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Work experience

Jan 2012Present

Counseling Coordinator

Tulsa Dream Center


Masters of Science

Langston University, Tusla

I am currently attending the Langston Counseling Rehabilitaion Masters Program

As a qualified rehabilitationcounselors and mental health professional I will address the traditionally underrepresented populations and work with the state and federal rehabilitation program or counseling-related agencies to benefit these populations.

As a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselor I'd  form an aliance with the Oklahoma Combined Rehabilitation Agency, the eight American Indian VR Programs, and community rehabilitation programs.

I am aquireing the knowledge, skills, and competencies that emphasize independent living and that meet or exceed CORE standards, as well as the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRCC) Certification, the Oklahoma Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) credential, and the Certified Vocational Evaluator (CVE) Certification;

Jun 2000


National University


Work experience

June 2011 – Present Tulsa Dream Center, Tulsa OK.

Counseling Coordinator

·Select, train, assign and monitor counseling staff for Tulsa Dream Center’s Faith-based culture.

·Develop and conduct training sessions and materials to increase the sensitivity and understanding of staff and community of disability related issues

·Coordinate and oversee Specialized Resource services

·Assist in the development of and implementation of policies and procedures

·Develop and implement processes for identification, selection and retention of eligible participants

·Provide disability related advising/counseling

·Monitor client data including eligibility verification, progress and performance, and utilization of support services

·Monitor and track performance and progress objectives to assure effective use of services and successful attainment of program objectives

·Develop contracts and progress plans for service providers ensure that providers and participants are abiding by requirements

·Maintain strong working relationships with service providers counseling staff and community support services to promote the goals and objectives of the Tulsa Dream Center

·Serve as liaison between Tulsa Dream Center and other community mental and health services

May 2008- January 2012 Tulsa Job Corps Tulsa, OK, CareerPreparation/Behavioral Life Skills Instructor

·Applied Academics, New Summit HSD/GED Instructor of young adults ages 16-24.

·Develop, revise and evaluate curriculum to meet the needs of the students

·Evaluates and Case note students' progress regularly including using standardized assessment tools.

·Maintains notesand current records on all students, including accurate attendance records

·Respond appropriately to the cultural differences present among the Agency’s clients.

·Promote the mission, work and activities of Tulsa Job Corps in a positive manner with all staff, clients and the general public at all times.

·Coordinate new student’s orientation into the program.

·Evaluate and document new student behavior.

·Provide individual counseling to students in order to deter or modify unwanted behavior.

June 2006- May 2008 Self Employed Sellstate Realty Tulsa, Ok

Master Franchisor

June 2001- June 2006 Dept. of Veterans Affairs Washington, DC,

Veterans Claims Examiner / Rating Specialist

·resolve veteran claims related problems and provide constructive feedback and make recommendations to meet the Appeals Management Center (AMC) for the Department of Veterans Affairs, goals and objectives

·Enhanced the resolutions of highly complicated veterans appeals remanded to the AMC for further development of evidence.

·promulgate awards for veterans as far back at 40 years utilizing historical research and out of system processed

·advise specialist in and outside the agency, on issues of developing, communicating, or enhancing program matters involvinginteragency policies and procedures

·evaluate, processes, or make recommendations for effective organizational changes, highlight a skill or area to achieve measurable benefits for the Veteran

·develop reports, sampling techniques, and measurements at various points to identify problem areas or inherent in work processes, contractor performance, procedures, information systems and content

·perform quality assurance work that involves systematic prevention of defects, non conformance to regulations and standards, identification of unsatisfactory trends and conditions, and correction of factors that may contribute to defective work processes

September 1996-2001 Banneker Special Education School Los Angeles Unified School District. Los Angeles, CA

Special Education Instructor

·Utilized various techniques to promote learning. Teaching methods included individualized instruction, problem-solving assignments, and small-group work

·Developed Individualized Instruction Plans. (IEP)

·Review the IEP with the student’s parents, school administrators, Design and teach appropriate curricula, assign work geared toward each student’s needs and abilities, and grade papers and homework assignments.

·Preparing special education students for daily life after graduation

·Provide students with career counseling or help them learn routine skills, such as balancing a checkbook.

January 1991- 2001 True Life Christian Rehabilitation Center Behavioral Therapist Los Angeles, CA

·Responsible for conducting individual counseling and documentation.

·Responsible for conducting groups in the areas of social skills, pain management, independent living skills, and cognitive skills to residents.

·Carried a differentiated case load in the area of juvenile justice; provides services and supervision to youths in custody or on probation or parole status or covered by the provisions of the Interstate Compact on juveniles.

·Conduct intake interviews with juvenile offenders, families, and victims and develops appropriate treatment plans.

·Provided individual and group counseling; arranged for health screening; recommended and implemented placement, including out-of-home placement and community reintegration;

·Prepared reports for the court, District Attorney’s office and Parole Board; may testify in court as an expert witness; acts as liaison with the court. Staffs cases with the District Attorney’s office; establishes restitution amount. Initiated developed, implemented and monitored contracts with private nonprofit and for-profit entities; coordinated with providers for delivery of services.

·Served as liaison to facilities, agencies and schools and participates on community councils and planning boards.

·Conduct foster care studies and recruits foster parents.

Conduct diagnostic and evaluation interviews with residents and their families; prepared written social assessment of diagnostic factors; participated as a member of multidisciplinary team of professionals and paraprofessionals in formal evaluation staffing to recommend treatment methodologies; for law enforcement entities and coordinates detention placement.

·Served as advocate, presenter or administrative hearing officer in due process District Review Hearings.


My goal is to move forward as a director in the counseling field someday. I oversee many projects for the Tulsa Dream Center and work with diverse ethnic groups that have dysfunctional family histories.