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Work experience

aug 2016june 2017

sales associate

kum & go

I would checkout people at the counter. scanning various items and running a cash register. Also turning on gas pumps, cleaning restrooms,taking out trash, would restock shelves by performing back stocking. Also have done the coolers where all bottled drinks are held.

aug 2016present


Hospitial hospitality systems

cook/food ambassador: At arkansas surgical hospital. I would cook various foods on the grill and for the patients. I also would deliver trays to the patient rooms and restock the nutritional rooms . some of the food i have cooked ham, sweet potatoes, fried catfish, etc. 

Apr 2013june 2016

Job Title: Residential care shift supervisor

Company Name: Conway Human Development Center

Job Description: As a RCSS my job is to get the clients up and dressed each morning. I also to feed them and brush their teeth each day. During the day I take them back and forth to classes or to Dr. Appointments. I also take care of personal needs such as bathing or changing their diapers if needed. I also feed them. Lastly i am to train all new employees that come to work in the unit and make sure that they understand their duties. And resolve any client and staff conflicts that may arise. The main Goal of the facility is to help the individuals with intellectual disabilities and mental disabilities operate to the best of their ability to that they may up obtain the best quality of life. So that one day they may be able to operate within society.

Salary: $21,569

Feb 2011Mar 2013

Job Title : Cook

Company Name: Ihop

Job Description: As a Cook at Ihop. I was taught to cook anything from Eggs- to Fish and everything  in between. During a normal work day i would cook all the orders that would come into the kitchen. I would also prep daily food items such as bread, onions, peppers, etc. At the end of each shift is when I would clean the kitchen and clean off the grill that i was using for that day. During my time at Ihop i also functioned as a busser. While being a busser I would clean all dishes and sanitize them properly. I would also clear off all tables and reposition the syrups and other condiments that belonged on the table.

Salary: $17,680

Oct 2010Feb 2011

Job Title: Cook

Company Name: Denny's

Job Description: As a cook at Denny's I would cook all menu Items that would come to the kitchen from Eggs to Fish. I would also prep daily food such as french fries, bacon, etc. At the end of my shift i would clean the grills and clean the kitchen so that it would be ready for the next shift to come in. I also functioned as a busser. As a busser i would clean all dishes and clean all tables and reposition all condiments on the table.  Since i have left the company has closed down the restaurant off of oak street in Conway, Ar.

Salary: $11,600

Jul 2010Oct 2010

Job Title : Maintenance man

Company Name: Central Baptist College

Job Description: Being on Maintenance I was responsible for cleaning windows, taking out trash, mowing the grass, and weeding  the grass off the sidewalks, putting down tile flooring, putting on wax and removing wax,etc. Also while taking out trash I would  making sure it was in the right place for recycling whether that be glass with glass or boxes wit boxes, etc.  After doing daily responsibilities I make sure all trash is picked up and thrown out and that everything is restocked for the next day. I could not keep this job because it interfered with completing my college degree requirements. I worked this Job multiple times during college as a work place program for a scholarship 2007-2008,2009-2010

Salary: $10,000

May 2010Jul 2010

Job Title: Cook

Company Name: Wingstop

Job Description: As a cook I would cook all menu items which was mainly wings and fries and occasionally other menu items such as dressings and celery and carrot sticks. I would Prep fries each day and make sure that all chicken was not contaminated. After my shift i would clean the fryers and the work station daily and i would also mop the floors and clean the restrooms.

Salary: $2,000


Aug 2007Dec 2012

Degree Name: Bible and minor in pastoral studies

School Name: Central Baptist College

Education Description: This Degree is included learning how to read the bible in the original text which included Greek,  and some Hebrew. Other classes included Revelation,Life of paul, Biblical Archeaology, etc. Also for this degree i also took computer applications with windows 2007 . For that class we had to learn how to use Excel, word, power points, etc.

Aug 2004May 2007

Degree Name : Diploma

School Name : Sheridan High school