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Jan 1999Jul 2003

Osmangazi University

• Graduate Thesis: Comparison of Traditional Manufacturing and Synchronous

Manufacturing Approaches in Arena Simulation Environment

• Was a member of Industrial Engineering Club, Eskisehir Photographers Club

• “You are like a miner, continuously finding new things…” Ass.Prof Muzaffer Kapanoglu

Work experience

Apr 2010Present

MIS Specialist


• Preparing routine and ad-hoc reports

• Creating dashboards

• Development of SAP Business Objects BI and generating Webi reports.

• Data analytics, Predictive modelling

• Development of reporting infrastructure and making automations for productivity

• Designing the KPIs and metrics.

• Assisting operational and project management with analyses for outbound activities 

   if required by onsite support.

• Providing support to commercial department

• Developed an MS Access solution within first 2 months in job, which saved 235 Hours/month

• By means of the Access solution, hourly and daily automatic report transactions are introduced

  and manual operations are eliminated.

• Introduced the data warehousing project

• Worked in EFQM: Key performance results responsible

• "You have done miracles by pushing the limits..." Ümit Sile, Project Manager

• "Did we do that?" Gökhan Güven, Manager SD

Dec 2006Apr 2010

Supply Chain Executive

Polyplex Europa

• Supply Chain Executive (Reporting to SCM Manager and GM)

• Making production plan

• Preparing MIS reports and making analyses for Profit Center Head/GM

• Preparing packing materials requirement plan and optimizing material stock

• Placing and follow-up of packing material orders which sum up %40 of procured materials

• Conducted internal Excel trainings

• Packing and Dispatch Executive (previous title)

• Management of Packing and Dispatch division which consists 51 personnel

• Organizing dispatches

• Controlling finished goods warehouse

• Controlling packing process

• Preparing optimum packing and loading plans of dispatch vehicles

• Developed an MS Access solution which has following benefits and features:

  Automating production planning and control process

  Automatic preparation of MRP

  Purchase order tracking system

  Warehouse management - Location tracking and recording transfers

  Dispatch management with customs and logistics integration

  Logistics integration

  Packing process control – Packing work orders generation and management

  Preparation of Container/Truck loading plan

  Customer services document, invoice and order tracking

  Financial aging analysis

• Created an MS Excel solution for container load planning, which uses delayed column 

 generation algorithm to find out optimized solution.

• Worked in TPM team and applied 5S methodology in his desk which was set as benchmark

• “You have too many skills with you…”, C.S. Kulkarni

Mar 2006Dec 2006

Production and Planning Responsible, ERP Project Responsible

Topdal Plastik

• Production and Planning Responsible, 

• Making production plan and material requirements plan

• Managing production department consisting 74 personnel

• Reporting production indicators to GM

• Preparing factory reports and creating metrics

• Established use of statistical process control charts

• Communicating directly with customer, organizing dispatches and ensuring on time delivery

 of finished goods to customer’s warehouse

• Ensuring smooth operation of Kanban system

• Actively participating new product development stages and Quality Management system audits

• ERP Project Responsible (secondary title)

• Making gap analyses, management of change phase and coordinating implementation stages

 with consultant of ERP software provider

• Management of MS SQL database

• Making customizations and designing reports of ERP software

• Assembly Engineer (previous title)

• Management of assembly division

• Preparing work orders and follow-up

• Management of 8 personnel

• Drawing factory layouts

• Developed an MS Access solution:

  Designed to be transition platform for implementation of ERP software Netsis

  Preparation and management of work orders

  Tracking production output, efficiency, maintenance and quality metrics

  Preparing dispatch notes

  Preparing MRP

  Management of product recipes and moulds

• “When visitors from Arçelik saw our production reports, they said they have been 

 trying for years to have other suppliers use this type of reports.” Zeki Gürcün, GM

• “Topdal is fortunate having you.” Mehmet Batur, ERP Consultant

Dec 2005Mar 2006

Logistics Responsible

Farel Plastik AS

• Controlling inbound and outbound material flow

• Preparing material requirements plan, placing purchase orders and follow-up

• Implemented Kanban system for inbound materials

• Developed an MS Access solution for integration of internal and external


• Dispatch management, EDI transmission control

• Management of logistics department consisting of 23 personnel

Aug 2004Jul 2005

Informatics Division Chief

Military Recruiting Department

• Completed compulsory military service as informatics division chief.

