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Mary-Anne Boyd

Industry Relationship manager  


Outstanding relationship manager and creative leader with highly effective communication, negotiation and management skills and strong experience of facilitating student opportunities to meet employers, learn about organisations and develop networking skills.  Capabilities include internal and external relations, identification of mutually beneficial  relationships with business and industry, promotion of AUT brand and job market. Strong data collection and monitoring experience. Wide networks in commercial, government, entrepreneurial, and community sector organisations. High energy and personal values congruent with AUT core values. As others see it:

"Ideas person with strategic focus - has innovative approach...broad business experience valuable in providing value added...highly capable of working at the front end of change and impact on outcomes at a strategic level" Dr Dwayne Crombie, previous CEO Waitemata DHB

"Extraordinary leadership, experience and amazing ability to network, connect and inspire others to contribute, share and collaborate - I  have never met anyone more capable at connecting with people with such a diversity of backgrounds, cultures and worldviews. Whether someone is a researcher, teacher, funder, Kaumatua, peer leader, service user, student, beneficiary or Professor, Mary-Anne can bridge any divides and lead a group to focus on the common good and way forward" Clinical Director, Health Navigator NZ.

Work experience

Industry relationships management and business development portfolio 

Self Employed

Graduate employability, student co-ops, clinical placements, industry partnerships eg NZ Police (Unitec Institute of Technology); assessor (New Zealand Qualifications Authority and University of Auckland);  Change manager - commercialising innovation new product trials (Waitemata DHB), Leadership and alliance development for successful collaborative education and conference programmes (Health Navigator NZ, University of Auckland, four DHBs, Heart Foundation, Consumer Council, international partners); Business development horticulture, design, tourism.  

Funding, Contracting & Relationship Manager; Integration and Innovation Manager

Waitemata District Health Board

Relationship management, contracting, business development and change management over thirteen years Waitemata District Health Board (DHB) $1.46 billion operating revenue. 

(1) Primary Care Programme Manager - national and regional stakeholder engagement, business development  with Boards, managers, clinical leaders and community;  alliance development, achieved long-term and annual contractual agreements with all  Primary Health Organisations (PHOs), monitoring and relationships in collaboration with Maori and Pacific health managers; achieved Partnering Charters

(2) Integration manager, achieved industry relationships,  collaborative projects to achieve streamlined referrals, electronic services directory, reduced first specialist assessment and hospital waiting times, improved communication, joint education sessions, better use of collective resources.

(3) Innovation manager achieved wide and deep strategy, industry relationship workshops across region; system-level networks; collaborative  commercialisation projects, Health & Lifestyle Expos, consumer research and consumer network development programmes. Mentored many projects, internal lead to create multi-party collaborative Health Campus for improved alignment with tertiary education organisations.

(4) NZ Health Innovation Hub - secondment to commercial start-up. Industry relationships, DHB representative in legal, strategic & business planning processes, achieved proof-of-concept  portfolio and company establishment .

Executive director

Boyd Development Services
Sep 1988Dec 1999

Sector relationships  - achieved alignment strategy group and collaborative initiatives (Consultant to Waitemata DHB CEO); Strategic business development for sale, staff development (Crean Foodservice Ltd now Bidvest); Change management and strategy facilitation (Whangarei Healthcare Ltd); Multiproject and sector relationship management - achieved improved integration and collective results, streamlined communication and reduced waiting times( Northland Hospital and Health Service, Whangarei Healthcare Ltd and Rural GP Network) ;  Project management for APEC closed CEO sessions with presidents of China and USA- Auckland 1999 (CMS & NZ Govt) ; Facilitation of Board's strategy - NZ Health Technology Assessment Unit, University of Otago

Business development manager

Health Funding Authority
Jan 1998Aug 1998

Managed strategic projects and stakeholder relationships ; developed evaluation methodology for integrated service delivery. Managed contracts for complex integration pilots to achieve multi-provider cooperation and service delivery with new paradigms. The most complex of these involved relationship management and deliverables from fifteen companies/organisations. National benchmarking and published international benchmarking.

