As an lateral gifted econometrician I see a broad horizon broad horizon of cause-effect relationships. People like me are very fast learning.

Work experience

Work experience

Research Assistance in international teams

University Berlin (Germany), University Lviv (Ukraine)
Jun 2011 - Jul 2014

I was involved in statistical empiric private research and investigations with groups of mathematicians and physicists from Germany and Ukraine, both, real life and online as well. First I was ‘apprentice’. I learned a lot. Through much study I was able to occasionally oversee the teams.

Projects of exploratory data analysis: multivariate time series, unit roots, sensitivity, cluster analysis; segmentation; programming and justification of new methods; design & statistical analysis of laboratory experiments in behavioural economics. (descriptions on demand)

trader / repair service in GER & housing agency in UKR

Video devices, pensions agency 
Nov 2003 - Oct 2013

I worked repairing and trading used video devices for studios in Germany and France. In Ukraine I worked for two years in the pension & accommodation agency and I I had up to 4 employees. I had to adopt to the culture of uncertainty, mistrust, dereliction of duty.



M.Sc Economisc and economic Statistics

University Osnabrück
Oct 2008 - Aug 2014

econometrics, national economics, neuroeconomics study, higher mathematics; I worked two years hard to make the year-program in higher mathematics. I was the the first economist in Osnabrück in 7 years to pass the the higher mathematics class and my final thesis was evaluated and evaluated as excellent.

I was involved for two years in the committee for students’ participation in voluntary projects at the university.

multivariate statistics

Machine learning, Cluster analysis



German Diplom: Volkswirt

University Osnabrück (Germany)
Aug 2014
Master Degree of national economics, econometrics (economic statistics), higher mathematics, programming. (German Diploma)

Softwares, Languages

R, SQL, eViews, SAS, Stata, TeX, html, Power Point, Excel.    English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian


Eye for Detail
I notice many, speculate less
Exploratory Data Analysis
I compare, unit and divide, calculate financial ratios
Project Management
To oversee small teams of mathematicians or other scientists.



Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolf Sievert [email protected]

On the basis of his positive personality and excellent performance, Mr. Kurzer seems to me to me very well suited for work in research and in industry as well. I am convinced that he will meet all the demands that are placed on him, in every respect.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sievert AG in Sievert Group: international manufacturer of building materials

Prof. Ph.D. Orest M. Kinasch [email protected]

Associate professor at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine. Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics

Prof. habil. Dr. Michael Braulke - [email protected]

1992 - 1995 Senior Economist in Central Asia Department of International Monetary Fund in Washington