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Cover Letter

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is D'yana Dale. I graduated from the University Of Yale with a full-ride scholarship. I received my masters degree in Human Resources and Human Social Services. This prepared me for bigger and better jobs that are in my best interest. I love what i do. I currently specialize in Government services, Such as:Government Assistance and Guidance.

 I also major in Government Planning and financing. I have natural experience working with people,

engaging in conversation, and interacting with others. I know i can offer great leadership, and can hold a great deal of responsibility,i also consider other's feelings before mine,  Im very outspoken and open minded. Im intelligent , and respectful. I think having good sportsmanship plays an important role in every company.

When working with others, i am very helpful and experimental. I love to try new things in synonamous job felids. i am a very well-rounded person, so i am good at mostly everything. I strive for the highest when i am trying to set a goal. I stick to my goals, i am dependable and self reliant. I am also dedicated and strong, physically, mentaly, and emotionally. I am ready for the world.

You can reach me at my cell number 704-345-9009 or my email [email protected]

Work experience

May 2011Present

Social Worker

Social Services


Nov 2009Present

4 year masters

Yale University