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An experienced consultant and advisor, Dylan Creaven has worked with many companies across multiple business sectors to help improve business performance and efficiency in ways that have successfully increased their profit margins. He does this by making a very detailed analysis of problems that exist within the organisation and then he offers suggestions for measures that can be taken to improve the situation. He is an expert in strategy and modelling and possesses strong skills as an operations consultation as well as business development and projects relating to corporate finance. Besides business strengths, Dylan Creaven is also a skilled athlete who successfully competes in long distance marathons. Through his competitions he strives to support charitable organisations through programmes such as The Hunger Project and JustGiving. He also raises necessary funds for charities and organisations that promote cancer research.

Current Work as an Advisor in Renewable Energies

Amidst the gradual but significant climate changes taking place in the environment and throughout the earth, substantial effects are being felt by individuals as well as businesses and corporations. Dylan Creaven is currently working in the capacity of an advisor and professional consultant to help companies deal with the new but ever-changing realities being experienced by the changes in the renewable energy sector. He is well versed in possible complications and the complex situations that could arise as all types and sizes of companies and corporations take steps to reduce their own emissions due to greenhouse gases. The old Kyoto Protocol is becoming obsolete as the newer Copenhagen Summit takes over to fulfil the requirements of a future that is built in accordance with  the UN's Framework Convention dealing with Climate Change. There are many changes that must be made to stay in tune with the quickly growing market dealing with conserving and consuming energy. Dylan Creaven stays involved in the changes taking place in the renewable energy industry and shares that knowledge with the energy market. He is currently the Professional Consultant at several worldwide companies and organisations. Creaven works hand in hand with his clients to develop an extensive range of assets and possible strategies that are available within the renewable energy industry. His professional advice to companies take into account the possible market fluctuations that have an effect on emissions credits and plans long term goals to provide positive credits, including wind farms that are offshore, to create opportunities for investments that fit in with the market trends of today as well as those to come.

Additional Experience as a Consultant

Throughout his many years of experience with various companies, Dylan Creaven has become an experienced fund manager. He is well versed to work as a consultant regarding private equity and is capable of building personalised portfolios that take into account the character and needs of the client.

Education and Sports

During his college years, Dylan Creaven belonged to the Garryowen Rugby Football Club, the Ennis Rugby Football Club and the Old Belvedere Rugby Football Club. He currently takes part in marathons, such as the recent 100 kilometre competition beginning in London, and he continues to play rugby and tennis. He is an environmental enthusiast and passionate about taking steps to protect the planet. He was invited to join a select group of adventurers in 2006 as they prepared a walk to the North Pole.


BA Eng

Galway Ireland


Project and Corporate Finance
Business Development and Operations
Operations Consultant
Strategy And Modeling