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Inquisitive, versatile computer science major with agile learning ability, an eye for process improvement, and soft skills for efficient, respectful communication—all recently used for interning with Eli Lilly and Company, a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, as well as maintaining a 3.0+ GPA for retention of university scholarship.Pursuing interests in contributing a solid four-year education in computer science, along with internship experience in system analysis to an entry-level programmer/analyst position with an established firm that can benefit from eager new talent with ambitious career goals within the IT industry.

Work experience

May 2010Aug 2010

IT Intern - Capability Transformation

Eli Lilly and Company

* Exercised learning agility to leverage Microsoft SharePoint system for prototyping of several projects

* Completed deliverable for a project with potential to reduce time needed to relay organizational changes within company by 29 percent with further BPA

* Completed deliverable for project with potential to increase communications between divisions of IT by reducing levels of data redundancy

* Restored value to an outdated resource in Microsoft SharePoint system by restructuring UI and providing functionality for Web 2.0 services

* Demonstrated knowledge of project planning, time management, and prioritization by simultaneously progressing through 5 deliverables

Oct 2009Apr 2010

Labor Market Researcher

Brandt Information Services

* Conducted job vacancy surveys via telecommunications on behalf of the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation

*Logged twenty hours per week in phone calls to businesses in Florida and Maine, combining soft skills and time management skills to finish final project a week under set deadline

*Managed various emotional responses of small business owners to labor market study as well as offering resources for retraining to all businesses, resulting in high rates of cooperation for the study


Sep 2008Present


Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

*Life Gets Better Scholarship                                2008-2011*Dean’s List (and/or Honor Roll)                          2008-2011*National Achievement Scholar                            2008*Florida A&M University Presidential Scholar      2008-2011


Due to object-oriented nature of the language, I can port most assignments that I've already completed in C++ over to Java without much trouble. The only delay is checking the API specification to match the essence of what the C++ program accomplishes. Currently Knowledge includes:   Simple & Compound Data Types Functions Object-Oriented Characteristics Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism Data Structures Arrays, Lists Exception Handling
Working knowledge, including concepts of: Simple & Compound Data Types Pointers Functions Object-Oriented Characteristics Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism Data Structures Arrays, Lists Exception Handling Garbage Collection