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Work experience


Jan 2011Present

Full-Stack Freelance Web Developer

As a freelancer, I've worked on multiple products and apps remotely across the globe. I've been a part of big projects as well as smaller ones with focused teams. My work ranges from simple front-end JavaScript functionalities to massive NodeJS powered backends. I'm currently focused on the big full stack picture powered by Meteor. I have smaller experience working on python scripts and Rails Apps (It's been a while though!).

Nov 2014Present

Founder & CEO is a web app targeting university students in Egypt, that lets them easily rate and review their professors and TAs publicly and anonymously, allowing them to choose thier teachers wisely before commiting their semester with an incompetent teacher. I conceived and sketched the idea during a Digital Logic Design lecture and started coding the next weekend, 48 hours later, I released the app. It went viral on campus the next day, and got over 50k hits and 200 facebook shares.




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