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Sound Design

I have experience with implementing new sound design for several video clips for school projects.  This consisted of stripping original video of all audio content, then utilizing a DAW (Pro Tools, Logic Pro) to create an entirely new and original soundtrack (dialog, music and effects.)


I have acted as the recording engineer on several sessions for a variety of recording artists during my time at Ex'pression College.  Responsibilities included: session setup and breakdown, assisting head engineer and/or producer, Pro Tools operator, tape operator and maintaining session documentation.


I have mixed mulitrack sessions for school and personal projects.  I am knowledgable of mixing techniques and have utilized them to create a proper, finalized mix before the mastering stage.


I have experience with mastering using Pro Tools.  This includes evaluating tracks to ensure overall amplitude is level throughout and that proper use of EQ, compression and limiting is maintained.


To attain a position within the audio industry, where I can creatively implement my technical knowledge, skill and understanding of audio.


Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
Currently completing a beginning course on Visual Basic .NET     Utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to implement and design code.  
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Intermediate use of Adobe Photoshop that include: Digital retouching Creatively improving image quality Resizing, watermarking Banner, business card, and flyer creation
Propellerhead Reason 4
Advanced use of Reason for:   Music Production  Rewire to Logic or Pro Tools Creation of REX files in Recycle
Logic Pro 8
Certified Pro Level 2   Advanced use of Logic for:   Music production Recording Mixing Mastering
Analog & Digital Mixing Consoles
Mixing Consoles: SSL 6000 SSL 9000 Neve VR Yamaha DM2000 Yamaha O2R D-Command D-Control Live Consoles: Crest V12 Yamaha M7CL-48 Soundcraft SM-20
Pro Tools HD
Completed 210M and 210P courses including all prerequisite courses.   Advanced use of Pro Tools for:   Recording Mixing Mastering Post, Sound Design, Editing



Work experience


Apple Logic Pro