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EBS Marketing offers all the latest online solutions available to ensure the success of its clients. Based in the UK, the online marketing company has more than 7,000 clients from around the world, including such reputable names as Peugeot, Holiday Inn, Best Western Hotels and Wolves FC. They help clients succeed and become profitable by managing their online advertising through the latest tools and online marketing forums.  Some of those valuable tools come from understanding SEO from the inside out, every option available on Facebook, online shopping, logo design and brand identity, Google Adwords, redesign and reformatting of the website and Google Places. With a staff of some seventy experienced employees, they have gained a reputation at the top of the internet marketing industry with a customer retention rate of almost 90%.

Implementing Social Media to Increase Company Awareness and Profits

Facebook is by and large the largest social media network in the world and is growing in users and popularity every day. By integrating all of the most important business aspects of Facebook into the business plan of clients, the company is able to spread their name far and wide. Business packages include Twitter accounts as well as Facebook, with communication and integration between the two. When a client posts an update on Twitter, that post is automatically transferred to Facebook as well. By increasing interactivity and recognition with customers, SEO rankings also rise due to increased website traffic. While users are in the site, their activity is being tracked and subsequently posted onto the pages of their friends. The Facebook site is designed to look and feel the same as the website of the client, adding recognition value. A Facebook microsite can be created to encourage online shopping of services and products by the page's visitors. There is also an option that allows the user to see what types of services and products Facebook friends ordered before buying. 

Customised Business Solutions

Business clients enjoy higher profits and greater returns with the business solutions designed especially for them. The company takes great efforts to provide flexible solutions that match up with the client's stated business goals and help them maintain long lasting working relationships with their clientèle. While sticking to simple solutions that meet the aims of the client's business, they customise social networking platforms on the most powerful search engines to increase visitors and exposure to the company's web site. They also design and create new and more effective websites according to mainstream search engine optimisation principles. To further strengthen internet presence, intricate Google PPC campaigns are implemented along with regional listings on Google Places. 

Professional Websites and Domain Leasing Concepts

By making provision for free website construction, the company helps its clients reach higher profitability. They provide an option of renting a website by leasing the domain. Until the site reaches the status of a ranking on Page One of Google, the client does not need to pay. In this way, the client is able to gain maximum exposure while keeping costs down.

Short Term Contracts

A particularly appealing feature is their short term agreement that they offer their clients.  By proposing various package plans of different sizes, their customers can select the most suitable pack that fits their requirements accordingly with no time commitment attached that usually makes clients feel cornered in.  With the time factor not presenting any form of restriction, clients have the freedom to choose the amount of search engine optimization they wish to invest in enhancing the work involved.

Leaders in Search Engine Optimisation

The technology department at EBS Marketing uses their understanding of SEO techniques to increase the visibility of their clients on the internet. They follow the guidelines set by Google and take advantage of Google products, such as Google Places, to increase exposure that results in increased revenue.

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