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Work History

Apr 2011 Current

Sales Manager

Offered a management position in a familiar industry. Was responsible for;

-Personal sales levels



-Company housing and accomidation

-Sales training

-Team Motivation 

Managing both a team of technicians and sales reps was a heavily involved job with different personalities to cater to. Making training fun and interactive, as well as getting close with both the technicians and sales reps after hours created a strong team spirit with great consistent sales numbers. Knowing that the team and myself could rely on solid sales, reliable technicians and a customer friendly attitude at corporate created a strong interdependence that kept things moving even through difficult markets and freezing weather.

Apr 2010Sep 2010

Experienced Sales Rep

This a different caliber of sales with an emphasis on professionalism and organization. There are a lot of private financial statements and documents of my customers that required discretion but also needed to be copied and mailed out to the utility companies as well as government agencies providing energy subsidies. This was a different sale than that of the high pressure security industry. Building strong relationships with the customers and being there for them through an often long and drawn out process was essential. Crucial skills learned;

-Importance of referrals

-Created account

-Organization of large amounts of paperwork

-Dealing with slow government bureaucracy

-Dealing with large complex utility company contracts

-Basic field engineering work on 10k systems

-All the while reassuring the customer and moving the installation forward

It's incredible to work in an industry that you can get behind ethically. Though security provided more income, I prefer to end the day feeling that I am aiding the change needed for a sustainable planet. This was the most satisfying job I have worked at.

Greater Halifax Rickshaws

Apr 2008Jan 2010


This was an incredible job for building confidence and taking responsibility for what you take home.

The more people you approach for rides, the more you make. Also, once they are onboard there was the opportunity to up sell them on tours of the city. Extremely physically demanding and it all had to be done with composure and positive attitude. My second year running the rickshaw I also recruited 3 friends into the company and developed an active positive relationship with the owner. Incredible fun as well. 

Mar 2004Mar 2006


While working with the Highlanders I was engaged in intense physical and mental training for the trade of Infanteer. Personal discipline and time management were two distinct skill sets I walked away with after this work experience. However, commitment and camaraderie can go a long a way when times are difficult. 


Sep 2010Jan 2011


This was a period of intense theoretical study in business. Many books regarding investing and financial intelligence were consumed above and beyond the required curriculum. Networking events, business competitions and business workshops were constantly frequented. 

Sep 2005Apr 2010


     My undergrad may be over, but the amount of new information I learn on a weekly basis has only increased. Though I appreciate all that I have learned during the course of my study, and am proud of 3.3 GPA that I have attained, I only see now that official schooling may offer tools for analysis and critical thinking, but is not an overall accurate reflection of intelligence. This degree was humbling and opened up areas of interest I might otherwise never have had. 


Can understand basic syntax and grammar. Speech is strengthening by the day as I take the Michael Taylor Language program. I developed a base for the language while living in Nuremberg for 3 months. I am really impressed with the improvements I've seen since using this language course a little everyday.


Joe Power

Joe was a great manager and I learned a lot of useful sales training from him.

Jonathan Gibson

Worked closely with MCpl Gibson under his supervision in a variety of military exercises.

Brad Farquhar

I worked security sales with Brad in 2007 at Firstline Security. He went on to create Sky High Energy which has 4 offices through out the states. 


Muay Thai (kickboxing)

Brazilian jiu Jitsu (ground fighting)


Spear Fishing

Craft Beers


Province of Nova Scotia

Nov 2009Present

Life License

Other relevant experience;

Owner at LOTOK Marketing & Rickshaws

May 2014 - Current

It's always been a passion of mine to Rickshaw. The people the runners shuttle from place to place are always appreciative, and looking for recommendations on where to wine and dine. Looking to take advantage of this huge mobile marketing opportunity, we started Last Of The Old Kind Marketing & Rickshaws. We are currently looking to;

-Connect with more advertisers
-Explore new markets here in Canada and abroad
-Cater to more clients with our unique and unorthodox marketing opportunities and style

 We are going into our 4th year in operation and are expanding to Victoria B.C. for the 2017 season.