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As a Sociology Grad, I became interested in working towards the advocacy of society and construction of development programs for primary education relating to leadership and dance; seeking internships and/or job opportunities where knowledgeable skills can be utilized to gain experience in the study of social behaviors by examining the effects of influence, interactions, organizations and institutions. I am a creatively innovated thinker who is optimistic, cooperative, passionate and dedicated to my obligations. 

Work experience

Nov 2013May 2015

Dance Coordinator/Choreographer

Albion Public Schools

After-School Dance Program

  • Created Jazz/Modern and Hip-Hop Dance lesson plans for a 15-week dance program for (50+) 2nd through 8th grade children twice/week, 2 hours/day
  • Conducted dance classes to represent unity, respect, discipline and determination
  • Trained students to demonstrate the minimum basic level of dance through daily warm-ups, fitness challenges, intense combinations and the floor space to perform!
  • Worked with the students individually, in groups lead by peers and as whole; mimicking, shaping and forming movements through choreography 
  • Spearheaded the first annual after-school dance recital, An Evening of Dance, giving the efforts to creating a theme reflected through performance script within the programs; acted as stage manager, choreographer and creative director
May 2014Feb 2015

Photography Manager

  • Contacted department chairs and Secretary to schedule shoots and monitor photographers progress until completion
  • Created spreadsheets and monitored entire completion of school's yearbook
  • Tagged pages with types of fonts, quotes and headings and categorized pictures dispersed among editors for page completion
Apr 2011Jul 2014

Dance Instructor

21st Century Schooling Program
  • Worked year-round at a total of 13 Detroit Public elementary/middle schools 4 days/week, 2-3 hours/day
  • Trained boys and girls of the basic skills throughout traditional hip-hop culture
  • Performed at school functions and events to showcase progress and development of the dancer
  • Unconsciously tapping into multi-tasking skills through watch and replicate technique, the ability to rhythmically count and perform like no one's watching portraying inner-self 
  • Discipline through fitness assessments of strength, perseverance, drive, and accountability


Aug 2012May 2015

Bachelors of Arts

Albion College

Sociology Major---

Briton Cheerleader, Softball Player and Hammer thrower of Track and Field; Member of Student Organization Union Board and Community Outreach/DJ for Black Student Alliance; Choreographer/Founder of Sonic Boom [Hip-Hop] Dance Crew and the Hip Hop Dance Organization 

Jan 2008Jun 2012

Associates of Arts

Wayne County Community College

5th-Year Allied Health Dual Enrollment Program with Charles F. Kettering High School 08'-11'  


Fine Arts 
  • Dancer of 17 years trained in Modern, Beginner Ballet and African with the highly intense passion for Hip-Hop and more unique training
  • Choreographed countless amount of pieces for school functions,  events and performances
  • Coached Summer League Cheer and gained Tumbling Skills
  • For five years DJ graduation parties, weddings, family reunions and many more with my father's own DJing Company 
Event Planning
  • Basic organization skills of scheduling and preparation coupled with customer service and hopeful ideas 
Creative Directing
  • Create themes, pieces and concepts for entertainment
  • Storytelling through musical, artistic and intellectual influence
  • Stage manages and produces own shows, performances and events 
  • Knowledge Curator
Computer Savvy
  • Frequent user of Microsoft Office (typing, organizing, editing, etc.) 
  • Familiar with coding and CodeAcademy
  • Social Networking navigator