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Work experience

Apr 2012Present

Consultant & Designer

Donna Wyckoff Web Media Design & Consulting

Creating, designing, and maintaining websites & online social media for small businesses and community.

Aug 1979May 2011


Birdville Independent School District / Watauga Middle School


Technology Experience

·Authored instructional manuals for technology training and staff development

·Provided lead technical support on the installation and technical aspects of district technology/ computers

·Incorporated state technology competencies including Internet research, graphics, animation, web site mastery, and video technologies

·Participated in district and campus level technology planning and evaluation

·Provides model lessons/guidance for administrators, teachers, and students, which facilitate the integration of technology into the instruction/educational programs

·Assists professional development coordinator and curriculum consultants in the design and implementation of staff development opportunities

·Trained district staff to compliance with Computer Competency Initiative

·Troubleshoot technology concerns/issues/software/hardware

Professional Technology Experience in the following areas:

Edmodo 2010-11

Apple Hardware & Software2008-present

ILife Software









Second Life (Virtual Worlds)

Moodle 2008-present




Schoolwires web-based web pages2008-present

Web 2.0 Tools2006-present



Campus Instructional Technology Specialist2002-present


Skyward grade book2004-present

Project Based Learning2003-04

Pinnacle grade book2001-2004

Computer Liaison1999-present

WMS webmaster1998-present

Computer Liaison Assistant1995-1999

TIFF Tech Team1999


Epson, HP, Lexmark

Digital cameras



Flip Video cameras

Kodak Easyshare

Document cameras




Microsoft FrontPage

Photoshop 7.0

Internet Explorer

Office 2000

Microsoft Word 1 and 2

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000

Microsoft Excel 2000

Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP

Microsoft Windows ME, 2000, XP

Microsoft Plus! Photo Story 2LE

Windows Movie Maker

PC Basics

Publishing on the www

Distance Learning

Teaching with the Internet

palmOne™ OS Handhelds



Visual CV



Terry Foster

These artists hired me to design and maintain their band's website.  This job included taking digital images, resizing digital images, designing the pages of their website, maintaining the web site, designing their logo in Photoshop, creating an email account.

James Murphy

James was my principal at Watauga Middle School when I first began my journey into technology.  He was the one person who believed that one day I might excel in this area and has watched me succeed throughout the years. 

Lynn Breitinger

Co-worker at WMS. 

Rick & Karen Allen

This company hired me to design and maintain their company's website.  This job included taking digital images, resizing digital images, designing the pages of their website, maintaining the web site, designing their logo in Photoshop, Created an email account, added a marketplace in the website using Paypal, updating their FaceBook account, and designing business cards. 

Lillian Denman

Designed web site, maintain web site, took digital images, edited digital images client took for site, created a Facebook page, created an email account, linked email on iPhone, monitor email account for client, update FB account, and delivered baskets.

Heather Raynsford

Angel Cox

Mike DePaola

Linda Molinar

Co-worker; parent of ex-student Lindsay Molinar

Cathryn Mason

Reference used with parental permission.  Former student in Tech Applications class.

Mike Jasso

Former principal at Watauga Middle School

Shannon Houston

Principal upon retirement in 2011

Jennifer Mothershead

Former speech student in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade at Watauga Junior High. 

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Business Bio

After 32 years as an educator and a member of North Texas Christian Women’s Chamber, Donna Wyckoff discovered an essential need for her technology expertise for small businesses and community organizations in designing, developing, and maintaining websites, Facebook pages, Linkedin accounts, Visual CV pages, as well as other social media that can be utilized to boost awareness and clients.Her current clients state, “We could not conduct business without Donna, and she has accomplished things that we would never have thought about much less been able to do!” With a Masters degree in Media Design and Technology, Donna helps businesses increase volume through development of websites as well as social media and the understanding that 21st century tools will be beneficial and profitable for their companies.Contact Donna Wyckoff, the texpert, and watch your profits skyrocket as your web footprint spreads throughout the world.


  • Thirty-two years of instructional experience

Design and maintain an engaging, active classroom environment conducive to student learning and success; Evaluate student performance and learning

Actively pursue and participate in professional development activities to enhance skills in various modes of instruction and knowledge of learning

Assess student learning and program learning outcomes and to achieve higher performance

Think, reason, and make sound judgments to decide how duties and responsibilities are completed in compliance with district/campus guidelines.

Provide regular and timely evaluation feedback to students.

  • Sixteen years of teacher/staff training experience
  • Exceptional interpersonal, nonverbal, and public speaking communication skills
  • Extensive curricula design & compilation skills
  • Work with colleagues to select appropriate textbooks for departmental adoptions, and abides by departmental decisions for textbooks.
  • Possess and employ the ability to access/analyze data in order to create action plans for continuous improvement in student/staff/school
  • Serve on district, campus, and community committees
  • Discovery/Implementation/Training of dynamic 21st century technology tools into existing curriculum/classroom/educational environment

See list of technology skills below


To develop, design, enhance small business and community opportunities through websites and social media.

To engage clients in discovery & learning through innovation of 21st century tools to increase business and opportunities for growth.

As an educator my objectives: to engage the students in learning through use of 21st century tools to improve success and attention while always considering the different learning styles within multiple intelligences of each student as well as to aid educators in the implementation/integration of technologies for instructional delivery, support, and student engagement/success

*Gardner, Howard (1999) Intelligence Reframed. Multiple intelligences for the 21st century, New York: Basic Books


Since education has been a part of my life for my entire life, I can communicate with others very efficiently and effectively thus aiding them in their endeavor of building a successful web media footprint including a web site, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Etsy, Visual CV, newsletters, business documents, and emails that can be linked together through proper organization and development of business logo(s), bios, and USP (unique selling proposition). 
Editing images in Adobe Photoshop
I am proficient in editing images in order for them to be the correct dimension and size for web pages. I can also use Photoshop to create logos for business web site banners and business cards as well as FaceBook profile and cover images. 
Web design
As the webmaster for the school in which I worked for 32 years, I learned the rules, guidelines, tricks, and organization of websites/pages. I can visually analyze sites for functionality and advise about what the site needs as well as maintain sites on a daily/monthly basis.    I am creative and enjoy designing logos and banners for websites given the vision of small business owners.