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Sergey Martikainen



I am 21 years old and currently studying at JAMK University of Applied Sciences which is located at Jyvaskyla, Finland.

At the moment I am looking for a summer job.

I am very energetic and kind person, I also like to do interesting tasks and complete them, especially if they are a little bit challenging.

I am very talkative and can easily speak to foreign people if needed.

Currently willing to improve my English language skills, waiting for autumn to go for an exchange to Germany!



English Language

I can speak and understand english language well.

Russian and Finnish languages

I speak Russian and Finnish as my mother tongues.

Routing and Switching

Basics of subnetting.


Some very basic С++ 


Making a basic website without complicated code wouldn't be hard.


Currently exploring the Python world.



Bachelor of Engineering

2015 - 2019
JAMK University of Applied Sciences

ICT, Cyber Security, Current studies.

Study Programme

2012 - 2015
North-Karelia College Nurmes

Construction, Builder

High School Diploma

2012 - 2015
High School of Nurmes

Work History

Work History

As my previous studies haven't had anything in common with current studies, I haven't worked in this field before. But I am looking forward to it.
I've been dealing with computers for a long time and for a hobby I put them together from elements.



Networking Fundamentals

2016 - 2016
JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Currently I am studying a CCNA course which is provided by Cisco Systems at our University.


Currently I spend some time on exploring Python - language, while I have free time. Also configuring a little file server at home on my raspberry pi is an ongoing "project".

I am very Interested in different science and computers. A few of my hobbies are watching different science videos and reading books or listening to audio books.