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Sep 2003Jun 2008

Golden Gate Japanese Institute

Note: Golden Gate Japanese Institute is also known as Kinmon Gakuen

- Studied Japanese language and culture

- Participated in cultural events such as the traditional Japanese tea ceremony

- Learned basic Karate, a Japanese form of martial arts

- Participated in the celebration of traditional Japanese cultures, such as Doll's Festival (hina matsuri)

- Participated in Golden Gate Japanese Institute's annual Japanese calligraphy and speech contests and won numerous awards

Work experience

Jul 2007Aug 2007

Sales Associate

Mrs. Field's Cookies

ØHandled cash and card transactions quickly and accurately

ØAudited product orders to confirm correct quantities of shipments

ØPromoted the company’s products and special sales to customers, increasing profits

ØMonitored the amount of each product produced, avoiding both supply shortages and excess quantities

Ø  Maintained an enjoyable environment, optimizing customer satisfaction


A well-rounded candidate with an exceptionally challenging spirit; seeks membership in the coed professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, where I may grow among members with common passions and aspirations, and, as a brotherhood, continually motivate one another.

Awards Portfolio

School-Related Work Portfolio

Extracurricular Activities

ØPiano Lessons (2001 – 2006)

vPracticed consistently 3 to 4 times per week

vAdvanced hand-eye coordination

ØZion Baptist Church – Choir Member (2001 – 2007)

vRehearsed at least 3 hours every Sunday, sometimes holding additional practices

vInteracted cooperatively with other choir members, enhancing teamwork and group identity

ØKorean Cultural Club (2004 – 2008)

vSecretary (2006 – 2007)

§Recorded attendance of club members at meetings

§Organized documents of club fundraisers and participation in school events

vVice President (2007 – 2008)

§Led the club meetings in absence of the President

§Planned cultural events to enhance awareness and knowledge in Korean culture


Japanese Language
Intermediate knowledge in the Japanese language and culture.   Awards won from Golden Gate Japanese Institute:   Speech Contest – 1st Place (Mar. 2004) Speech Contest – 2nd Place (Mar. 2006) Speech Contest – 1st Place (Mar. 2008) Calligraphy Contest – 2nd Place (Jan. 2005) Calligraphy Contest – 1st Place (Jan. 2006) Calligraphy Contest – 1st Place (Jan. 2007) Calligraphy Contest – 2nd Place (Jan. 2008)
Korean language
Excellent oral and written communication skills in the Korean language.   Awards won:   Ø  Lowell High School Korean 4 Class Essay Contest – 2nd Place, $25 reward (Spring 2006) Ø  Lowell High School Korean 8 Class Essay Contest – 1st Place, $50 reward (Spring 2007) Liscence Obtained: Korean Language Proficiency Liscence – Level 4 (Fall 2006)      
Microsoft Office Applications
Proficient in utilizing Microsoft Office Applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Type 65 WPM