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About Dwi Irmawaty Septiany Djuuna 

Dwi Irmawaty Septiany Djuuna, S.Pd was born in Central Maluku, September 29, 1989. The second child in the family of Mr. Ridwan Djuuna who works as a private and entrepreneurial workers and Yusna Arimas who works as a teacher at Junior High School in Gorontalo . For nearly four years beginning of her mother's career as a teacher spent in the Moluccas, so she and her big sister were born there.

After completing education at one of the high schools in Gorontalo in 2007, she decided to continue her education in college, majoring in English Education undergraduate courses. In the second half exactly 4th semester in college, Dwi decided to pursue a career as an announcer for radio. Precisely in 2008 she began working as an employee / intern announcer at the campus radio where she was study. Starting from senior solicitation on campus to be a guest star in an event at the campus radio, Dwi finally fell in love with the profession.

Still in the same year, exactly three months after internship in college radio, Dwi got an offer to become a Radio Personality with Permanent Employee status in one of commercial radio in Gorontalo. Selebes Radio which gives the offer is the largest commercial radio in Gorontalo. It did not take long career for her there, or rather in 2009 Dwi become a remain announcer for #RequestLine programs that she hosted until now.

The year 2009 was also an exciting year for her, because on that year she was elected as one of Young Ambassador of Indonesia in the framework of Inter-State Youth Exchange with Australian destinations held by Kemenpora. Program called AIYEP (Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program) lasted a total of 4 months and successfully changed the outlook on patriotism and provide a lot of useful things for her. After the program, Dwi continued his career as a radio personality and completed her studies at the college in 2012. Coming from a teaching assistant and give lectures during one semester in the same campus, also finished her short class for Fine Art in the same college, Dwi finally decided that Radio Personality who is she became. She was also active in youth organizations and involved in many events related to youth.

In 2014 she and her fellow co-workers at Selebes Radio Gorontalo, established STRANO PROJECT which is an organization specialized in creating events and programs for TV and Radio also off air function, which has been running until now. Not long after that she also promoted as a Graphical Designer for the official website of Selebes Radio as well as Social Media Specialist for that company.

At the end of 2014 is Dwi represent her youth organization to follow the high-level training programs in youth, namely TANNASDA (National Resilience Training for Youth) organized by Kemenpora cooperate with LEMHANAS. Together with other young people from various regions and various youth organizations, Dwi spent a total of 15 days for this training, including by following a comparative study to Bangkok - Thailand.

In the beginning of 2016, Dwi established her own creative work of design with her own label named E-SCAPE CREATIVE, which is designing in digital way, such as t-shirt, souvenir, billboard, etc.

Currently Dwi officially registered as an active member of PCMI (Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia) Gorontalo Province; that organization becomes a sharing of the alumni of the youth exchange ever undertaken by Kemenpora. Together with other alumni, Dwi actively mobilize the youth in his province as well as to socialize (become a media) in various youth activities, both implemented by Non Government Organization or Kemenpora.

Her mission is to empower the youth of the region, together with her youth team, Dwi developing and joining various events that are beneficial and motivating youth in Gorontalo.

Work experience

Dec 2014Present

Graphical Designer


Professional Creator of Event & Program

Dec 2009Feb 2010


Environment Agency, Bangka Belitung Province


Jul 2008Jan 2009

Coach Staff

English Learning Providing Group (ELPG) Gorontalo

Temporary Job 

Jul 2008Oct 2008

Radio Announcer

CIVICA FM 105 MHz. Radio Gorontalo / Media Centre UNG


Aug 2007Aug 2008

Vice Chairman DKC Scout of Bone Bolango

Permanently Working


Jul 2007Sep 2012

Bachelor's Degree 

State University Of Gorontalo

My Major

Feb 2012Sep 2012

Bachelor's Degree (Extra Authority in Teaching)


Additional Class