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Work experience

Dec 2008Mar 2009

Stocker and Show room organizor

Triangle Billards & Barstools

I started working for Triangle Billiards in the first week of December. I left in mid March do to financial problems which led me to change residence and move back to San Juan Capistrano, which is now my current residence.

My job dealt with checking inventory, grabbing pull orders (POs). Organizing the stock room. Also cleaning and organizing the Show Room. I dusted; vacuumed, polished, assembled barstools, chairs, lamps, Q racks, and foosball tables also assembled and moved pool tables. I dealt with hanging the Q racks, lamps, organizing the show room glass cases, took out the trash, and cleaned the bathrooms. When we were to busy at times either with too many customers or not enough sales reps with us, I helped with the phones and customer service. Once an a while I would help our accountantby organizing papers for example the receipts I would organize by dates hole punch then file.

Triangle Billiards & Barstools is located at 750 E. Katella Ave. Orange, Ca 92867.

Sep 2008Nov 2008

Mover and Office assistant

Royal Moving and Storage

I started working for Royal moving and storage at the end of September. I started as a mover. Depending how big the move was would affect the amount of movers there were on the job. Some homes were pack jobs meaning we boxed all of our customers belongings and moved it from one home to another. Others were regular move jobs where we loaded up our truck and unloaded it to the customer’s new residence. I also worked with storage where we picked up our customers belongings brought them back to our warehouse and loaded them into our crates. Some customers dropped off what they wanted stored and we loaded it into out crates.

With in a month or a little after working for Royal Moving I got in a dirt bike accident breaking my wrist. When this happened my boss Frank Mosterio moved me into the office helping him and other employees. I filed paper work, organized files, cleaned the office, cleaned the bathrooms, took out the trash, and answered the phones. I ended up quitting working with Royal moving at the end of November, because I had enrolled in school and my transportation was no longer available. I felt at the time school was more important then that job even though the salary was better then the job I found closer to my school.

Royal moving and Storage is located at 16708 Parkside Ave. Cerritos, Ca 90703. There phone number is (714) 854-1500.


May 2009Present

I am taking classes on Tuesday and Thursday all day. Durring the rest of the week i have no scedual. 

Apr 2009Apr 2009

Earned my GED

J Serra Adult Ed
Sep 2005Feb 2008

J Serra Catholic High

        J Serra Catholic High school is a collage prep school. It was mandatory to attend chapel which we had once a week. You do have to take a religion class all four years you attend there. Their curriculum is more advanced than public school. The classes were smaller than a lot of the public schools witch made it an easier learning environment.The three years I was at J Serra I was on there football team. I played offensive guard and defensive end. We had such a small school that we only had 4 senior classmen and the rest juniors on our starting varsity team. Going to J Serra I took 2 years of Spanish, 3 of mathematics, 3 of science, 3 of history, 3 of religion, 1 year of theater, and 3 of PE for athletes.The whole time is was there I had an average of a 3.3 to a 2.7.


Speaking Spanish
I took
Basic computer skills
Basic Microsoft windows skills, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, also Internet Explorer, and search engins like Google and Yahoo.


              I’m 18 years old born on August, 2 1990. My real name’s Jacob but most people call me Jake. A few of my hobbies that I enjoy are camping, cooking, dirt bike riding, and playing my guitar. I was born in Illinois lived there until I was 10, and that’s when I came to California. I worked very hard in school. Every day when I came home I started on my home work. The one thing in school I had trouble with was taking tests. To be quite frank I was terrified of them. When I was younger I learned from my parents to be hard working. I would help my parenst with house hold projects


Right now my objectives are to get a job to help pay for school and a car. Also I am going to enroll in saddleback this summer semester. The classes that I am looking into right now will help me with my main goal. They’ll help me in the culinary field. With in this year I am going to be attending The Institute of Arts in Santa Ana, where I will be learning all the necessary techniques and tack ticks to become a head chief.