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Work experience

Sep 2007Present

Research Specialist

Emory University
Research Specialist, Senior, Atlanta, Georgia
Feb 2014Present

Lab Manager


Group leader studies in lab of Dr. William Lewis,

Emory School of Medicine: Pathology

Jan 2004Dec 2006

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Georgia State University 

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Atlanta, Georgia


Aug 2012Present


Emory University


Georgia State University


Georgia State University


William Lewis

Professor Emory University



Public Health Professional

Recognize public health problems pertinent to the population

Conduct surveillance activities

Characterize investigative processes

Implement new or revise existing surveillance systems
Support evaluation of surveillance systems

Assist in conducting a community health status assessment

Collaborate with others inside and outside the agency to identify the problem

Follow ethics guidelines and principles when planning studies; conducting research; and collecting, disseminating, and using data

Apply knowledge of privacy laws to protect confidentiality, including Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and applicable state and local privacy laws

Prepare needed documents necessary to obtain Institutional Review Board approval when required

Research Scientist

Analyzed and interpreted results of studies

Planning and scheduling of research procedures and experiments
• Prepared written materials, charts and graphs on specialized techniques and research
results for publication
• Demonstrated and trained others in the proper use of equipment and operation of
laboratory techniques training of research staff and student assistants in specialized
procedures and theoretical
• Calibrating, troubleshooting and performing routine repair and maintenance of techniques
and equipment reviewing literature for related research developments and techniques and
compiles findings
• Monitors the handling, storage and disposal of hazardous substances, and ensure compliance
• Collection logging, storing, and processing tissue specimens,
• Preparing buffers and reagents log and manage a library of chemical and pharmaceutical
• Investigated and recommended alternative approaches to improve the quality of results.


Public Health Projects

Public Health Projects