Manager, Strategic Projects

North Health, Northern Regional Health Authority, Mana Hauora A Rohe O Te Raki
Sep 1996Dec 1997

Sector CEO relationship management, clinical leaders, consumer special interest groups, local bodies and national politicians. Northern Region representative on Ministerial Advisory Group on Waiting Time Fund: designed and implemented strategy including national rationalisation of criteria; marketing, Requests for Proposals; managed contracts to annual value of $260 million; meetings/conferences on best  practice; audits and  monitoring. Chaired Regional Medical and Surgical Advisory Group; sector liaison comparative research study with Calgary; national purchasing and  complex projects (eg national renal dialysis outcomes study, technology clearing house, international Request for Proposals).

Manager, Medical and Surgical Services

North Health, Northern Regional Health Authority, Mana Hauora A Rohe O Te Raki
Dec 1992Aug 1996

Relationship management, strategy and commercial contracts for medical and surgical health services for northern region (annual budget over $400 million). All processes were new to New Zealand and relatively new internationally at the time.  Also achieved significant projects eg equitable population resource allocation; consumer consultation in Northland and wider Auckland; significant change management, consumer and clinician interest groups;  audits,  wide-consultation with stakeholders. General management for divisional group.

Senior Consultant

PA Consulting - New Zealand

Change management, technology and innovation in shipping, utilities, healthcare, disability support, airline and housing  including business development, new product innovation, merger capabilities, quality improvement, technology transfer to internal change agent teams

Senior Project Manager, Health Service Purchaser Division

Establishment Board, Regional Health Authority (during transition from Auckland Area Health Board)

In a new paradigm start-up context managed new purchaser- provider relationships and commercial strategies for purchasing publicly-funded health services for a population of 1.2 million -wide consultation and management of project groups for both medicine and surgery comprising Board members, senior medical and clinical consultants, community representatives. Tracking of over a hundred projects spanning all services, clinician and consumer liaison and international network for health purchasers' knowledge-sharing and  learning.

Manager & Senior Consultant

NZ Health Services Management Development Unit (HSMDU)

Change leader in start-up State-Owned Enterprise initiated by Helen Clark, then Minister of Health. Achieved design and successful marketing of  new revenue-producing products  and delivery of  contracted programmes. Mentor to CEOs, senior managers and Board chairs.

Director and senior consultant

Alkemi, The Centre for Organisational Change

Started up entrepreneurial private university/innovative consultancy to meet gaps in the market at time of major change in New Zealand: managing, marketing, selling, contracting, product development, relationship management with key industry leaders, international universities, executives and professionals. Achieved change management projects/senior staff development in Stated-Owned Enterprises, engineering and architectural companies, major accountancy and legal firms, construction industry, carpet manufacturer, NZ Fire Service, Television  New Zealand (TVNZ), health sector (Waikato, Auckland, Northland, Canterbury Area Health Boards), landmark contracts for integrated management development eg the health sector.

Managing Director

Boyd Development Services

Change management, innovation, relationship management, product development; general management, marketing, sales.  Achieved projects for clients including National Australia Bank, NZ Police; San Diego Gas & Electric,  Northern Region Hospital Boards Association, Auckland Hospital Board Chief Medical Officer (now three District Health Boards). Built on previous roles as head occupational therapist, service manager Auckland Hospital, teaching, and supporting work-based learning  in Glasgow, and Helsinki Finland.

Postgraduate programme director, London,Lecturer NZ, Divisional General Manager Polytechnic, Auckland Hospital clinical service manager 

Auckland Institute of Technology (now AUT University of Technology), Central Institute of Technology, Toimintaterapia, school of health sciences, Helsinki, Finland,  

Relationship management, innovation and new revenue generation, Head of Division/General Management CIT Wellington,  national curriculum review with six locations in NZ.; initiated and delivered post-graduate programme in collaboration with Victoria University of Wellington and College of Occupational Therapists in London; teaching AUT (marketing, nursing, physiotherapy).


