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Devoted teaching professional  with the gift to reach each  and every student and instill  a love for learning. Demonstrated talent for  designing age appropriate lessons and activities that teach fundamental  academic and socialization skills. Proven ability for offering individualized support , ensuring  that all students ' unique needs and  goals are met. Enthusiastic person, who sends out additional  resources to promote education in the home; encourages parents to participate in school events. Hard working and motivated educator , with strong communication and interpersonal skills  to cultivate working relationships  within the school community. 

Areas of expertise include: 

  • Early Childhood Intervention                                                      
  • Use of Manipulatives 
  • Individualized Education Plans 
  • Student Assessment 
  • Differentiate Instruction       
  • Role Playing 
  • Thematic Units 
  • Student Motivation
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences 
  • Cooperative Learning 

Work experience


Pre-K Teacher

New Mount Olive Christian Academy 

Develop and instruct age appropriate lesson plans that encourage physical, emotional, social, and academic growth. Maintain individual student portfolios including skills checklist, labeled work samples, and narrative reports on areas needing improvement. Interact extensively with parents to provide regular progress reports. Showcase children's work to boost their self-esteem and to keep them motivated. 


Pre-K Fun Friday Teacher 

Bridgeport Christian Academy 

Developed and presented creative activities and lessons, that focused on language and skills development. Incorporated hands-on  activities and fun manipulatives to accommodate all styles of learning. 




Thomas Nelson Community College

Currently enrolled