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Work experience

Feb 2011Present




Sep 2011Present

business diploma

durham college

I also graduated from Henry Street High School in the summer of 2011.

I attended Henry Street High School from September 2007 to June 2011


guitar player
I Play Lead Guitar in a local Whitby band called Needless Sacrifice   I also have great communication and listening skills   I play houseleague hockey I play right wing.  The past 8 years I played goalie    I am a good leader. I keep people on task so they can focus better and get the task done right.   I'm Trustworthy, dependable, hardworking and honest

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Blog Postings

Here are some blog posting that i wrote i would like to share with you. I wrote these in my first year Social Media class at Durham College These blogs are a good example of my writing abilities and how i write online

Blog posting #3 do you think social media has the ability to bring real social change?

I think that this is a very debatable topic. I think that there are many things to support it and there are many things against it. Some examples for it is that Facebook is such a huge and powerful tool. You can do many things with Facebook. You can talk to your friends and talk to people all over the world with it. If you didn't have Facebook you wouldn't have the ability to talk to your family and friends. An example is i have a 19 year old Uncle who lives in Fiji. We've never met or talked face to face, but with Facebook i'm able to keep up to date with him and I'm able to find out how he's doing. We go on Skype and talk about what he's doing with his life. I got to have a conversation with him that I probably would never have had if it wasn't for Facebook.

Social media also brings people together. Twitter and Facebook allows us to find out breaking news in a matter of minutes. Back in 2010 when the earthquake hit Haiti it was all over the news and social media sites. And everyone knew the devastation of Haiti after the earthquake. There was a lot of campaigns out there asking people to donate money to support Haiti. With Facebook and Twitter people came together and millions of dollars was doninated. Another example is many huge amazing artists came together and recorded the songs "We Are The World". After that song was released to the public, people saw there favourite artists taking part and it motivated them to help out and take part as well. A negative is that people's social and communcation skills are suffering. I find that now a days that you don't see a lot of people talking face to face anymore. They just talk to people through Facebook, Twitter, e-mails and texting. People find it easier to talk through different social media sites because it's quick, fast and easier. But people don't relieze there communcation skills are suffering and they pick up a lot of bad habits and say a lot of bad things that can get them in a lot of trouble.  In conclusion i think that this topic is split down the middle. There are many things for it and against it. My blog argues the positives and the negatives of social media bringing real social change.

Blog Posting 1 My perception of social media

My perception on social media is that it's changed the world in many different ways. It's helped us to contact people in different ways, gather information easier, less time consuming and cheaper for business. In the past 20 years social media has grown tremendously. We have seen the rise of Google, MySpace, Facebook, MSN, Youtube, Twitter, Yahoo, Hotmail and many more social media sites. We depend so much on social media and we spend so much time on these sites. Social media has effected the way we humanly connect with people, in the sense that we talk to people through Facebook and MSN instead of picking up a phone and talking to our friends. Social media is also very addicting you can spend alot of your time on these different websites and not even relieze it. Social media is a tool that can be used to ruin relationships. It allows people to connect with others that they wouldn't normally find or locate. Social media makes it a lot easier. I do think that social media is the biggest shift since the industrial revolution because it's changed the world. We rely on it for everything that we do. If we have nothing to do and we are bored we go on Facebook and talk to our friends. If we have to find information for our school projects we use google. Another big thing that social media allows us to do is it's a new tool for people who are trying to get famous or make it through the music indusrty. We have seen people become huge through social media. Justin Bieber made it by posting Youtube videos of himself singing and playing guitar. Social media just makes it easier to make your dreams come true. Social media is a great advertising tool for businesses. You can post your company or your company's product on Facebook or Twitter, to get more people aware of your business/ product. And you can also advertise explaining what your business is about and why people should buy your products.

Career Paths

Some career's that i'm interested in becoming are

- Guitar Player

- Business Owner

- Manager at a huge company

- Plumber

- Electrician

My Twitter Account


HiIm Dylan Simon I was born August 17, 1993 in Markham Stoffville Hospital.  I'm 18 years old  and attending Durham College to get my business adminstration diploma.  I live in Whitby Ontario and I am currently employed at McDonalds  I 'm just working there to earn some spending money and to gain experience in the work place.  I'm 5 foot 8 135lbs.  I have short brown hair and I love music and wearing band t- shirts and blue jeans.  

Links to photos of me


Some of my interestes include

- Collecting and reading comic books

- Playing guitar

- Going to my trailer every weekend

- hanging with my friends

- favourite food is pizza

- my favourite bands are Metallica, Iron Madien, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Abandon All Ships, Attack Attack!, A Day To Remember