New Zealand Registered Occupational Therapist

Wide work-based experience in factories, schools, general medicine, surgery, paediatrics, mental health, psychiatry, gerontology,  rehabilitation

Post-graduate diploma Education & Psychology

Glasgow university

Adult education,  psychology and social psychology major

Master of Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Unitec  institute of technology

Research thesis, innovation processes/financing/leadership, entrepreneurship,

Master of Public Policy

Victoria university of wellington

Research thesis,  economics, public policy - perspectives of funder, purchaser, providers, services and consumer roles.

Advanced Programme, Human Resources Management

University Associates, San Diego

Change management,  organisation development, innovation

Master of Philosophy (hons)

The University of auckland

Research thesis, medical sociology and business


student employability

Strong experience in identifying,  building and managing mutually beneficial relationships including between University and industry. Finding out what different employers and  industries want in graduate requirements now and in future and rapid feedback to Employability team; efficient management of events and collaborations for career services and international tertiary employment professional organisations

brand ambassador, career hub management

Demonstrated sound leadership;  high energy, often regarded as inspiring,  willing to go the extra mile, experienced in event manager, expos and career fairs, employer presentations, campaigns, managing a Hub, maintaining and developing quality assurance ; proactive contributions to online and  web-based delivery; proactive promotion of AUT Job Market

Partnership & Business opportunities

Capabilities and experience of  collaborative working relationships with wide range of different organisations, co-design, co-implementation; integrated sector relationships; business development managed with relevant people; professional and timely advice to key stakeholders; proactive internal stakeholder relationships

Change management

Strong experience in contextualising change, innovation and development;   multi-project management, engaging stakeholders, co-design, co-planning and managing implementation processes and technologies to cope with changes in the business environment and to gain benefits from changing opportunities.

REcording and monitoring

Sound experience recording,  reporting and monitoring, monthly reports, annual reports to stakeholders, engaging with industry, employers, faculties and divisions for feedback

Health & safety

Experienced in Health & Safety plans and implementation, hazard identification and management, ergonomics, proactive audits;  preparation for emergencies

research and collation of meaningful data

Respectful and effective communicator with wide repertoire of capabilities; strong negotiation experience from funding and service delivery sides; commercial and government; business and voluntary community contexts; general management skills

active contribution to philosophy and spirit of values

Facilitator of team performance and achievement of goals, mindful focus on equity and diversity, on-going learner and contributor to continuous improvement


Indicative examples relationship management, co-op arrangements, partnering, innovation awards,

Others say

"She is one of those rare people who brings extensive experience and skill across multiple sectors having worked in health, funding, education, research, innovation, business and policy to name a few"

She has many strengths and unique national and international experiences that ideally equip her for a range of  leadership  positions. She also brings a tireless energy and passion to all that she does that enables her to accomplish complex feats far beyond what most of us can only dream of. Having worked with her in a range of community and national roles over the last eight years, I remain impressed by her integrity, leadership, hard work and determination to make a positive difference in all she does". Dr J Bycroft, 2013

Board and volunteer experience

Brainwave Aotearoa advisor

Health Navigator Charitable Trust chair five years

National Centre for Interprofessional education and collaborative practice (AUT University - initial chair) 

Advisory Committee, AUT University Health Sciences

AUT University Council member, two terms

Central Institute of Technology Council

Winston Churchill Trust Board member, Two terms

CLANZ Board member

Occupational Therapy Board member



Assoc Professor Nicolette Sheridan

Associate Dean and Association Professor, School of Medical and Health Sciences, The University of Auckland

Mobile 021 242 7040

Further referees available on request

prestigious awards

University of  Auckland Equity award (for paper)


Frances Rutherford Lecture Award for outstanding occupational therapist in New Zealand

Winston Churchill Fellow