 external service providers, for implementing system solutions for the various business areas of the company, exceeding 140,000 development hours/year, with over 85% assertiveness.
  • Active participation in the Oracle BPMS implantation project, introducing new concepts / practices (SOA) and setting up a new platform, integrated with existing systems, for implementing processes.
Jul 1999Feb 2002

Senior Project Manager – LatAm&Caribbean

Based in São Paulo, answering to the office responsible for the Latin American and Caribbean regions, located in the Miami, Florida region. Active in Brazil, Canada, USA, Bolivia and Argentina, with companies like Redecard S/A, Credicard S/A, Unibanco S/A, Banco Unión de Bolívia and ABN-AMRO as clients, being responsible for the greatest turnover for projects of the region. Managed the largest team of the region, with projects and clients that became global references for the company, with a view to pre- and after-sales processes and relationships for products and services. Analysis of the business requirements of the clients, for implementing systems based on the IST product line (which is Oasis property). Participation in the decisions as to new products and services, together with the headquarters in Canada, Structure of management processes for the region. Support for the sales’ area performance in various parts of the world, receiving clients from Latin America, Asia, Europe and Oceania, sharing experiences with local clients. Represented the company in international events.

Mar 1998Jun 1999

Consulting Systems Analyst

CSU CardSystem

Responsible for specifying technological solutions for the new products to be implanted on the UNIX platform, by the business areas located in São Paulo, interfacing with the technical teams located in Belo Horizonte. Mapping, formulating and planning technological solutions for authorizing credit and preventing fraud, within the remaining business areas of the company. Responsible for the investment plan and for implementing the Falcon system (HNC Software Inc) in the company, providing the interface between suppliers in the systems and support areas and in the business and management areas.

Jun 1995Mar 1998

Systems Analyst

Credicard S/A

Project and maintenance of the system for authorizing credit card transactions for the MasterCard and Diners brands (and subsequently Visa), on a RISC/UNIX platform, using relational data-banks, on Client-Server architecture. Based on the IST/Sm, connected to an IBM mainframe and using a TCP/IP network. Headed the project for integrating the Falcon system (HNC Software Inc.), preventing credit card fraud, based on neural network technology, for the Credicard systems. Solutions involving online and batch applications, in the UNIX, CICS and Windows NT environments. Support for the system, in the productive environment and using a shift structure. Approval of new technological solutions incorporated with the system (terminal network - POS), according to the message norm based on the ISO 8583 Standard.

Jul 1992Jun 1995

Electronic Engineer

CMW Equipamentos S/A

Specifications and development of the Power Control System of the Metrô-DF (subway) interfacing with the consortium of companies for the project, and with the user. Development of the Remote Power Control Station system, dedicated to distributing power in the Brasilia subway, as well as the software for local maintenance. Preparation of the procedures for general testing of the Power Control System of the Metrô-DF.



MBA in Strategic IT Management

FGV - Fundacao Getulio Vargas (SP)

Master’s in Administration

FGV - Fundacao Getulio Vargas (SP)

Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering

UFBA - Universidade Federal da Bahia