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I’m a competent, full-stack Software Developer with international experience in all stages of design & development of multi-user applications. My combination of development, system administration and project management experience unite for optimal results. As a creative problem-solver and brilliant organizer, my natural creativity permeates each project & brings new ideas to the table.


    • Dedicated, user-oriented technical support (8+ years)
    • Qualified admin on Windows/Mac/linux, IIS, Apache, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, Office 365 & Google Suite
    • Accomplished developer of C# .NET 4.0 for Windows & web (6 years)
    • Competent programmer of object-oriented PHP and MySQL (6+ years)
    • Seasoned SQL Server T-SQL coder (6 years)
    • Gifted designer of UIs, logos & business graphics (10+ years)
    • Effective Team leader (8 years)
    • Brilliant organizer with a need to optimize & standardize (12 years)
    • Expert creator of various types of user & developer documentation

    Work History

    Self-employed (Part-time Sideline)

    Sept 2016

    Independent Insurance Agent

    Licensed to sell Medicare and life insurance in WA state, with a goal to create a passive income stream, improve investing ability and develop sales skills.

    • Newly licensed to sell Medicare, life insurance and fixed annuity products
    • Assist those on disability, medicaid and those with low income or chronic illness to find an appropriate and affordable Medicare plan
    • Proactively match the most suitable life insurance and annuity products to individuals and groups. 
    July 2015Oct 2016

    Software Engineer QA Lead (dba Rainier eSolutions)

    As part of a joint venture between ST Telemedia and GlobalRoam, served as the on-site advisor and QA lead for IaaS cloud portal development team in Chengdu, China.

    • Established & documented code standards; guided the team toward best practices
    • Provided critical communication between Chengdu & Singapore offices
    • Assessed & implemented software tools & solutions
    • Performed test and code reviews;  debugging; advised on UI, code and testing
    • Assisted and mentored new developers
    • Built and maintained virtual environments with multiple platforms
    • Contributed to development as needed

    Technologies: OpenStack, DevStack, Horizon, Ubuntu, RedHat CloudForms, hybrid cloud, JSON, JAVA, PHP, MySQL, Vagrant, Bootstrap, LESS, SASS, SCSS, Java, Python, Symfony, GitHub, IntelliJ IDEA, macOS, Parallels Pro, VirtualBox, JIRA, Slack, QQ, Agile, MarkDown

    Jan 20122015

    Software Engineer (dba Rainier eSolutions)

    • Ably used C# .NET 4 to build a powerful Point-of-Sale application
    • Extensively used Telerik RadControls for WinForms to create a user-friendly interface

    Technologies: C# 4.x, Telerik RadControls, MSSQL, Visual Studio, Twilio

    Silverback ASP, Singapore

    Apr 20082011

    Software Architect

    Full stack, object-oriented PHP & MySQL stored procedures for VOIP IP/PBX in Singapore. 

    • Within a 3 week deadline, designed & developed DeskNetPro for high-volume call centers to run & manage campaigns using asterisk-based VOIP, PHP & MySQL
    • Skillfully developed OfficeSuite CRM which includes a group calendar, accounts, leads, campaigns, bids, ordering, invoice, payments and a ticketing system
    • Produced end user documentation for which I was highly praised by users
    • Effectively communicated with technical and non-technical teams of diverse nationalities in Singapore and in the Philippines

    Technologies: VOIP, Asterisk, PHP, MySQL


    Principle Software Engineer & IT Specialist

    • Proficiently administered a 50-user Windows Server 2003 network
    • Patiently guide clients in assessing requirements & proposed optimal solutions
    • Communicated effectively with non-technical teams to enable smooth outcomes
    • Designed, developed & documented all aspects of web application production, including database & website architecture & user interface design
    • Managed domains, websites and databases as a web hosting reseller
    • Provided multi-platform technical support for users on Windows, Mac & Linux
    • Competently built a WYSIWYG text editor for intranet site using C#.NET
    • Developed client-side backup script to overcome limitations of XP Home
    • Expertly designed FileMaker Pro databases to track tickets and inventory
    • Wrote a C# .NET Windows application to parse & manage image files
    • Designed & developed a case management application using SQL Server / C#
    • Reverse-engineered websites & databases using Visio to create complex diagrams
    • Integrated existing applications and websites with Facebook API
    • Created & customized various WordPress sites

    Technologies: ASP .NET, C#, SQL Server,  T-SQL, Facebook API, Windows Server, Mac OS X, Linux, Visio, FileMaker Pro, WordPress, Office 365 admin, Google Suite admin, MarkDown


    Software Developer

    • Created a C# ASP.NET 2.0 website with back-end CMS for in-house maintenance 
    • Knowledgeably coded T-SQL stored procedures for cross-database queries
    • Competently programmed a C# .NET Windows desktop file utility application
    • Provided skilled development, testing & implementation of eRiMS retail management application, integrating corporate needs with simplicity for non-technical users
    • Built advanced, data-driven Excel spreadsheets for cross-database analysis & reports
    • Produced training videos and copious user documentation
    • Strategic planning & user training resulted in a smooth, uneventful implementation

    Technologies: C# .NET, ASP, T-SQL MSSQL, Excel

    Exodus Communications


    Internet Systems Engineer

    • Provided 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting of data center co-location customers.
    • Installed and configured network hardware, operating systems, firewalls and switches.
    • Developed and maintained our department's first Intranet site.
    • My effective communication and collaboration with technical team members facilitated timely resolutions to networking issues.

    Computing Project Management Specialist

    • Communicated change requirements & tracked installs across multiple environments
    • Carefully analyzed OS and middleware changes for DCAC/MRM project as a voting member of the Delivery Systems Change Control Board to ensure proper testing
    • Guided organization in process documentation for SEI/CMM Level 2 AIM certification
    • Formed & led a team to design and maintain a high-traffic, data-driven intranet site
    • Proactively organized a focus group to establish collaborative processes for tracking software installations, which resulted in smoother communication between organizations and more accurate, timely data

    Immanuel Homeschool Group

    Sep 2005Jun 2007

    Instructor, Web Development

    • Authored a web design textbook and curriculum customized for grades 8 to 12
    • Patiently provided age- and skill-appropriate classroom and online instruction

    Skills Summary

    Tools: Vagrant, GitHub, IntelliJ IDEA, Microsoft Visual Studio, MAMP Pro, IIS, Mac OS X, Windows 10, Ubuntu, Parallels, VirtualBox, Retrospect, Parallels, Atlassian JIRA

    Languages: C# .NET, MSSQL, PHP, MySQL, DevStack, JSON, Java, Python, JavaScript

    UI Design: CSS, SASS, SCSS, LESS, Bootstrap, WordPress, OpenStack Horizon, HTML5, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator


    PHP 7

    6+ years PHP


    7 years

    CSS, SASS, SCSS, LESS, Bootstrap

    OpenStack Horizon, WordPress, themes, etc. 

    C# .NET

    ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Telerik RadControls, C# .NET 4

    MS SQL Server

    Stored procedures, triggers, functions, linked databases


    Visas and Permits

    • US Citizen
    • China 60-day multiple entry visa through 2025


    Backpacking, hiking, international travel, skiing, art, crosswords


    City University

    Mar 2001

    Bachelor of Science

    Computer Systems, Dean's List




    MCP+I & MCSE