Work experience

Work experience

Chief Operations Officer (COO), Co-Founder

Jan 2015 - Present
Hazel Technologies, LLC

Invented core product technology. Co-designed product go-to-market strategy. Developed R&D plan. Lead grant-writing efforts. Liaised with EPA regulatory consultants to develop product regulatory strategy. Performed key market research, particularly with floral and ornamental markets. Investor-facing company representative.

Graduate Researcher, Ph.D. Candidate

Sep 2010 - Mar 2016
Northwestern University, Laboratories of Samuel Stupp and Thomas Meade

Joint student between two multidisciplinary biomedical research groups. Invented magnetic resonance imaging MRI agent for imaging stem cell scaffolds for regenerative medicine. Invented pH-sensitive 19F-MRI probes. Key technical skills include MRI, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectrometry, HPLC,  x-ray scatter techniques, gas chromatography, peptide synthesis, chemical synthesis, and electron microscopy. 8 publications out or in preparation. 1 patent.

Undergraduate Researcher

Dec 2008 - May 2010
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Laboratory of Thomas Meyer

Developed new catalysts for solar technology applications: specifically innovated on synthesis and electrochemical characterization of water-splitting, ruthenium catalysts.



Doctor of Philosophy, Chemistry

Sep 2010 - Mar 2016
Northwestern University

Conducted research in supramolecular assembly, in particular the design and synthesis of self-assembling peptide nanostructures for applications in biomedical imaging. 

GPA(3.4/4.0) GRE Q: 800 V: 780 A: 5

Certificate, Management for Scientists and Engineers

May 2015 - Aug 2015
Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business

Summer survey course of topics in business management comprising the Kellogg MBA curriculum. Topics included negotiation, operations, marketing, intellectual property law, finance, accounting, and strategy.

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry and Asian Studies

Aug 2006 - May 2010
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Coursework included concentrations in biochemistry and Chinese language. 

GPA(3.5/4.0) SAT M:790 V: 720 W: 700

Certificate, Chinese (Mandarin) Intensive Summer Program

Jun 2008 - Aug 2008
CET Beijing, Beijing Institute of Education

Completed intensive language program in Mandarin Chinese. Program included mandarin-only language pledge,  native Beijing roommate, and 20 hour weekly course-load.

Awards and Honors


NU Venture Challenge Awardee

Northwestern University

Hazel Technologies Received an award of $10,000 to support our seed funding round from the NU Venture challenge.

Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern

Northwestern University, Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN)

Award for $5,000 to support develop of product proof-of-concept for Hazel Technologies, LLC.

Conference Travel Award

Northwestern Graduate School (TGS)

Award of $1000 to support travel to American Chemical Society Conference, Dallas.

Phillip's Ambassador

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Support fellowship for study abroad in Asia.

Freeman ASIA Award

US Department of State

Award to support study abroad in Asia.

Publications and Presentations

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Preslar, A.T.; Tantakitti, F.; Park, K; Zhang, S.; Stupp, S.; Meade, T.J. Controlling 19F-MRI Signal Response with Supramolecular Design in Fluorinated Peptide Amphiphiles. Nano Lett. 2015. In preparation.

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Holbrook, R.J.; Rotz, M.; Waters, E.A.; MacRenaris, K.; Preslar, A.T.; Reichova, V; and Meade, T.J. Gd(III)-Dithiolane Gold Nanoparticle Conjugates for T1-Weighted MRI of the Pancreas JACS. 2015, in preparation.

Holbrook, R; Mohan, N.R.; Rotz, M.; MacRenaris, K.; Preslar, A.T.; Carney, C.; Reichova, V.; Meade, T.J.. Gd(III)-Gold Nanoconjugates for Efficient Cellular Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Cancer. 2015. in preparation.

Mohan, N.R.; Moore, L.; Manus, L.; MacRenaris, K.; Preslar, A.T.; Waters, E.A.; Ho, D.; Meade, T.J. Nanodiamond-Gd(III) Probes for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Mediated Cancer Cell Tracking. 2015. in preparation.

Gd(III)-Labeled Peptide Nanofibers for Reporting on Biomaterial Localization in Vivo. Poster Presenation, American Chemical Society Meeting, Dallas TX 2014