• Responsibility area includes 19 branches of the department.

• Ensuring smooth operation of IT systems of 19 military recruiting offices

• Providing help desk support with 2 subordinate personnel

• Developed an MS Access solution for personnel management

• Letter of Appreciation: May 2005

• "An information systems officer must be like you..." Mehmet Canlı, Lt. Colonel

Nov 2003May 2004

ERP Project Facilitator

Delta (Malta) Ltd.

• Through gap analyses identifying changes that need to be done  

• Coordinating implementation process with consultant of ERP provider

• Management of SQL Server database

• Developing codes of ERP software and making other customizations

• As of 01/2004 promoted with 15% rise in salary.

• Implemented use of process control charts with an MS Excel solution.

• “Since Erdem came we made miracles…” Simon Grech, HR Manager

Jul 2002Aug 2002


Tofaf Fiat AS
  • As a member of Kaizen Team, involved in process optimization studies.
  • Worked on statistical process control.
  • Appointed to Supply Chain Management Project Team.
  • Drawing diagrams and reporting recommendations
Jul 2001Aug 2001


Hitit Seramik
  • Worked in Production Planning and Control Department
  • Forecasting short term production requirements.
Jul 2000Aug 2000


  • Carried out analyses about Facility Layout and Inventory Management



Computer Skill Set

• MS Office: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, Project

• Programming: Pascal, Delphi, VBA, VBScript

• Operations Management: Lindo, Craft, Storm

• SAP Dashboard Design (Xcelsius)

• SAP Business Objects BI 4

• Crystal Reports

• IBM SPSS Modeler (Clementine)

• Rapidminer 

• Minitab

• MS SQL Server 

• Oracle

• Simulation: Siman, Arena 

• Netsis, M1

• HP Service Center 

• Avaya CMS



English: Excellent

German: Elementary

Driving Licence

Certifications, Trainings

• Lean Six Sigma – Yellow Belt----------------------------------------- SPAC 09/2011

• Protection Against Social Engineering----------------------------- Siemens 08/2011

• SAP Business Objects BI 4  ------------------------------------------ SAP 07/2011

• Business Conduct Guidelines --------------------------------------- Siemens 07/2011

• Effective Communication ---------------------------------------------  Onat Academy 05/2011

• Handing Corporate Proprietary Information ---------------------- Siemens 01/2011

• EFQM ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Siemens 12/2010

• The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People --------------------- Franklin Covey Co. 01/2009

• Business Ethics ---------------------------------------------------------- Yordam Consulting 11/2008

• TPM – 5S ------------------------------------------------------------------- Atila Biçici 10/2008

• Effective Team Work ----------------------------------------------------- DOOR Training & Consulting 08/2008

• Management Skills ------------------------------------------------------- John Seymour Associates 12/2007

• Procurement and Supply Chain Management Summit -------- Boğaziçi Eğitim 09/2007

• Team Dynamics ---------------------------------------------------------- Kalsis 06/2006

• Quality Management System ------------------------------------------ Kalsis 04/2006

• Total Quality Management --------------------------------------------- Kalsis 04/2006

• Internal QMS Auditor ----------------------------------------------------- Kalsis 04/2006

• 40th JCI European Conference -------------------------------------- Junior Chamber International 07/2002

• Strategic Marketing ------------------------------------------------------ Kosgeb 06/2002

• Entrepreneurship Academy ------------------------------------------- Anatolian University 04/2002

• Body Language ----------------------------------------------------------- Izgoren Akademi Consulting 03/2002

• Foreign Trade ------------------------------------------------------------- Kosgeb 03/2002

• Turkish Tax System ------------------------------------------------------ Kosgeb 03/2002

• German Language Course ------------------------------------------- Osmangazi University 02/2002