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Professional Papers

Work experience

Sep 2010Present

Special Education Teacher (Grades 1-6)

Buffalo Public Schools
Sep 2008Present


21st Century Afterschool Program: Buffalo Public Schools
May 2010Present

Extended School Year Special Education Teacher

Buffalo Public Schools


Jun 2012Present

Masters of Science in Education

SUNY Albany
May 2010Jun 2012

Masters of Science in Education

Buffalo State College
Sep 2006May 2010

Bachelor's of Science in Education

Buffalo State College


Sep 2010Aug 2015

Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) Initial Certificate

Sep 2010Aug 2015

Students with Disabilities (Grades 1-6) Initial Certificate



Relevant Experience

  • Teacher Academic Support Committee
  • School Based Reading Commitee
  • PBIS Check-In/Check-Out Mentor
  • School Based Data Team
  • Performance Protocol Committee
  • Professional Book Study: The Skillful Teacher
  • Site-Based Management Team

Professional Development

  • CCLS ELA Module 1 Introduction to College & Career Readiness
  • CCLS ELA Module 2 Introduction to the Common Core Learning Standards
  • CCLS ELA Module 3 Introduction to the Instructional Shifts
  • CCLS ELA Module 4 Text Based Answers
  • CCLS ELA Module 5 Unpacking the Common Core Learning Standards
  • CCLS ELA Module 6 The Language Strand: Addressing Text Complexity and Providing a Foundation for Writing
  • SPED Integrating Co-Teaching Workshop
  • Data Driven Instruction- Unleasing the Power of Collaborative Inquiry

Educational Philosophy

As a Special Education teacher, it is my goal to inspire students to disover who they are, so they can express their own opinions and nurture their abilities. I believe that each student brings something special into the world and as an educator, it is my responsibility to show my students they can achieve anything they deem possible.

It is important to create a safe environment that encompasses the needs of all students. I believe that students need a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which they are able to grw emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. As an educator, I am given the opportunity to help guide students to meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe, supports risk-taking, and invites a sharing of ideas.

I strongly believe the fundamental goal of teaching is to foster learning. Learning takes place in many different circumstances and contexts. Although everyone is capable of learning, a students' desire to learn is vital when focusing on mastering new concepts and skills. Students have multiple learning styles; some students learn best visually, others seem to do thier best when the work is "hands-on". he classroom setting can encourage or inhibit learning depending on the dominant learning style of each student. Accomodating different learning styles creates an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

As a teaching professional, one of my main objectives is to provide a classroom that encompasses a group of diverse learners, by providing them with a setting where they have the opportunity to display their academic succes. All students, regardless of their individual needs, should have to opportunity to exhibit their abilities. Giving all students an opportunity to foster their own learning experience in a diverse setting is an amazing experience I give to my students each and everyday.

To ensure that every student will have the confidence, knowledge, thinking skills, characters and hope to assume responsibility for his/her life and contribute to the lives of others is a mission that I strongly feel I can contribute to. Through my experiences at Bennett Park Montessori and my academic prearation courses at SUNY Albany, I am confident that my enthusiasm for learning, knowledge of pedagogy and commitment to students prepares me to be the best educator I can be. As William Arthur Ward once said, "the mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, and the great teacher inspires".

Classes Taught

Elementary Education/Special Education Core Subject Areas

  • English Language Arts & Reading
  • Mathematics
  • History/Social Studies
  • Science

September 2010- June 2011

Elementary Education

Grades 1-2

July 2011-August 2011

Special Education (Extended School Year)

Self-Contained- 6:1:1

Grade 5

September 2011- March 2012

Elementary Education

Grades 1-2

March 2012- June 2012

Special Education

Integrated Co-Teaching

Grades 1-2

July 2012-August 2012

Special Education (Extended School Year)

Self-Contained- 6:1:1

Grade 6

September 2012-June 2013

Special Education

Integrated Co-Teaching

Grades 1-2

Professional Goals

  • Enjoy my students
  • Inspire students to want to know more
  • Use a variety of interesting activities in the classroom
  • Keep students engaged in meaningful work throughout class
  • Make sure students know how to do an assignment well
  • Know the subject matter
  • Become a reliable role model
  • Maintain an orderly classroom
  • Be prepared to teach every student, every day
  • See myself as part of a team
  • Commit myself to professionalism
  • Make students feel capable
  • Stay open minded
  • Don't allow small problems to become large ones
  • Break down material in a variety of ways, appropriate to the age and abilities of my students
  • Encourage, inspire, and manage- all at the same time
  • Work with parents and other caring adult on behalf of my students
  • Develop a positive relationship with every child
  • Address the diverse needs of students
  • Provide an orderly and safe environment
  • Accept responsibility as the classroom leader
  • Establish clear objectives for my students

Skills: Strengths & Weaknesse


  • Organization
  • Use of Technology
  • Accepts Constructive Criticism
  • Respects Diversity
  • Implementing Formal/Informal Assessments
  • Atmosphere of Respect and Rapport
  • Showing a Sense of Humor


  • Overplanning
  • Scaffolding
  • Pacing
  • Compassion
  • Dedication