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I can read, write, and speak intermediate level Spanish.  I was once more advanced but have not used the language in a few years, and will become advanced again with use and practice.  
Microsoft Office Software
I am an advanced user of Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, and Powerpoint.
Geographic Information Systems
I am an advanced user of geographic information systems.  More specifically my expereince is with ESRI ArcMap software 9.3, 10.0, and 10.1.  I am an adanced user at all parts of the GIS, from the GIS software to the plotting hardware.  


I would like to secure a position with an organization using my skills and knowledge in a conseration context.  I would like to share my skills while expanding and growing as a professional.  


Environmental Science Services

Conservation Science

Geography and GIS

Spatial Ecology

Wildlife Biology

Professional Presentations and P



Work experience

Nov 2012Present

Staff Biologist

Souder, Miller, & Associates

As a staff wildlife biologist I preform biological evaluations at future construction sites, infrastructure updates, and environmental improvement sites. I document and report species occurrence and habitat existence. In compliance with federal and state regulations I write biological reports in accordance to the Endangered Species Act and NEPA/CEQA guidelines. I write and formulate job specific proposals for clients requesting an environmental determination, biological evaluation, or environmental services. As requested I provide geographic support for projects through out all phases using ArcMap 10.1 to create, store, and present relevant spatial data. I support the marketing department in mapping funding sources, state wide infrastructure status, and funding eligible communities. 

Aug 2010Nov 2012

Graduate Research Assistant

New Mexico State University

As a graduate research assistant in the Center for Applied Spatial Ecology at New Mexico State University I worked on a multitude of projects with in the university and with agency collaborators. I used ESRI ArcMap 9.3 and 10.0, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel to collect, create, and maintain spatial data for the USGS Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Program (SWReGAP) project. I combined SWReGAP raster habitat 

models to create specific spatial metrics for use by the public and state agencies via web pages and database interfaces in addressing future conservation issues. I created file geodatabases in order to store and share spatial data such as raster files, vector files, and aerial imagery for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Acequia Coupled Natural and Human Systems project. I produced many cartographic products such as study area maps of the Rio Grande River Basin as a member of the NSF Acequia Coupled Natural and Human Systems project, where one of my technical reports was published by the USGS displaying future land use and climate change scenarios in the South Platte River Basin, Colorado, as well as maps displaying biodiversity across the Southwest United States. I performed spatial analysis on a variety of projects such as quantifying relative change in land area across multiple projected land use scenarios into the future for the Rio Grande River Basin. I provided support for end users by producing technical guides on how to download and display spatial data for use in NSF project analysis. I provided assistance to NSF project collaborators in use of the FTP site. I completed quality control on combined raster datasets for the SWReGAP biodiversity metrics before use in other projects and analyses. I assisted in the organization and administration of collaborator workshops, including the communication with SWreGAP stakeholders. I routinely produced memos and reports intended for interdisciplinary audiences regarding progress and shared information as an on going piece of the NSF Aceqioa Coupled Natural and Human System project. I presented scientific and technical information at professional conferences such as the Annual Wildlife Society Conference 2011 and the University Council on Water Resources Annual Conference 2011. 

Jan 2009Aug 2010

Geographic Specialist

Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census

As a geographic specialist, using Microsoft Excel, Access, and ArcGis 9.3 I was responsible for maintaining spatial databases such as collecting, creating, and editing congressional district boundaries as part of the Redistricting Program (RDP). I created custom maps for public and internal use following the standard set forth by the Bureau of Census and upon approval through a quality control process. For example, I produced a series of maps every week displaying employment recruitment throughout the region. The maps were used for planning and progress monitoring by the recruitment department. As lead GIS specialist on Tribal Statistical Areas Program (TSAP), I worked in conjunction with all 103 American Indian Areas in the 10 state region. I created, updated, and edited the tribal geographic statistical areas for the 2010 Census by digitizing statistical boundaries configured from population spatial analysis. I created maps displaying the tribal statistical boundaries that were later used in appropriation of federal funds. I produced weekly reports on the progress of TSAP, which were tracked and recorded by geographers in the national Bureau of Census office. As part of the New Construction Program I corrected imported GPS points with the use of aerial imagery. I provided statistical and spatial analysis at the county level for Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP) and at the tribal level for TSAP by deriving statistical blocks based on population and areas of future growth. I trained fellow co-workers and tribal leaders in the use of ArcGIS software and spatial concepts in order to complete TSAP. I provided training in how to geocode spatial points to clerks as part of the New Construction Program. I provided on call support in the use and download of TIGER/LINE files and served as the point-of-contact for tribal leaders in support and completion of TSAP. I provided quality assurance as part of Geographic Areas Resolution Program (GARP) to ensure all RDP, PSAP, and TSAP boundaries were accurate and fit for use in the 2010 Census and publication in TIGER. 

Apr 2008Sep 2008

Research Assistant

Kansas State University

As a research assistant I worked as a team member to conduct research on the RAMPS project under Dr. John Blair. RAMPS is a long term study of how global climate change will affect grassland communities. I gained valuable field experience using a multitude of research equipment to collect soil moisture, light radiation 

using a spectrometer, root structure photos using a minirhizotron camera, and gathering samples. I used hand held GPS units to collect and record research plot locations and using ESRI ArcMap 9.3 I integrated those points into spatial data layers. Laboratory work included grinding grass samples, preparing KCl solutions, extracting nitrogen in solution, preparing and replacing resign bags in soil for nitrogen exchange analysis. 


Jan 2013Present

Master of Applied Geography

New Mexico State University

Current Classes Taken:

Fundamentals of GIS

Advanced Spatial Statistics

GIS Design

Aug 2010Dec 2012

Master of Science

New Mexico State University

Overall GPA: 3.906 

Thesis: Evaluating Biodiversity Metric Response to Forecasted Climate and Land use Change in the American Southwest. 

Aug 2004Dec 2007

Bachelor of Science

Kansas State University


Jim Castagneri

Sonja Jamilla